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Sep. 11.

Motivated, are you?

Motivated, are you?Motivated, are you?

why it’s so Important…, I believe without it,

one can never lead, one can never motivate others

to be the best they can be.

Motivation is critical for the workplace as well as for our everyday life.

Any leader knows that leading by example is an effective way to motivate. A leader that does this is normally treated with respect and fairness.

One part of the importance of motivation involves,  being self-motivated.  Leaders that are self-motivated and disciplined often can lead by example with ease. They understand what their goals are, what needs to be accomplished and how to get there. This is why I asked the question Motivated, are you?

Being self-motivated doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. Even the best, self-motivated leaders need a jump start from time to time, due to the stresses of life.

A good friend of mine told me some time ago,

“we are like diamonds, the more pressure that’s applied, the more brilliant we become, the more brilliant we will shine”.

Working on goal setting skills in conjunction with positive thinking equals improved self-motivation.

Simultaneously, we must visualize that success which also gives us the self-confidence to move forward until we accomplish what we set out to do.  Again, the question is about being Motivated, are you?

Finally, I want to say “when it comes to the workplace”, it wouldn’t hurt if a company would do little things like,

  • Give your employees small things
  • like pencils,
  • pens,
  • even coffee mugs. All with your companies logo on them.
  • Included in that could be polo shirts,
  • hats, and jackets.

Your employees and the company would stand out. And your employees would have a greater appreciation for themselves and the company, (the workplace).

This post is just a little food for thought about being motivated. I hope it has a positive impact on you as a person or company.


George Gould Jr

p.s. Here, take this Self Motivation Quiz and see what someone else has to say about this topic. I pray that you will be blessed.


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Sep. 01.

Search engine marketings importance

Search engine marketings importance

Search engine marketings importance

SEM- or Search Engine Marketings importance

Another way to advertise to web users or people surfing the internet to find businesses like yours and mine is -via- “search engine marketing”. This methodology encompasses the use of “buying keywords” relevant to your business. Doing so allows you much greater control over finding your “target market”, much greater control of your budget.


You are able to streamline advertising to your most likely customers that will patronize and purchase from you.

Here are some tips and information to know before starting your SEM program.

  • Start out with a small budget by testing the waters  to see how it’s going to work
  • Remember, it’s ALL about your “Return On Investment” that counts
  • If you’re new to SEM, don’t be too worried about your first month of doing this process
  • You may end up spending more your first time out because you’re learning about what works
  • Always be “testing” what works vs what doesn’t work.
  • As your learning, and you find something that’s working, scale up to get the greater ROI
  • In utilizing the SEM process, you will find like anything else, you’ll have your High’s and Low’s
  • Don’t be discouraged, it comes with the territory. Some keywords costs pennies per click, others much more
  • So go ahead, give it a try. Every small business owner should know what they can afford to pay to make their conversions and still make a profit.
  • I believe every business can benefit from a SEM campaign when done right and you know your budget.
  • Because your ads ONLY go in front of people who are actively searching for what you sell.

You pay ONLY when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website.

So SEM is an extremely great way to target a specific group and get a nice ROI from that specific niche.

Here is another perspective to consider as well with regards to SEM.

Well, that’s it for now. Today I was short and sweet.



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