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Jan. 06.

Working home,Affiliate Marketing

Working Home,Affiliate Marketing


Working Home, Affiliate Marketing

Seems like when we talk about working from home,

we seem to see pictures of women working from home.

I don’t know why, But as you know, so do men work from home. (smile)

Normally, there’s talk about jobs completing surveys, it could be some type of direct sales job,

or someone with a nursing degree offering their services over the telephone,

and it could be a customer service rep’s job, just to name a few.

These are all nice jobs that can be worked from home.

Again I say,

the person needs to be Driven with an Entrepreneurial mind-set, capable of working alone,

very detail oriented, and Motivated, just to name a few.

But as you can see from my title, I wanted to put just a slight spin on this post

in that I wanted to speak to you briefly from another perspective,

that being that of an Affiliate Marketer working from home. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is,

a way that advertisers promote their products, goods and services, via using what is called affiliates.

When the affiliate brings people, visitors, or customers to the advertiser and

the customer buys, the product, good, or service, the affiliate is rewarded at that point with a sales commission. Affiliate Marketing is performance based,

so its imperative that the affiliate be motivated, focused, driven, and equipped to perform sales and marketing techniques.

It requires a computer and the affiliate should be somewhat computer savvy if they expect to be successful.

So, are you equipped for

Working Home, Affiliate Marketing

from the perspective of an Affiliate marketer. Let me give you some opportunity’s an affiliate marketer can perform. There are:


CPV Network opportunity’s.

Online Shopping opportunity’s

Amazon, Ebay, etc., etc.

Hosting Company’s – ex. Blue Host, etc., etc.

any of these, are affiliate marketing opportunity’s available to work at home.

The marketer must be

aggressive in his quest for affiliate marketing opp’s. but once he’s proficient, he’s well on his way to

wonderful, working from home lifestyle, that is very fulfilling.

Well this is what I will post for now, Stay tuned, there’s more to come as I’m led to post, I will.



p.s. I pray someone will be blessed by this post.


if you need to know more about me, by ALL means do so. I thank you for reading my blog posts.


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