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Spirituality and walking with God

Spirituality and walking with God


Imagine getting to a place in God where NOTHING is as important than God.

Spirituality and walking with God is FIRST! 

This video says it ALL! => I’ll Trade It ALL for You WOW

(Please acutely listen to the words)

With me,

even looking at this picture enables me to Worship God in the beauty of Holiness.

All true beauty reflects some of who God is because he is the “maker of it all”.

What I see in this picture is the “Divine Artist”, maker of  Heaven And Earth.

So since I can appreciate him and worship him in the beauty of holiness, I am stimulated by the challenges I

encounter along the way of my life’s journey. I am confident I can journey over the rough terrains of life because

Immanuel is with me.


because he is with me

I advertently gain the knowledge and confidence needed, that “together with God”,  I can handle anything.

This knowledge gained is of three parts primarily,

  • my relationship with God
  • the ever continuing “promises of the Bible”
  • my past experiences of life where I was able to successfully conquer and cope with the rough times

AND God brought me through it all, WHY? 

Because he’s God, he can’t lie and his word can’t fail you!

Blessings of God,

To whom ever reads this page,

Spirituality and walking with God

I hope you’ll be blessed by it Praise God.


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