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Jan. 10.

A Simple Marketing Plan

A Simple Marketing PlanA Simple Marketing Plan

One of the most frequently asked questions from people is how do you get your products out into the world MARKETPLACE, and more importantly into the hands of your ideal customers who will want, purchase and use them?

We want to walk you through a simple marketing plan to start your online business, grow your list, and start selling your products online. But! before we do that, I hope that You have chosen your niche market, your first digital product or products, coupled with having a website set up to sell your product or products, so you can begin profiting from your knowledge and what you have learned. Then the question is where do you go from here?

Check this out First.

What you saw in the video above is not the only way, but it will certainly start you in the right direction to build and grow your list. It’s not the only way, but certainly one of the ways that can yield you fruit from all of your efforts when integrated in the proper way. Now after this achievement, you will need to focus on traffic, after all, someone will need to buy your products right? Because you’re doing this to make money and you deserve it also for putting so much time and effort into this endeavor. Now basically there are for A Simple Marketing Plan

2 Types of Traffic: Paid & Free

  • Paid traffic is traffic that you can purchase through an advertising medium such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. (other words, social media)
  • Google, Bing, etc., etc. are other platforms through their display networks you can (buy/drive) traffic
  • Note: (in order to understand what all it would encompass to get on the First Page of Google, & Bing, take the time to learn how to read the stats (Analytic Pages) and all the other things that have to be done because it’s extremely competitive. There’s a lot going on “behind” the scenes you need to understand and be aware of and integrate also). And
  • Free traffic simply means organic traffic, people that find your products through other online resources such as blogs, social platforms, other friends, colleagues, referrals, etc., etc., or your website via the internet.

I am trying to keep my topic A Simple Marketing Plan as simple as I can so please bear with me. I will be ending this posting in a little. In fact, right now.

If your an online business that is just starting out, we recommend that you begin your marketing and marketing strategies focusing on free traffic. This means for you, there’s little to no overhead cost, to make profits and there’s lots of creative control you will have in positioning your business to make the profits you want.

Social media can be one of the best resources for getting your online business into the marketplace. If you are not sure which social media platform you should be on for your business, try facebook or twitter.



Goulds Marketing Services LLC

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Nov. 29.

The Stevens Method: what is this about?

The Stevens Method: what is this about?

The Stevens Method: what is this about?

Your answer => HERE. 

  • in a nutshell, learn what this is about in 3:33 from David himself. 
  • David says “This is an introductory video explaining what The Stevens Method’s format and focus are for prospective students”. It’s a useful video that explains the Feedback Control Loop.

But! initially, he starts off with

The Stevens Method: Lesson 101

A basic walk through of the Stevens Method. Here you will find a sample of the E-Book. Also, an index photo showing more lessons to come. The Stevens Method has over 12 videos and almost 7 hours of content. Then he moves onto,

Hitting the Ground Running

  • in this video, he talks about a few key things you need to remember as you progress through the courses.
  • gives some final advice to you
  • talks about managing an international company
  • then some of the ways you can tell a troubled company
  • then the feedback control loop
  • later he presents a case study for you to see and analyze with him
  • then he gets into the very interesting part of the video, an Interactive SpreadSheet
  • showing numbers and The Balance Sheet that Always Balances, =>(Dave’s Signature Product)

Then David gets into the


The Stevens Method: what is this about?

This is a quick overview of what you can expect from The Stevens Method Classroom 101. Classroom 101 has 12 videos totaling almost 7 hours. David walks you through all those video’s formally in the learning modules. He talks about

  • The Financial Statement
  • The numbers in the Financial Statement
  • Management & Control
  • Report Writing
  • the FeedBack control loop again, etc., etc.

Now, you’re ready to go through with David Classroom 101.

Lesson 1

This is the first lesson in Classroom 101 of The Stevens Method, where we’ll walk you through the Balance Sheet That Always Balances (BSTAB) and explain what each cell means and how to use it as an analysis and decision-making tool. This spreadsheet is set up so that you can enter information into the three main financial documents that every profit & loss manager needs to understand- the Profit & Loss Statement, the Balance Sheet, and the Cash Flow Statement, and make changes or do future planning (Pro-forma) to see how your changes will affect the bottom line of your business.

Then he gives a great list of resources “below” in the form of a:

Lesson Guide

A complete list of available lessons for section 101.

Then Coming soon,

  • Lesson 102: Budgeting,
  • Lesson 103: Business Plans, and
  • Lesson 104: Mergers & Acquisitions.

Lesson Guide cont.

Section 101

Hitting The Ground Running
Lesson 1: Overview (with 5-course downloads)
Lesson 2: Basic Company Formation
Lesson 3: Applying Numbers to the Financial Statement
Lesson 4: Variance Analysis (Part 1)
Lesson 4: Variance Analysis (Part 2)
Lesson 5: The Vega Written Case Study (with 2 downloads)
Lesson 6: The Vega Turnaround
Lesson 7: P&L-Balance Sheet Analysis
Lesson 8: Management Control Applied to Vega
Lesson 9: The Estimate to Complete & Control
Lesson 10: Conclusion of the Vega Story
Lesson 11: Writing a Management Report
Lesson 12: Example Management Reports (with 7 report downloads)
Lesson 13: The Final Review
Lesson 14: Online Member Only Group

Then David would like for you to see his E-Book


or at least an example of his E-Book, which covers everything in lesson 101 giving you a Strong Foundation to be able to move forward. Again, The Stevens Method: what is this about? Everything mentioned thus far exemplifies what the Stevens Method is about.


The Stevens Method: what is this about?

A Presentation of some of the Core Products of the Stevens Method. Thank You if you Join us and Purchase Dave’s Products and become a member of the Classroom Webinars taught “personally by David” and papers graded as you go through the courses.

Stevens Method

To sign up and purchase The Stevens Method, please see below.

The Stevens Method: what is this about?

E Book


Comprehensive e-book based on over four decades of international, executive-level management experience to help business professionals like you take the guesswork out of financial decision-making to increase your profitability and cash flow.

Buy Now

Classroom 101


Classroom 101 starts with the basics of the financial statement, with no numbers, and then proceeds to more detailed statements. When you understand how the financial statements work together, then we move to the Vega Case study. We finish up with how to write a business report.

Buy Now

Classroom 101 With Webinar Group 5-8


Lesson 101 taught BY a webinar class. A 10-12 week class with 3 graded papers and 20 hours of face-to-face with David Stevens. This classroom is the optimal way to learn the Stevens Method because you will be in a structured classroom for 10-12 weeks.

Buy Now

Contact Information

The Stevens Method
218 Holly Ln
Grasonville MD USA
410-703 -4011



Goulds Marketing Services LLC

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Nov. 23.

Black Friday Deals, The Stevens Method

Black Friday Deals, The Stevens Method

Black Friday Deals, The Stevens Method: 40% Off

The owner of the Stevens Method,

David Stevens desired to give a 40% discount to those people/students interested in the Stevens Method but just couldn’t come up with the necessary cost to get started with the series. So he told me to reduce it until Monday.

Classroom 101

$497 reduced to $298 during Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Deals, The Stevens Method

Classroom 101 starts with the basics of the financial statement, with no numbers, and then proceeds to more detailed statements. When you understand how the financial statements work together, then we move to the Vega Case study. We finish up with how to write a business report.

Classroom 101 With Webinar Group 5-8

$777 reduced to $466 during Black Friday Sale

Lesson 101 taught in a webinar class. A 10-12 week class with 3 graded papers and 20 hours of face-to-face with David Stevens. This classroom is the optimal way to learn the Stevens Method because you will be in a structured classroom for 10-12 weeks. 

These two Stevens Methods products coupled with the E-book, “How to Read and Understand Financial Reports” will give students a greater appreciation of Profit and Loss Statements and how to read them. For those aspiring to someday be in charge of a Company setting at the TOP as David did, will be able to manage with a greater confidence and assurance about what they are doing. These products are 2nd to none and David has packaged them in such a way with his teachings, you are assured to become much more confident by the end of the 12-week course. You will have 3 graded papers you must pass and David will be the one that grades those also.

So if you’ve always wanted to Understand Financial Reports, this is your opportunity now. Take advantage of it TODAY.  40% Off through Monday.



Goulds Marketing Services LLC

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving

Black Friday Deals, The Stevens Method

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Oct. 18.

Meet David of the Stevens Method,

Meet David of the Stevens Method,Meet David of the Stevens Method,

OK, I want to give everyone a little bit of FYI about the man called David Stevens, also known as The Turn Around CEO, of the Stevens Method. He is known and earned these titles over a span of 45+ years. Currently, he is an adjunct professor at the University of MD., my old Alma mater in College Park, Md. He teaches this subject matter to Graduate Students daily, so he knows his stuff. I can attest to that myself.

David formed and taught the capstone course, ‘How to Manage an International Company’ in the International MBA program at UMUC, University of Maryland. The course was focused on business strategies, financial management, and control. He based this course (no textbook), on his years as a CEO and Turnaround Management Consultant both Nationally and Internationally. He taught this course in the classroom for eight years and had to stop teaching due to international travel. He was asked to rejoin UMUC in 2010 but teaching the course online rather than in the classroom again. He gladly joined because he felt he had lot’s to offer to up and becoming graduate students, entrepreneurs, small to mid-sized companies, etc., etc., etc. Basically, anyone that wanted to learn more about “how to read and understand financial statements better”. So, he was able to move from the blackboard to the keyboard. Once again, Meet David of the Stevens Method,

So last year David decided to package the entire course for the internet. It is titled “The Stevens Method”.

Take a look, from Top to Bottom, we are glad he did. Here is the Stevens Method. See what’s being said.

The Stevens Method consists of four segments:

  • Classroom 101, Learning & Reports;
  • Classroom 102, Budgeting;
  • Classroom 103, Business Plans; and
  • Classroom 104, Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • There is also an e-book, How to Read & Understand Financial Statements.

This e-book is a step-by-step approach that beginners can use to be able to decipher financial statements. This is an excellent reference book, written in a “non-accountant text”, with business strategies that assist the learning process making it easier for you to understand.

 Well, for now, I will STOP. I don’t want to give all the goodies away. It wouldn’t be fair to those that have “already signed-up for the course and E-Book”.  And the good thing is, we haven’t gone public yet. Excitement is in the air.


George J Gould Jr

brought to you by:

Goulds Marketing Services LLC

Meet David of the Stevens Method,


A Dun and Bradstreet Company 

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Oct. 09.

value of email marketing for affiliates

value of email marketing for affiliates


value of email marketing for affiliates

If you are a network marketer or an affiliate marketer, you should always be building a list that you will have customers to market and sell to. That’s why many affiliates either super or just intermediate level,  focus greatly on building their list to sell their affiliate products to. It’s so important to build solid relationships with everyone that joins your list because in so doing, people tend to stay around longer as they know, like and trust you even if sometimes you may make a mistake in promoting or selling something.

The Idea behind the value of Email Marketing for Affiliates is

Building your list becomes valuable simply as you accumulate emails in your list, where you can build relationships with those subscribers and slowly gain their trust.

Building a relationship with your list means more sales, and sales conversions because people are more likely to buy from someone they trust than from some review they read on a blog that they are visiting for the 1st time.

That’s because affiliate marketing is more successful when you combine it with relationship building. People are more willing to stay around as they get to know you as a friend or professional, based upon what you are offering.

Email Marketing Conversion Rate

It is not easy to determine what your conversion rate is going to be, that’s because there are many factors that affect this:

  • Open Rate
  • Product Quality
  • Product Price
  • List Type

Open Rate: This rate is calculated by finding out how many of your subscribers read your email, so the more people that read,  the higher your potential conversion rate can be. Though the average open rate could easily reach 30%

Product Quality: If the product you are promoting as an affiliate is proven to have sold well previously, then that’s an indication of its quality. This can be determined in the early stages of your affiliate marketing efforts, as you are the one who is responsible for choosing a winning product.

Product Price: There is no rule here, your product can be highly priced at $997 or a more affordable $20 but that doesn’t dedicate how well you are going to convert into sales.

You have to know who the people on your list are (demographics), as people from developed nations tend to afford high prices.

Also if the competitors of your affiliate product sell for a higher price than yours, then you will have the price advantage no matter how high it is.

List Type: A list that was collected from buyers like on a product thank you page or buyers of previous product is much more valuable than a list you collect from your blog subscribers.

That doesn’t mean that blog subscribers are useless, it just means you will have higher conversion rates from previous buyers.

But If you do everything right, you can expect an average conversion rate of 10% from your list.

Value Of Email Marketing for Affiliates,  Knowing

How to Build your List

That’s a million dollar question, but you have to keep in mind that building your list is a long-term strategy that can take years to reach say, 40,000 subscribers. And with that amount of leads in your list, you can expect a minimum of 5 figures income.

It all comes down to traffic; the better you are with getting traffic the faster you will build your list.

And some of your choices for attracting leads to your list are as follow:

  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Deals

Social Media: It might be hard to get direct sales from social media websites like Twitter, but it is much easier to capture emails.

Twitter for example, if you constantly tweet and gain followers then you will get a steady flow of leads if you direct them to your squeeze page.

Some affiliate marketers will resort to using automated tools to speed up this process, my advice to you is to be careful on which tool you give your trust to. As this practice of automation is frowned upon and can backfire by getting you banned and affect your reputation.

Although, some tools can handle this automation more moderately and in a relatively safe manner. Again knowing,  the Value Of Email Marketing for Affiliates,

SEO: nothing beats SEO as the best way to generate a massive and consistent flow of traffic and thus the consistent flow of opt-ins.

You just have to focus your SEO campaign in trying to rank for multiple long tail keywords that are between 50-300 searches a month.

Deals: List Swap is a great example of the kind of deals that boost your subscriber’s rate dramatically.

List Swap works by finding someone in your niche with a good list size (usually same as yours), and offer them to do an email blast to your list. In this email blast, you will most likely promote his squeeze page so that some of your list subscribers also subscribe to his list. Then he will do the same for you and therefore you will gain an extra number of leads to your list.

Just try to find a good partner with a good reputation so that you don’t lose the trust you worked for with your list.


Value Of Email Marketing for Affiliates,

How to Deal with your List

There are 2 points I want to point out to you here:

  1. How frequently to promote your affiliate product to your list
  2. How to nurture your list


You need to be careful on how often you send promotional email blasts vs. informational blasts (newsletter).

In a 3 months span, it is better to send out just 1 affiliate offer and the rest of the time focus on increasing your authority and showing your list that you give more than you take.

And in the time that your newsletter is getting sent out, you use that time to further increase the size of your list.

So for example, if you have 5,000 subscribers and send 1 affiliate offer every 3 months with a net profit of $30 and at a  5% conversion rate then that means you get 250 sales every 3 months or $7500 ($30×250) which earns you $2500 on monthly basis. Not bad huh?


You have to try and send as much quality things to your subscribers as possible, and sending out PDF guides, mini ebooks are a great way to show your depth and show them why they should trust you when you start promoting your affiliate products to them.

Sending out videos of yourself solving a problem in the niche is an amazing way to connect with your subscribers.

Because when you put a face (you) on your newsletters, then you will connect with them on a personal level.

They will then come to you for advice and questions (more engagement) and that is going to have a major impact on your sales conversion.



using the value of email marketing for affiliates

As an affiliate, you have many weapons in your arsenal, even more than what the product owner has at his disposal.

As you probably learned from many affiliate marketing courses out there, they will all tell you that email marketing is a must-do strategy if you are planning to become a successful affiliate.


Thank you, George,

for allowing me to post as a guest on your blog,

the value of email marketing for affiliates

here at Goulds Marketing Services LLC: also know as

Best Regards,

=>Ibrahim Dahy

Blessings to ALL, who read this post by  Ibrahim


Goulds Marketing Services LLC

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Oct. 03.

The value of Email Marketing,

The value of Email Marketing,The value of Email Marketing,

Nowadays, It is so important to segment your audience list in line with clearly defined goals – specifically, the action you want them to take pursuant to your email campaign. Is it to increase awareness of your brand, or for a specific product, good, or service? 

Anyway, while building an email marketing campaign, it is important to have a follow-up strategy, one that will keep your customers engaged. One that is useful to track metrics such as opens, click-throughs, and follow-up actions for these sub-sets within the respondents. Other metrics of relevance to consider are time spent on emails. In the end, these will help improve your message quality, and also help you to choose a more effective time of day and day of the week for your campaign.

Your email content should be relevant and aligned with what your customers want, to ensure that they stay subscribed, and engaged to give you valuable feedback to refine your marketing efforts based on what works or doesn’t work. Also, the value of email marketing, is a platform that yields continuous engagement of high-valued customers through personalized and relevant communications. You also should want to have your email marketing campaigns Targeted to a certain group with account based marketing strategies that will help accelerate your sales and sales pipeline. Also, This will help in generating better sales conversions, which ultimately means better engagement of your customers which fuels growth in the building of you email list. Ultimately, your objective should be to build authority of your brand, grow the number of leads, drive revenue and grow value.

The value of Email Marketing, once this objective and strategy are achieved will give you more authority over your Brand and a more Profitable email list furturistically. 

Email Continues to Deliver Strong ROI and Value for Marketers. 

The value of Email Marketing,The value of Email Marketing,

Be blessed

George Gould Jr

Goulds Marketing Services LLC

 A Dun and Bradstreet Company 

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Sep. 26.

Marketing at


Marketing at

Marketing at


Marketing at Goulds Marketing Services LLC

Fellow Colleagues,

Would you join our Newsletter Today? We’re all about;

Marketing at Goulds Marketing Services LLC,

First, let me say;

Welcome to our World of Marketing, here at Goulds Marketing Services LLC


As I have often said “There isn’t a Chronological order or sequence in the way I express myself here

with my presentation of info, tips, or news”.

I simply conduct myself with Integrity and Honesty, and I am moved by my heart

to speak about various things I experience when putting it on the Web. So if you’re looking for a consistent, continuity in my presentation of marketing and subject matter,

you will not get that here. I am very spontaneous here and moved by my everyday experiences in my marketing world.

I write about other marketing experiences I’m involved in as well,  such as Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Building National and International Business Relationships (Globally), etc., etc., etc.

So if you see something of interest I am promoting that you would like to JOIN with me, by ALL means, DO SO!

I will then GET IN TOUCH with you myself for further discussion One on One.


Currently, My company has been retained to develop a Marketing Strategy for David & take his products GLOBAL around the world for him. I have my contacts already in place in places like AFRICA, countries like NIGERIA, GHANA, several Colleges & Universities over there etc., etc. We also have so far 3 large clients, International, & National clients that’s interested and I AM EXCITED. I am about to launch for David his Ebook and other copyrighted materials called “The Stevens Method”. How to Read and Understand Financial Statements”? What has made him famous is he has been able to develop a unique Balance Sheet that ALWAYS BALANCES regardless of the numbers you insert into it. IT ALWAYS BALANCES!

Also, I promote various software technology’s I use that helps me to strategize and accomplish my goals in my “world of marketing and leveraging on the internet”.

Here is another arm of my business if you’d like to Join. => Take a L@@K HERE.


=> We are still a work in progress because I am Not focusing on it as of yet, just getting people to join for now. We currently have almost 1500 people that have joined. So if you want to join and meet there for networking, you can.

As alluded to, we are all about,

Marketing at Goulds Marketing Services LLC

later on, I will introduce you to another tool I utilize daily.

I would be re-missed if I didn’t at least mention it to you at a later date, but not now.

Also, check out this Great Marketing Company.

Blessings to ALL,


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Just as a matter of record, I’d like to ask you a question please, ok? Let me thank you now, for the answer.

Is Marketing something you do daily one way or another?


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Sep. 01.

Search engine marketings importance

Search engine marketings importance

Search engine marketings importance

SEM- or Search Engine Marketings importance

Another way to advertise to web users or people surfing the internet to find businesses like yours and mine is -via- “search engine marketing”. This methodology encompasses the use of “buying keywords” relevant to your business. Doing so allows you much greater control over finding your “target market”, much greater control of your budget.


You are able to streamline advertising to your most likely customers that will patronize and purchase from you.

Here are some tips and information to know before starting your SEM program.

  • Start out with a small budget by testing the waters  to see how it’s going to work
  • Remember, it’s ALL about your “Return On Investment” that counts
  • If you’re new to SEM, don’t be too worried about your first month of doing this process
  • You may end up spending more your first time out because you’re learning about what works
  • Always be “testing” what works vs what doesn’t work.
  • As your learning, and you find something that’s working, scale up to get the greater ROI
  • In utilizing the SEM process, you will find like anything else, you’ll have your High’s and Low’s
  • Don’t be discouraged, it comes with the territory. Some keywords costs pennies per click, others much more
  • So go ahead, give it a try. Every small business owner should know what they can afford to pay to make their conversions and still make a profit.
  • I believe every business can benefit from a SEM campaign when done right and you know your budget.
  • Because your ads ONLY go in front of people who are actively searching for what you sell.

You pay ONLY when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website.

So SEM is an extremely great way to target a specific group and get a nice ROI from that specific niche.

Here is another perspective to consider as well with regards to SEM.

Well, that’s it for now. Today I was short and sweet.



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Aug. 29.

Networkmarketing and marketing, why

Networkmarketing and marketing, whyNetworkmarketing and marketing, why

Hi, my name is George, a man of Vision, moving in Destiny, full of Purpose and Passion!

Networkmarketing and marketing, why

We are a marketing, network marketing firm primarily. But there are other diversifications forth-coming in the company.

My company came about resulting from being down-sized in 2007. I was in the telecommunications industry. I analyzed, designed, and sold business telecommunications systems to small- medium sized corporations. So when I had gotten down-sized, I decided to build my own company. From that point on I used the God given talents that God had blessed me with to work for myself. So out of the rubble, came Goulds Marketing Services LLC, a marketing firm offering various marketing services primarily in the network marketing and affiliate marketing industries.

I had such a “Strong Desire” to “Make It” and “Get Ahead”, all I wanted to do was,


Join the group if you will, we would love to have you and any ideas you’ll share. We are a work in progress, more Important, we’re building a TEAM. Note: at the moment until I give more time to my group, you will see all kinds of posts from all kinds of people. For now, that’s ok. I will eventually fine tune things once I start to pay more attention to who is joining. Currently, I have over 1000+ people that have joined. I just want people to JOIN, for now, that’s it.

My vision is to build solid Business/Friendships Globally. As that is accomplished, I will utilize those relationships to further expand my company and its growth. As we become more financially sound and grow our company, we will take on other goals in this highly competitive industry of Networkmarketing and marketing, why?

We are undergoing the Dun and Bradstreet process even as I speak to get a rating and pay dex score. Praise God, we have undergone the Dun & Bradstreet process and “successfully completed it”. We now have our pay dex score. And now that we are in the DandB data base with God as my Help and Witness, we will take the company to another level in my vision with the hope to be a better blessing to others. I believe that,

Whatever Your Dream Is, “Just Do It”.  So All I want to do is, “JUST DO IT”.

Hopefully, we will be looking for “Potential Investors” who would like to join us in our quest for excellence as a Corporation. Taking on Financial Acquisitions when deemed necessary to advance our Mission, Purpose, and Destiny, whatever they will be. Nobody said this challenge would be easy, but we are up for the challenge.

networkmarketing and marketing, why

I am so excited as I see this vision coming to pass, bless the name of God.


We are a Marketing, Network Marketing, and Affiliate marketing company with some aggressive goals. Those are only a few that comes to mind in this highly competitive industry of Networkmarketing and marketing, why?

As we diversify, we are going to get into the Real Estate industry as well as some other corporate interests.

Also, we plan to market/promote various software that is applicable to what we do as a Corporation in our various industries. Some people will say to you, “this industry is too competitive, too Hard, isn’t real, too challenging”. I say this to those types of people. If NETWORKMARKETING

networkmarketing and marketing, why




We Welcome you to Newsletter and Email club. (Please subscribe) It’s F.R.E.E.!

Be the FIRST to get the latest updates weekly.

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Aug. 17.

Developing a marketing strategy

Developing a marketing strategyDeveloping a marketing strategy

Understanding your business, its strengths, weaknesses, and the external opportunities and threats, then you can develop your marketing strategy that plays to your strengths and matches them to the emerging opportunities. Consequently, you can also identify your weaknesses and try to minimize them as best you can in your strategizing.

Then lay out a detailed marketing plan that sets out specific actions to put that strategy into practice daily.

Here are some questions to ask when developing your strategy.

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your customers looking for? What are their needs accordingly?
  • What do I want to achieve? Make sure to set clear, realistic, attainable objectives.
  • In our business environment what changes are taking place,  and how will they affect me?
  • Are these opportunities or threats?
  • Which customers are the most profitable?
  • What’s the best way of communicating with them?
  • How do I target the right potential customers?
  • Could I improve my customer service?
  • Can this be a low-cost way of gaining a competitive edge over rivals, keeping customers, boosting sales and building a good reputation?
  • Could changing my products or services, and becoming more diverse,  increase sales and profitability?
  • Do I need to be continuously updated to maintain a competitive edge over my competition?
  • Would extending my product list or service provision to meet existing customers needs be more effective?
  • I find that selling to existing customers is generally more cost effective than continually trying to find new ones.
  • What is the best way of distributing and selling my products?
  • What’s the best way to promote my products? What are my options to include, such as  advertizing, direct marketing, trade fairs, marketing on the web and PR
  • How will I price my product or service? There’s the need to be competitive, but most businesses find that trying to compete on price alone is a poor strategy.
  • What else are my customers interested in?
  • Reliability?  Value? Quality? Efficiency?
  • How can I tell if my marketing is effective?

Check how customers find out about your business.

A small-scale trial can be a good way of testing a marketing strategy without committing to excessive costs.

These questions are just a few questions you might consider when Developing a marketing strategy

All of the ABOVE is key in Developing a Marketing Strategy that works based on your Strengths and Weaknesses as a company. I believe in the basics of marketing because this is where you will be able to construct your strategies for your marketing plan.

Here is another company I recommend for developing a marketing strategy.

Tysinger Motors Advertising Story


Again I want to reiterate this notation because I believe it’s a necessary piece of information in the Marketing World to Stay ahead of ALL trends in the marketplace. Especially when you’re trying to become and stay profitable.

I Highly Suggest and Recommend getting this information because it’s easy to utilize, and is Newbie friendly even to those who may not be good with numbers or technically inclined. If you are more Advanced, this information is even more of an advantage because you can always see where you are “Instantaneously” when marketing your products, goods, and services. Staying ahead of the game in this way will keep you more profitable.

Schedule an appointment with David here.

I hope this posting will be a blessing to you and you were able to be reminded of something that you may have forgotten to do when it comes to the basics of doing anything. Sometimes we need to be reminded about the basics. That’s why sometimes go back to the basics because generally, that’s our foundation to success.



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