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Oct. 18.

Meet David of the Stevens Method,

Meet David of the Stevens Method,Meet David of the Stevens Method,

OK, I want to give everyone a little bit of FYI about the man called David Stevens, also known as The Turn Around CEO, of the Stevens Method. He is known and earned these titles over a span of 45+ years. Currently, he is an adjunct professor at the University of MD., my old Alma mater in College Park, Md. He teaches this subject matter to Graduate Students daily, so he knows his stuff. I can attest to that myself.

David formed and taught the capstone course, ‘How to Manage an International Company’ in the International MBA program at UMUC, University of Maryland. The course was focused on business strategies, financial management, and control. He based this course (no textbook), on his years as a CEO and Turnaround Management Consultant both Nationally and Internationally. He taught this course in the classroom for eight years and had to stop teaching due to international travel. He was asked to rejoin UMUC in 2010 but teaching the course online rather than in the classroom again. He gladly joined because he felt he had lot’s to offer to up and becoming graduate students, entrepreneurs, small to mid-sized companies, etc., etc., etc. Basically, anyone that wanted to learn more about “how to read and understand financial statements better”. So, he was able to move from the blackboard to the keyboard. Once again, Meet David of the Stevens Method,

So last year David decided to package the entire course for the internet. It is titled “The Stevens Method”.

Take a look, from Top to Bottom, we are glad he did. Here is the Stevens Method. See what’s being said.

The Stevens Method consists of four segments:

  • Classroom 101, Learning & Reports;
  • Classroom 102, Budgeting;
  • Classroom 103, Business Plans; and
  • Classroom 104, Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • There is also an e-book, How to Read & Understand Financial Statements.

This e-book is a step-by-step approach that beginners can use to be able to decipher financial statements. This is an excellent reference book, written in a “non-accountant text”, with business strategies that assist the learning process making it easier for you to understand.

 Well, for now, I will STOP. I don’t want to give all the goodies away. It wouldn’t be fair to those that have “already signed-up for the course and E-Book”.  And the good thing is, we haven’t gone public yet. Excitement is in the air.


George J Gould Jr

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Meet David of the Stevens Method,


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Oct. 16.

The Stevens Method, Coming Soon.

The Stevens Method, Coming Soon.The Stevens Method, Coming Soon.

We had to re-vamp the Stevens Method so that classroom student/members could get a better understanding of what the Stevens Method was all about. Some thought it was “too complicated” so we modified it to give David the time he needed to be with the students. We still suggest getting the e-book FIRST because it gives you the foundation needed for understanding how to read and understand financial reports. If you read the Ebook FIRST, you’ll better understand David’s methodology when ENROLLED in the teaching of the course. Now is it a pre-requisite to the course, no, but it gives you the added confidence you’ll need for going through the rest of the courses.

We recently had a gentleman, Frank, that was going to his bosses at work for a promotion to that of “Operations Manager”. He got in touch with us/David, to find out what all he needed to know before going before his superiors because he really wanted the promotion. But, he felt as though he was lacking in some areas that he could use help in, so he got in touch with David. David was very gracious with him and the time spent, was some 3.5 hrs with him to help bring him up to speed with understanding financial reports. Afterall, he was trying to become an Operations Mgr. and it was imperative to present himself in the best way possible and hopefully get the edge on everyone else with The Stevens Method, Coming Soon. 

Although we had to take the opportunity down for a while to make some adjustments, people have been constantly signing up for the courses. We are just about finished putting the final adjustments to it and will give it a final test run before going public. We want everything to be smooth and the continuity going from one classroom to the next to, be exciting as well for the students that are enrolled. We believe this time the classroom methodology is the most prosperous for all and will be an exciting experience for ALL.

We have clients that are quietly waiting for our Grand Opening and we want to deliver with a Bang!!

So remember,  The Stevens Method, Coming Soon.



Goulds Marketing Services LLC

A Dun and Bradstreet Company 

Google+,  Linkedin ,  Twitter , FBReferral Key, etc., etc., etc.

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