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Goulds Marketing Services LLC, Marketing Firm, Affiliate marketing firm

Goulds Marketing Services LLC, Marketing Firm, affiliate marketing firm

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Goulds Marketing Services LLC,

Marketing Firm, Affiliate marketing firm


I give Honor to God & Jesus “the Christ”

My Major desire is:

to be a servant of Christ as he was for me. (That’s FIRST!)

My Main/Primary website is: Now,



I’ve decided to make (My Blog) my “Primary” website to make it more personal.

In fact, I like the bright, flamboyant, and colorful look it has, so I’m going to focus on it now

and develop some wonderful content as I move along futuristically.

This blog will always be a “work in progress”.

Some Other websites I have or is connected with in some way

Walmart, E-commerce site

ALL Natural Products Site: (one of the Founders) 

WebHosting Here (Unlimited)

Bulk Emailing Software to your list

Weight Loss, Get This IMMEDIATELY,

5 Free Ways to Lose Weight Fast, Quickly, and Easily 

( if you’re Truly Serious about your weight in wanting to lose it).

We have a LOT to OFFER -via- this series ABOVE!

My Grp.

I Founded;

=> The Take-Action and Just Do it Group  

Join if you like. It’s still a work in progress.

Lot’s of people have asked me what did I previously do with regards to work?


It’s not so much what did I do, as it is, what am I Still Doing?

I am currently employed, building my own company as I have been since its inception, Jan 2007 to (The Present.).

Goulds Marketing Services LLC, Marketing Firm, Affiliate marketing firm

As I speak, simultaneously

I am going through the process of becoming incorporated. I’ve  just completed my “articles of Incorporation” and waiting to become a Delaware Corp. PRAISE GOD, it is now completed, 7/27/15,  My company has been approved by the State of Delaware. My Company is now called: Goulds Marketing Services LLC


I am going through the Dun & Brad-Street process to have my company rated for a pay dex score by Dun & Brad-Street & I am vigorously moving in my Destiny, Vision, & Dreams, with Purpose, intent & Mission.

Thank God, my Dun and Bradstreet rating process is now Complete. They said it would take up to a year, it took us Only 3 wks. to get our Paydex Score.

Goulds Marketing Services LLC, Marketing Firm, Affiliate marketing firm

We are now listed with D and B in their database, along with our Dun’s # for my Corporation. We acquired our Pay-Dex Score in only 3 wks.


Want to know more about its mission,

go to my FB Fan Page titled:=>>  Goulds Marketing Services LLC 


go to the  Group I’ve found called: “The Take-Action & Just Do it Group”,

It also explains my mission because each of these organizations are tied together in my world. They are inter-related in the pursuit of my Company’s Mission!

I am building Local & Int’l business relationships (1-step at a time) with Networkers, Internet Marketers, Marketing Professionals, “Globally”, all operating under the umbrella of Gould’s Marketing Services LLC -via- The Power of Leveraging on the Net.

My Mission:

is to offer Profitable business opportunities to all who endeavor, to become a part of the team, & learn, work, & grow with the group. Then as they are blessed financially, (Prayerfully), they will become a Blessing to others who are in need (unselfishly).

=> My Group again I Founded;  =>(This link takes you Directly to the Website)=> The Take-Action and Just Do it Group, => It’s still a work in progress,

but, go ahead and JOIN if you like, I would love to have you.

Thanks & blessings,
George Gould Jr

About me page; GMSA1


P.S. You can also find me on=> Twitter.Com , => Linked-in.Com , => Google+ , => =>Face Book   => FB FAN PAGE, => Referral Network

just to name a few of my many social platforms to get to know me.

(All are Branded sites with people I have developed relationships with and I am Grateful)

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