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Oct. 03.

The value of Email Marketing,

The value of Email Marketing,The value of Email Marketing,

Nowadays, It is so important to segment your audience list in line with clearly defined goals – specifically, the action you want them to take pursuant to your email campaign. Is it to increase awareness of your brand, or for a specific product, good, or service? 

Anyway, while building an email marketing campaign, it is important to have a follow-up strategy, one that will keep your customers engaged. One that is useful to track metrics such as opens, click-throughs, and follow-up actions for these sub-sets within the respondents. Other metrics of relevance to consider are time spent on emails. In the end, these will help improve your message quality, and also help you to choose a more effective time of day and day of the week for your campaign.

Your email content should be relevant and aligned with what your customers want, to ensure that they stay subscribed, and engaged to give you valuable feedback to refine your marketing efforts based on what works or doesn’t work. Also, the value of email marketing, is a platform that yields continuous engagement of high-valued customers through personalized and relevant communications. You also should want to have your email marketing campaigns Targeted to a certain group with account based marketing strategies that will help accelerate your sales and sales pipeline. Also, This will help in generating better sales conversions, which ultimately means better engagement of your customers which fuels growth in the building of you email list. Ultimately, your objective should be to build authority of your brand, grow the number of leads, drive revenue and grow value.

The value of Email Marketing, once this objective and strategy are achieved will give you more authority over your Brand and a more Profitable email list furturistically. 

Email Continues to Deliver Strong ROI and Value for Marketers. 

The value of Email Marketing,The value of Email Marketing,

Be blessed

George Gould Jr

Goulds Marketing Services LLC

 A Dun and Bradstreet Company 

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