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Sep. 28.

Being Grateful & Thankful

Being Grateful & ThankfulBeing Grateful & Thankful

Being Grateful & Thankful Being Grateful & Thankful

Gratefulness, Thankfulness, again I ask, are you being grateful & thankful for your blessings?

Some might ask,  why should I be? I could care less because it’s me working for whatever I have. Ok, that’s a fair question to ask if you don’t know why you should love being grateful & thankful.

Well, for one thing, not a day we live is promised to us or guaranteed. That in itself is something for being grateful & thankful for if god through his mercy and love allows us the privilege and honor to do so. Do You Agree with that my friend, whoever you are? It’s through God’s mercy and love that we are blessed to see whatever day he chooses to allow us to partake of. We take these things for granted when we need to be rendering to God being grateful & thankful because he doesn’t have to do it when he does. We don’t have to be here, yet God allows us. Aren’t you grateful for that? Do you realize that sometimes we as people focus so much on what we don’t have, that we fail to appreciate, see, and use what we do have to the glory of God? Being grateful while striving to improve yourself will allow you to be happy every step of the way, especially if your uplifting others in a spiritual sense encouraging them as well in their quest for prosperity. Remember 3rd John: 2, says God HIMSELF, “Beloved ABOVE ALL THINGS, I wish that you prosper and be in Health as your soul prospers“. Do you realize the more you’re grateful and thankful over a few, God will bless you eventually with More, More, More. The blessings you receive will be a direct response to your gratefulness to God. REGARDLESS OF YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES.  Try telling God that on a daily basis, and see what happens in your life. Don’t be moved by what you see or hear, Only be moved by “every word that comes from the mouth of God”, NOTHING ELSE! Because it will be a trick of the devil if you do. Tell the devil that he is a “liar”, you’re standing on the PROMISES of GOD! And eventually what you are believing will become a “spiritual transaction in your life”  of nothing but blessings” I am a living witness and testimony to that.

Time and time again, people were asking me about when was I moving. I would tell them whether they believed it or not. I didn’t care because of this very thing I am talking about. I NEVER WAIVERED. I told them repeatedly, “Keep your eyes upon me, one day I won’t be here”. And bless the name of God. God delivered. And the people I’m talking about know who they are. I can honestly tell you guys I daily praised God and told him HOW BEING GRATEFUL & THANKFUL I was to him in the midst of my circumstances. So I know this works. So this is one example why being grateful & thankful works.

And finally, let me say Gratefulness, why should I be?

Well as I look at myself, I’m grateful that I have ALL my limbs, fingers, arms, legs, eyes, ears, and the like. Believe it or not, Everyone Can’t Say That, they really can’t. So why shouldn’t I be grateful for my health? 

Being Grateful & Thankful


And finally, although there’s much, much, more I’m grateful for, I’ll bring it to an end here and say “I’m grateful that I have my right mind, mental health is GREAT, the heart is great”, etc., etc.

Well, for now, my friends, I will STOP here, but Stay Tuned for the subsequent posts coming in continuation of this subject matter.

blessings to ALL that read this,

I pray the blessings of God upon you, ALSO PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS AND BE BLESSED.


p.s. I thank you for reading my blog posts TODAY,

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I really hope these posts bless someone in a special way and they can be encouraged spiritually to reach from within because the BEST of YOU is within YOU. BECOME INSPIRED, BECOME GRATEFUL & THANKFUL!

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