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Category Archives:SPIRITUALITY

Sep. 28.

Being Grateful & Thankful

Being Grateful & ThankfulBeing Grateful & Thankful

Being Grateful & Thankful Being Grateful & Thankful

Gratefulness, Thankfulness, again I ask, are you being grateful & thankful for your blessings?

Some might ask,  why should I be? I could care less because it’s me working for whatever I have. Ok, that’s a fair question to ask if you don’t know why you should love being grateful & thankful.

Well, for one thing, not a day we live is promised to us or guaranteed. That in itself is something for being grateful & thankful for if god through his mercy and love allows us the privilege and honor to do so. Do You Agree with that my friend, whoever you are? It’s through God’s mercy and love that we are blessed to see whatever day he chooses to allow us to partake of. We take these things for granted when we need to be rendering to God being grateful & thankful because he doesn’t have to do it when he does. We don’t have to be here, yet God allows us. Aren’t you grateful for that? Do you realize that sometimes we as people focus so much on what we don’t have, that we fail to appreciate, see, and use what we do have to the glory of God? Being grateful while striving to improve yourself will allow you to be happy every step of the way, especially if your uplifting others in a spiritual sense encouraging them as well in their quest for prosperity. Remember 3rd John: 2, says God HIMSELF, “Beloved ABOVE ALL THINGS, I wish that you prosper and be in Health as your soul prospers“. Do you realize the more you’re grateful and thankful over a few, God will bless you eventually with More, More, More. The blessings you receive will be a direct response to your gratefulness to God. REGARDLESS OF YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES.  Try telling God that on a daily basis, and see what happens in your life. Don’t be moved by what you see or hear, Only be moved by “every word that comes from the mouth of God”, NOTHING ELSE! Because it will be a trick of the devil if you do. Tell the devil that he is a “liar”, you’re standing on the PROMISES of GOD! And eventually what you are believing will become a “spiritual transaction in your life”  of nothing but blessings” I am a living witness and testimony to that.

Time and time again, people were asking me about when was I moving. I would tell them whether they believed it or not. I didn’t care because of this very thing I am talking about. I NEVER WAIVERED. I told them repeatedly, “Keep your eyes upon me, one day I won’t be here”. And bless the name of God. God delivered. And the people I’m talking about know who they are. I can honestly tell you guys I daily praised God and told him HOW BEING GRATEFUL & THANKFUL I was to him in the midst of my circumstances. So I know this works. So this is one example why being grateful & thankful works.

And finally, let me say Gratefulness, why should I be?

Well as I look at myself, I’m grateful that I have ALL my limbs, fingers, arms, legs, eyes, ears, and the like. Believe it or not, Everyone Can’t Say That, they really can’t. So why shouldn’t I be grateful for my health? 

Being Grateful & Thankful


And finally, although there’s much, much, more I’m grateful for, I’ll bring it to an end here and say “I’m grateful that I have my right mind, mental health is GREAT, the heart is great”, etc., etc.

Well, for now, my friends, I will STOP here, but Stay Tuned for the subsequent posts coming in continuation of this subject matter.

blessings to ALL that read this,

I pray the blessings of God upon you, ALSO PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS AND BE BLESSED.


p.s. I thank you for reading my blog posts TODAY,

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I really hope these posts bless someone in a special way and they can be encouraged spiritually to reach from within because the BEST of YOU is within YOU. BECOME INSPIRED, BECOME GRATEFUL & THANKFUL!

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Aug. 20.

Moving in Destiny

Moving in DestinyMoving in Destiny

“ As long as we are persistent in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow. We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom. It happens in its own time. ”
~Denis Waitley

   Moving in Destiny, Some awesome Food for Thought; Most Important; NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, GIVE-UP or S.T.O.P.!


“ The first principle of success is desire — knowing what you want. Desire is the planting of your seed. ”

~Collier, Robert on Desire


“ Faith is to believe  what you do not seethe reward of this faith is to see what you believe. ”
~Saint Augustine


“ One of the finest gifts you can give anyone is encouragement. Yet, almost no one gets the encouragement they need to grow to their fullest potential. If everyone received the encouragement they needed to grow, the genius in most everyone would blossom and the world would produce an abundance beyond its wildest dreams. We would have more than one Einstein, Edison, Schweitzer, Mother Theresa, Dr. Salk and other great minds in a century. ”
~Madwed, Sidney on Encouragement


this may be one of the finest gifts, but the Greatest Gift  is the “Gift of Eternal Life” , (In my Opinion)

“ If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you MUST develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude. ”
~Colin Powell
“ When I look into the future, it is so bright it burns my eyes. ”
~Winfrey, Oprah on The future


Remember this, this is some awesome Food for Thought; Most Important; NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, GIVE-UP or S.T.O.P. while your Moving in Destiny.

I hope this posting will be a blessing to you and you were able to be reminded of something that you may have forgotten to do when it comes to the basics of doing anything. Sometimes we need to be reminded about the basics. That’s why sometimes go back to the basics because generally, that’s our foundation to success.



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Jan. 29.

Key Principles of God that work

Key Principles of God




Key Principles of God

My brothers and sisters, there are a number of key principles God has established that have such an inherent “truth” in them and are so “well connected to God” that when used with FAITH, automatically brings forth his spiritual blessings. And believe it or not, the applicable principles can’t be stopped when used with faith. God is not a man that can lie or not be true to his word. 

In order for things to work, that is the Key Principles of God,

First of all, you must have faith…  But without faith, it is impossible to please God: for he that comes to God must believe that He exists and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him“. ~Hebrews 11:6. So Where do you stand in this scenario?

Sometimes we need to take an introspection of ourselves because if our personal and or business life is not satisfactory, it may be because we are ignoring some of the key principles of God applicable to our success and prosperity in god.

Here are a Few, Key Principles of God.

  • 1. God owns everything. I think that once we truly understand that we are “stewards” or “managers” of wealth that it becomes easier to invest our money and our resources wisely. It protects us against greed and allows us to use the resources were entrusted with in a more responsible way.~Psalm 24:1
  • 2. Seek First the kingdom of God and everything else will be added. By keeping God first, we place ourselves in a position to receive His blessings. God clearly says in the Bible that when we put God first in our lives, He will provide everything else that we need in our lives. ~Matthew 6:33
  • 3. The law of sowing and reaping. God established a universal principle that works regardless of what you “believe.” The best and most certain way to have a harvest is to plant something. If you don’t plant, your chances of reaping a harvest are questionable. Too many people want something for nothing. They want a harvest without planting first. God’s universe doesn’t work that way. ~2 Corinthians 9:6
  • 4. Seek and you shall find. God doesn’t say that everyone will find what they want, but those to “seek” and are actively looking for it. There is power in seeking. Wealth does not come to those who are idle, but to those who seek, through their own effort and by working with others toward a common goal. ~Ecclesiastes 1:13
  • 5. You receive by giving. It sounds crazy, but it works. It’s closely tied to the principle of “sowing and reaping,” but it goes beyond it. Giving is not only an act of kindness to others, it is also an act of faith. It is telling God that you trust Him and that He is an ABUNDANT universe where there is more than enough to go around. God consistently blesses those who give to others generously. This can mean giving money or simply helping someone else. ~Acts 20:35
  • 6. True wealth is not money. Money is good. It is a resource that we need in our culture to survive and to be able to live and to help others. (Money is not “evil” … It is the LOVE of money that the Bible warns against in I Timothy 6:10.) But money won’t give you TRUE wealth. True wealth comes from God’s blessings. Don’t misunderstand, He often “uses” money, but the money itself is only a vehicle. True wealth is having what you need and knowing that God’s abundance will always provide more than enough in “every area of your life”.
  • 7. Honoring God with the “first fruits” of our wealth. The book of Malichi in the Bible (Malachi 3:10-11) is the only verse where God asks us to “test” Him. He says that when we give him a tenth (tithe) that He will open up the heavens and pour out so much abundance we won’t have room enough for it. This is not a sermon, but I would encourage you to take God up on His offer to see what happens when you apply his principles in your life.



George aka Bud (by friends and family who really know me)

P.S. You are listening to someone that fight’s the Good fight of Faith DAILY. The obstacles incurred are ONLY opportunities to be blessed by God that he can use you as a funnel, to funnel his love through to be a blessing to someone else. Yes, there are some times that are INEXPLICABLE, but go on anyhow in the Name of the LORD! Stay Humbled under the hand of Almighty God that he may EXALT you in due time!

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Jan. 08.

Spiritually loving God today

Spiritually loving God todaySpiritually loving God today


Entering into this Relationship means

he will be the same to you, Yesterday, Today, and FOREVER, Wow!

Who do you know that has that type of relationship? While walking with God, take time and get to know him.

Take time to be Holy. This word doesn’t mean you’re a miss goody- goody two shoe,  but it does mean that your set apart,

sanctified, for “Sacred use” by God.

Daily, spend quiet times with God and in his presence, I will assure you, something will be happening with you that is almost inexplicable. As you focus on God with all your heart and mind, you are being re-created, being transformed, into the image he designed you to be anyway. It’s ALL SPIRITUALLY HAPPENING!

You will find that as you spend time with God, as you soak yourself in the Light and presence of God, something begins to happen to you. Your emotional and physical healing takes place, your faith starts to be strengthened as a result of you allowing his presence to overtake you with Joy and Peace. Spiritually, as you Soak yourself in him, his presence, you inadvertently Open up yourself to him and many, many, spiritual blessings start to flow from him to you.

Remember Spiritually loving God today requires that we be the temple of God. You are where the Holy Spirit dwells. Spiritually, you will find yourself being able to do more than you can Imagine, or Think, and It’s ALL because of Jesus!



p.s. I will STOP right here for now. There are LOT’S I could speak to, and about, but for now I’ll stop here. Maybe next Sunday, I’ll say more as I experience my walk with our “Most High God”.

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Trust in the LORD with ALL your HEART, lean NOT unto your own UNDERSTANDING, in ALL your Ways Acknowledge him and He will DIRECT your PATHS. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

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Jan. 01.

God’s Spiritual connection

God's Spiritual connectionGod’s Spiritual connection

My brother’s and sister’s,

praise be to God to ALL who is reading this post. It means YOU through God’s MERCY & LOVE  has been allowed to see another NEW YEAR, 2017 “Bless the name of Jesus”!

I want to remind everyone including myself to beseech God with all we have this year that we can receive ALL the promises God has for us. In order for the fulfillment of that prayer be done we MUST RENEW OUR MINDS. Romans 12:2. (A reminder) => Go to God with a “teachable spirit, eager with the willingness to change”. Having a closer walk with god means having a continual change in him with newness. This will automatically happen if Romans 12:2 is ACTIVATED!

Remember “Do not cling to your old ways” as you start this new year out 2017 with God. That has to go into the TRASH, be ridden by you, not attached to you. Especially if you’re serious in the beseeching of God’s Spiritual connection. Seek his face with an open mind knowing that your journey with him involves being “transformed by the renewing of your mind”. And as you focus your thoughts on him, he is fully attentive to you. Therein lies that one on one spiritual connection between you and God. Remember that the steady eye of god is upon you because his attention span is infinite.

When you and God hook up like that WATCH OUT because he knows and understands you completely. His very thoughts will embrace you with ever-lasting love. He knows what he wants to do for you because of his completeness in you. He has plans for you: plans of prosperity to give you hope and a future for you. There’s no plans what so ever to harm you.

God is all about love so get connected Right Now from the outset with God in this New Year 2017 and appropriate the Word of God that you can receive his BEST!

Happy New Year 2017,

May God’s will be your will that you receive his BEST!

George aka Bud

p.s. Give yourself FULLY to him in his presence and WATCH his increased attentiveness in YOU!

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Dec. 11.

Christmas, Christ Birth

Christmas, Christ Birth





Christmas, Christ Birth


Now that I’m older “Praise God”, I’ll tell you what it doesn’t mean to me.

It doesn’t mean several cars to celebrate Jesus. It doesn’t mean several homes to celebrate Jesus!

It doesn’t mean anything materialistic if I am trying to find TRUE happiness,

because happiness alone in the materialistic world won’t get it, especially if I seek “only” material goods to find happiness.

It’s just Not Going to work.


What happens when we lose that materialistic good from our life if it’s “only” what we look to for happiness ?


When it goes, then so does your happiness. So you see materialistic goods (alone) JUST DON’T WORK. Those things are Temporal, Not ETERNAL.

Because of my walk with and in God NOW, through his WISDOM, I know now, “that’s not the way to go”. I celebrate Christmas, Christ Birth from the standpoint of Spiritual Blessings based upon the “Grace of God”. Jesus died on the tree, that yet we might live ETERNALLY with him. So I realize now materialistic things are by-products of God’s goodness and kindness to us because he knows as humans we would want those things. But I don’t celebrate his birth looking for something materialistic ONLY  anymore. Those things aren’t as important because they are temporal, here only for a moment.

I celebrate Christ’s birthday because of ALL he was subjected to and went through that I might from his shed blood, “live eternally” someday with him in Heaven.


him having to walk under Much Humility when he was here in the flesh, yet he walked with Power, Love and a Sound mind, that I might live with him. After all, He was RICH and became poor for me that someday I’d become RICH because of him.

So he, who was God in the personage of Jesus the Christ, became poor, had to Humble himself under his own WORD in the flesh and walk that way in this world until he had completed what he was sent here to do, Redeem us back to him. This is why I can Reverence him, give him Glory, Praise, Honor, and celebrate his birth. He went through HELL for me and I’m FOREVER GRATEFUL ETERNALLY!


Christmas, Christ Birth










Be “Blessed”.






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Oct. 30.

Spiritually loving God

Spiritually loving GodSpiritually loving God


Have you learned how to relax and refresh yourself in the light of his everlasting love? Gods love light is never dim, yet we often  are unaware of his radiant presence that surrounds us daily. Whenever we project ourselves into the future rehearsing what we are planning to say or do is indicative of the mindset we are in seeking to be self-sufficient. Trying to be adequate without Gods help. We need to be cautious of this type mindset because it is a subtle sin so common that we tend to overlook it. It can easily slip by us unnoticed.

We need to get to a place in Spiritually loving God that we practice the alternative to this type mindset, and that is living fully in the presence of God, depending 100% on him each moment of the day. We need to get to a place in god where we, rather than fearing our inadequacies, start rejoicing in the abundant supply of god. My brothers and sisters, we need to train our minds to seek God constantly for help even when we feel competent to handle the situation by ourselves. God made us to 100% depend on him. This is what he loves.



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Oct. 02.

Being spiritual, Grace and Faith,

being spiritual,Being spiritual,

Today my brothers and sisters,

I want to come to you from this perspective: Receiving Grace through Faith, so you MUST be Spiritual and have Faith in order to achieve what you’re believing god for. It’s no other way to put it but to say that. When believing for the things of god, you must approach him with “singleness of mind“. Ex. (understand or say to yourself, “this is what the word says, so that’s what  I am going to believe). So believe or have nothing else in your mind but that thought, => (singleness of mind). We must have “precision” with and in believing the word.

Faith; Hebrews 11:1, is the substance of things Hoped for, the Evidence of things not seen. So when we are executing our faith, we need to do it with “Earnest Expectation”, its the evidence of what you can’t see that has to come to pass. So you need that level of faith to allow Jesus to see you through. Its having the earnest expectation, coupled with boldness and confidence in what you’re believing for that will work for you. (singleness of mind, having precision in and with the word) that’s going to work every-time. Faith is like our confirmation, it’s like the title deed, of the things (we) hoped for that came to pass as a result of us believing with faith. Faith is the “proof” or “evidence” of what we couldn’t see that came to pass. It’s not based on our 5 senses, it’s based soley on our 6th sense called: FAITH! This is why it’s Important in Being spiritual,

Romans 10:17,

faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of god. This literally means that we need to be able to hear or comprehend the word by whatever means necessary for us. (seek out, and search the word).

Ex., if your blind, you can comprehend the word by the use of brail. If your death and can’t hear, you can comprehend  the word by sign language for example. Faith cometh by our comprehension of the word.

Other-words, what I am saying is “without any word” (hearing the word), faith can’t come. If you are a person that doesn’t go to church, or haven’t any bible to read, or if your not being taught the word,=> Faith Can’t Come, because you’re Not Hearing the Word. If you’re Not listening at CD’S, faith can’t come. YOU MUST BE HEARING THE WORD!

Other-words, I’m also saying “Faith and the Word” go hand in hand when it comes to Being spiritual,



p.s. for now I will Stop and pick-up next Sunday. I pray someone will be blessed from this posting.

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Sep. 18.

Spirituality, Seeking, Walking with God,

Spirituality, Seeking, Walking with God,Spirituality, Seeking, Walking with God,

My brothers and sisters,


My brothers and sisters, how can we trust god unless we are totally surrendered to him in our comings and goings. I believe we can’t achieve that place in him until we are totally intimate with him, telling him everything. And once we have achieved that place in god, we no longer worry, we no longer stress out over things in life because we “trust him”. We then can be 100% free in him because we have the surety, ( the state of being sure or certain of something), coupled with boldness and confidence that what we are believing for will come to pass. Such a mind-set protects us as we go about our day.

Remember, God has given us all “free-Will”. That comes with an awesome responsibility in that we have to make choices, choice after choice all the day long. And many of the choices we make are decisions that are overlooked or ignored and thus are made by default. Without having god to guide you as a focal point, we can easily lose our way, along the way in our Spirituality, Seeking, Walking with God,

God wants us to learn how to “rest in him”. But! how can we if we don’t know him the way we should? I can’t see anyone being able to rest in God unless you trust him, unless you have intimacy with and in him. You will not stress-out because you realize God got your back no matter what. That’s why he tells us to seek him FIRST. (Matthew 6:33) – seek ye first the kingdom of god and its righteousness and  ALL other things will be added unto you. You want to please god, seek him first! It is so important to stay in communication with god that we ALL can stay in thankful  awareness of his presence.

I know that whatsoever I do, I want to please God. I want him to have the glory,  because I know there’s nothing that I can do without god, THAT’S A FACT! It’s important to believe in Spirituality, Seeking, Walking with God,

The bible tells me in,

Colossians 3: 23-24 – whatsoever I do, do it heartily as to the Lord and not unto men- knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance, for ye (I), serve the Lord Christ. -And he that sent me is with me, the father hath not left me alone, for I do always those things that PLEASE HIM!

Blessings, my brothers and sisters,


Be blessed from this posting I pray

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Aug. 28.

Being spiritual, walking in the spirit

Being spiritual, walking in the spiritBeing spiritual, walking in the spirit

My brothers and sisters, there are two things I want to talk about today that’s been laid on my heart.

  • I want to remind you to REFRESH YOURSELF in the peace of God’s presence daily. This peace can be your portion at all times and in all circumstances.

Learn how to hide in the secret of god’s presence, even as you carry out your day to day duties in the world. Remember, god is both with you and in you at ALL times. He goes before us opening the way for us to follow as well as walking beside us daily. There is no one better suited for us as a companion than God. We tend to forget him, he doesn’t forget us. This is why i wanted to post this posting today as a “reminder” because we can so easily forget who is with us as we go about our day to day daily lives.

Because God is with us, there should be a lightness in our steps that is observable for others to see. A lightness that should create  curiosity in others that should make them wonder, “What is it about that person that is different“? Being spiritual, walking in the spirit .

Don’t be weighed down with problems and unresolved issues. Remember, God is your burden-bearer. In this world we will always have trials, tribulations, and distresses, but don’t let them get you down. Remember, Christ spoke these things to us that we might have peace,  he told us to be of good cheer;  for he has overcome the world. John 16:33

(and in so doing, he has deprived it of power to harm us.)

The 2nd thing or reminder I wanted to post about today Being spiritual, walking in the spirit is,

  • I wanted you to learn and take on a new habit DAILY.
  • Try saying “I trust You Jesus” in response to whatever happens to you Daily “no matter what”!

And if you have the time, Truly think about who god is in that moment and in ALL his Power, Might, and Glory. Ponder that for a moment when needed,  coupled with his love for you. Think about how much he loves you with respect to the depth and breadth of his Love for you.

Doing this simple practice daily will help you to see,  God in every situation,  acknowledging God’s Sovereignty and control over the universe. When we view our situations from this perspective realizing  god is truly the light of the world, => fear loses it grip upon us because of who god is. Any adverse situations or circumstances  can become growth opportunity’s when we affirm our our trust in god no matter what. As Christians, we believe we should receive our blessings gratefully, realizing that they flow directly from the hand of god through grace. Our continual assertion of trusting god strengthens our relationship and keeps us close to him (God). Read Psalms 63: 1-2



p.s. I pray this posting will be a blessing to ALL that reads it.


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