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Jan. 10.

A Simple Marketing Plan

A Simple Marketing PlanA Simple Marketing Plan

One of the most frequently asked questions from people is how do you get your products out into the world MARKETPLACE, and more importantly into the hands of your ideal customers who will want, purchase and use them?

We want to walk you through a simple marketing plan to start your online business, grow your list, and start selling your products online. But! before we do that, I hope that You have chosen your niche market, your first digital product or products, coupled with having a website set up to sell your product or products, so you can begin profiting from your knowledge and what you have learned. Then the question is where do you go from here?

Check this out First.

What you saw in the video above is not the only way, but it will certainly start you in the right direction to build and grow your list. It’s not the only way, but certainly one of the ways that can yield you fruit from all of your efforts when integrated in the proper way. Now after this achievement, you will need to focus on traffic, after all, someone will need to buy your products right? Because you’re doing this to make money and you deserve it also for putting so much time and effort into this endeavor. Now basically there are for A Simple Marketing Plan

2 Types of Traffic: Paid & Free

  • Paid traffic is traffic that you can purchase through an advertising medium such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. (other words, social media)
  • Google, Bing, etc., etc. are other platforms through their display networks you can (buy/drive) traffic
  • Note: (in order to understand what all it would encompass to get on the First Page of Google, & Bing, take the time to learn how to read the stats (Analytic Pages) and all the other things that have to be done because it’s extremely competitive. There’s a lot going on “behind” the scenes you need to understand and be aware of and integrate also). And
  • Free traffic simply means organic traffic, people that find your products through other online resources such as blogs, social platforms, other friends, colleagues, referrals, etc., etc., or your website via the internet.

I am trying to keep my topic A Simple Marketing Plan as simple as I can so please bear with me. I will be ending this posting in a little. In fact, right now.

If your an online business that is just starting out, we recommend that you begin your marketing and marketing strategies focusing on free traffic. This means for you, there’s little to no overhead cost, to make profits and there’s lots of creative control you will have in positioning your business to make the profits you want.

Social media can be one of the best resources for getting your online business into the marketplace. If you are not sure which social media platform you should be on for your business, try facebook or twitter.



Goulds Marketing Services LLC

Google+,  Linkedin ,  Twitter , FBReferral Key, etc., etc., etc.


A Dun and Bradstreet Verified Company

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Oct. 09.

value of email marketing for affiliates

value of email marketing for affiliates


value of email marketing for affiliates

If you are a network marketer or an affiliate marketer, you should always be building a list that you will have customers to market and sell to. That’s why many affiliates either super or just intermediate level,  focus greatly on building their list to sell their affiliate products to. It’s so important to build solid relationships with everyone that joins your list because in so doing, people tend to stay around longer as they know, like and trust you even if sometimes you may make a mistake in promoting or selling something.

The Idea behind the value of Email Marketing for Affiliates is

Building your list becomes valuable simply as you accumulate emails in your list, where you can build relationships with those subscribers and slowly gain their trust.

Building a relationship with your list means more sales, and sales conversions because people are more likely to buy from someone they trust than from some review they read on a blog that they are visiting for the 1st time.

That’s because affiliate marketing is more successful when you combine it with relationship building. People are more willing to stay around as they get to know you as a friend or professional, based upon what you are offering.

Email Marketing Conversion Rate

It is not easy to determine what your conversion rate is going to be, that’s because there are many factors that affect this:

  • Open Rate
  • Product Quality
  • Product Price
  • List Type

Open Rate: This rate is calculated by finding out how many of your subscribers read your email, so the more people that read,  the higher your potential conversion rate can be. Though the average open rate could easily reach 30%

Product Quality: If the product you are promoting as an affiliate is proven to have sold well previously, then that’s an indication of its quality. This can be determined in the early stages of your affiliate marketing efforts, as you are the one who is responsible for choosing a winning product.

Product Price: There is no rule here, your product can be highly priced at $997 or a more affordable $20 but that doesn’t dedicate how well you are going to convert into sales.

You have to know who the people on your list are (demographics), as people from developed nations tend to afford high prices.

Also if the competitors of your affiliate product sell for a higher price than yours, then you will have the price advantage no matter how high it is.

List Type: A list that was collected from buyers like on a product thank you page or buyers of previous product is much more valuable than a list you collect from your blog subscribers.

That doesn’t mean that blog subscribers are useless, it just means you will have higher conversion rates from previous buyers.

But If you do everything right, you can expect an average conversion rate of 10% from your list.

Value Of Email Marketing for Affiliates,  Knowing

How to Build your List

That’s a million dollar question, but you have to keep in mind that building your list is a long-term strategy that can take years to reach say, 40,000 subscribers. And with that amount of leads in your list, you can expect a minimum of 5 figures income.

It all comes down to traffic; the better you are with getting traffic the faster you will build your list.

And some of your choices for attracting leads to your list are as follow:

  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Deals

Social Media: It might be hard to get direct sales from social media websites like Twitter, but it is much easier to capture emails.

Twitter for example, if you constantly tweet and gain followers then you will get a steady flow of leads if you direct them to your squeeze page.

Some affiliate marketers will resort to using automated tools to speed up this process, my advice to you is to be careful on which tool you give your trust to. As this practice of automation is frowned upon and can backfire by getting you banned and affect your reputation.

Although, some tools can handle this automation more moderately and in a relatively safe manner. Again knowing,  the Value Of Email Marketing for Affiliates,

SEO: nothing beats SEO as the best way to generate a massive and consistent flow of traffic and thus the consistent flow of opt-ins.

You just have to focus your SEO campaign in trying to rank for multiple long tail keywords that are between 50-300 searches a month.

Deals: List Swap is a great example of the kind of deals that boost your subscriber’s rate dramatically.

List Swap works by finding someone in your niche with a good list size (usually same as yours), and offer them to do an email blast to your list. In this email blast, you will most likely promote his squeeze page so that some of your list subscribers also subscribe to his list. Then he will do the same for you and therefore you will gain an extra number of leads to your list.

Just try to find a good partner with a good reputation so that you don’t lose the trust you worked for with your list.


Value Of Email Marketing for Affiliates,

How to Deal with your List

There are 2 points I want to point out to you here:

  1. How frequently to promote your affiliate product to your list
  2. How to nurture your list


You need to be careful on how often you send promotional email blasts vs. informational blasts (newsletter).

In a 3 months span, it is better to send out just 1 affiliate offer and the rest of the time focus on increasing your authority and showing your list that you give more than you take.

And in the time that your newsletter is getting sent out, you use that time to further increase the size of your list.

So for example, if you have 5,000 subscribers and send 1 affiliate offer every 3 months with a net profit of $30 and at a  5% conversion rate then that means you get 250 sales every 3 months or $7500 ($30×250) which earns you $2500 on monthly basis. Not bad huh?


You have to try and send as much quality things to your subscribers as possible, and sending out PDF guides, mini ebooks are a great way to show your depth and show them why they should trust you when you start promoting your affiliate products to them.

Sending out videos of yourself solving a problem in the niche is an amazing way to connect with your subscribers.

Because when you put a face (you) on your newsletters, then you will connect with them on a personal level.

They will then come to you for advice and questions (more engagement) and that is going to have a major impact on your sales conversion.



using the value of email marketing for affiliates

As an affiliate, you have many weapons in your arsenal, even more than what the product owner has at his disposal.

As you probably learned from many affiliate marketing courses out there, they will all tell you that email marketing is a must-do strategy if you are planning to become a successful affiliate.


Thank you, George,

for allowing me to post as a guest on your blog,

the value of email marketing for affiliates

here at Goulds Marketing Services LLC: also know as

Best Regards,

=>Ibrahim Dahy

Blessings to ALL, who read this post by  Ibrahim


Goulds Marketing Services LLC

 A Dun and Bradstreet Company 

p.s. Please JOIN our NEWSLETTER,  STAY IN TOUCH and develop a wonderful, relationship. Please fill out the form HERE to the right-side on our Business Blog and become a member. Also become a customer on our Store-Front website, and  Shop Online from home with us, thanks.

I encourage you to “find out more info; BELOW”. I’m Real, and a Man of Integrity you can trust.

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Sep. 23.

online shopping store at

online shopping store atonline shopping store at


Praise God Everyone, here is our,

Online Shopping Store at, Walmart,

I am now OPEN for business publicly with my newest and latest endeavor and opportunity. I’ve been licensed and approved to be an Affiliate Marketer via my company GOULDS MARKETING SERVICES LLC by The Walmart Store Corporation. When you checkout FROM MY COMPANY, you’ll actually be checking out through an actual WALMART CART LIKE THIS. So don’t worry yourself about the process. It takes care of itself, all you have to do is SHOP and enjoy your experience from home.

I’m still a work in progress, constantly having to upload their many prod’s. and category’s. I have my work cut out for me, and I’ll be uploading stuff pretty much ALL DAY, and EVERYDAY, for a long time, nonetheless, go ahead and Shop with what you see,  if you see something you like.

Online Shopping Store at, Walmart,

Join my “Customer Newsletter” and stay up to date with ALL that’s happening. Shopping at its best, => ALL from Home! I believe everything is up and running correctly. I believe my shopping cart is set-up right and fully functional. Its a lot to all this madness but I’m up for the task and challenge. God is GOOD!

Check-out  my new Online Walmart Store for yourself. If you don’t see a product, bear with me and continue to come back, eventually it will be there.

p.s. SIGN-UP to Get all the Weekly info. home. Home Tab TOP LEFT. I’ll be looking for you as a customer. Thank you so much.



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Aug. 10.

working from home

working from homeworking from home


Imagine that if you will?

=> you don’t have to necessarily take it to this extreme, but if you want to, you certainly can at home.


You can work wherever and whenever you want,

sitting on a beach even, if that’s what you want to do working from home.

That’s truly your call. Think about when getting-up in the

morning, getting out of bed and walking 20ft or so to your Home Office, coffee in hand. Working from home, gives you that flexibility.

There’s No Driving anywhere, therefore there are (gas savings). No wear and tear on your automobile.

Perk:=> Avoid traffic coming and going. Why? because you’re  working from home.

Think about that! Can you see yourself in this picture? That’s one of many perks “calling your own shots” from home. Take a look at some opportunities that can Help you even more.

Maybe one day you might thank me for planting this SEED & thought in your mind.

Because there are fewer distractions around you,

you are “More Productive”. Possibly because of the fact you’re working for yourself, you’re Motivated to doing

more Income Producing Activity. The atmosphere is much quieter, there’s less stress on you because of your environment that you’re use to being in traditionally at work, and mentally, you’re much happier.  Personally, I love being home and in so doing, I get to

“spend more time with my family” and my lovely Queen/Wife.

I have a few business opportunity’s to offer here on my blog ( that I am intricatley involved in. They are

opportunity’s  of integrity. There’s no risk involved because like anything that’s legit, you ALWAYS have the right to

back out, no questions asked. I hope that you can decern I am a person of integrity, and if I am involved with any

online opportunity, they are NOT (fly by night) opportunities. So look around, Join my membership, (its free),

but the opportunities you see on this page are Work from home offer/opps. where you get to know the

business and what’s required.

If you’re the type of person that joins things and NEVER Takes Action, then don’t consider joining because unless you

take-action, nothing will happen for you or your family while working from home.

So again, “Welcome”.

Start working from home today. 


Again I want to reiterate this notation because I believe it’s a necessary piece of information in the Marketing World to Stay ahead of ALL trends in the marketplace. Especially when you’re trying to become and stay profitable.

I Highly Suggest and Recommend getting this information because it’s easy to utilize, and is Newbie friendly even to those who may not be good with numbers or technically inclined. If you are more Advanced, this information is even more of an advantage because you can always see where you are “Instantaneously” when marketing your products, goods, and services. Staying ahead of the game in this way will keep you more profitable.

Schedule an appointment with David here.

I hope this posting will be a blessing to you and you were able to take Action Today.



As I have alluded to previously, we are all about,

Marketing and Advertising, with Goulds Marketing Services LLC

Check out my: (Social-Platforms),

I encourage you to “please check me out BELOW”. I’m Real, and a Man of Integrity you can trust.

Google+,  Linkedin,  Twitter,,  FBReferral Key, etc., etc., etc.

We are also Dun and Bradstreet Verified”, and recognized as a “Gold Standard Company“.



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Jul. 31.

weight loss unwanted fat, dieting

weight loss unwanted fat, dieting

weight loss unwanted fat, dieting

doctors seem to say the same thing to their patients, especially if they are overweight.

“It’s time to get serious about your weight. YOUR LIFE IS AT STAKE now .”

Those are somewhat

Harsh words to hear from your doctor, but there’s good news if you’re interested in knowing.

I’ll tell you how to ridden yourself of weight loss unwanted fat, dieting.


You can take action today and actually keep it off.

And avoid your doctor from saying those discouraging words ever again to you.

Yes … you CAN! There are some simple steps you must take and follow.

Click this link to take the first step now …


Get serious and follow the program step-by-step. What I’m about to give you WORKS if you follow

what is being given you.

More good news — this is a program that will give you the jumpstart you need.

Follow it to remove any weight loss unwanted fat, dieting.

All accomplished in just three short weeks. You can do this for three weeks, can’t you?

I know you can, just be disciplined and everything will fall into place as you go through the process.




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May. 04.

Online Marketing Paradise

Online Marketing ParadiseOnline Marketing Paradise

Excitement is in the air, Goulds Marketing Services LLC is “growing”. Maybe futuristically we will get a new facelift but for now, I love the way we look because it does exactly what I intended it to do which was to be “eye-catching”, “flamboyant and provocative”. Many have personally told me that they really liked the look. So that sounds good to me so I’ll stay the course until I get some type revelation from the Most-High to do differently. Remember, we are “God Inspired”, so we can do everything but fail and I TRULY, TRULY, believe that. Online Marketing ParadiseOnline Marketing Paradise

I really like this title, ABOVE, we will work HARD to become a 1-Stop Shop for people’s marketing needs, just you wait and see. This may inexplicably present challenges that others would want to throw in the towel, but not me. I am hell bent on seeing this “Godly Vision Come to Fruition. I have a basic foundation of what this vision encompasses but I am “more inspired by God because of the unknown” and who my Most High may have me connect with to take this Corporation to the next level of my destiny. Recently, god has put several people in my life and I know they’re here for some reason and that is what I love because when this ALL comes together, we, Goulds Marketing Services LLC will become an Awesome, Awesome, Online Conglomerate for the Marketing Industry. This endeavor has been tedious, mind-boggling, entering path’s that I knew nothing about only having videos to learn from. But! God is Good and I knew through it all, that only “Good” would come from this. And that is what’s happening in my life currently. So I am excited.

I have already started making changes on the website blog that are visible to the eye such as when people mouse over my Menus at the TOP of my site, they will see “Drop-Downs”, (sub-menus) that are filled with all kinds of Resources that can benefit marketers and the like. Many of these opportunities I am a member of or know the owners of the companies. In my “Resources” (Tab), the same is true. Plenty of contacts, connections, and services that we are providing that will enable marketers to achieve and go higher as I am doing simultaneously.

Visitors can now see “Text and Display Ads” casually posted all on my site that is authorized by Google and placed on my site by advertisers. So I am learning, moving and grooving as I am inspired by god to do so. Honestly, I had NEVER thought of this before until recently when God put the thought in my spirit to do so. There is so much more forthcoming that I can only do so much at a time. I am convinced because of “Gods hand in my life”, I can do everything but Fail, I am convinced of that. He has truly sent me people that I had never known before that I feel will be instrumental in some way, shape, form, or fashion. So I am Grateful and Thankful to them and My God.

So I want to finally say “Welcome to Goulds Marketing Services LLC, an Online Marketing Paradise”. 

Join us and become a part of history in the making. Also, leave us a comment and Grow with us as we grow.

Online Marketing Paradise we’re it!

We also have an E-commerce site that we will be simultaneously promoting and marketing as well. I haven’t been putting much effort at all in that endeavor but I do plan to soon. I already have it up and running but have not been driving traffic to it yet. I have a lot on my plate and need to become the BEST at this endeavor before taking on more responsibility. Stay tuned futuristically for more posts, offers, newsletters, online news, coupon offers, and the like.

Thank you and God bless you,


Goulds Marketing Services LLC

(A Dun & Bradstreet Corp.)

p.s. If you don’t mind please JOIN US, or leave a comment that you were here. Signup on one of the signup forms like the “Scrolling Signup Form” that comes up on the “right side of my blog”. We also have one that comes up in the middle of the page. We are a company that’s on the move upward and would love for you to come along for the ride. We’re a Marketing Services, uniquely different, so please join us by filling out the form that you see here on our website.

p.p.s. while your at it, you might as well learn creating a WP blog website

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Apr. 26.

Creating a WP blog website

creating a WP blog websiteCreating a WP blog website

Today I want to reiterate this posting about creating a WP blog website. We have been asked by Bluehost to do so again.  And I am excited to do so for them.

About a couple weeks ago I posted a complete “step by step tutorial” about how to “exactly” create a blog from start to finish “showing screenshots” of that process. So I am going to utilize that posting as the guideline for creating and completing that process here today. It wouldn’t make sense to try and explain the process all over again when I have such a detailed posting here on my blog. What people need to do is “Take Action Here” It is not enough to skim over the process and read a little here and there. You MUST be willing to ingest what you are reading followed by “taking action, taking action, taking action” or nothing will happen. It will be meaningless to you.

Ask yourself this question, am I serious about reading and learning about creating a WP blog? If the answer is yes, then go to the TOP of my blog, TAKE ACTION TODAY &  click the “How to Start Your Own Blog Today with a WP site” AND get started now > Today will begin the first day of the rest of your life as you take “full control” over your online professional experience and start to make money for yourself with your OWN WP Blog/Website. See why Bluehost is the company I recommend among the many other fine companies out there offering hosting products. See how they Rate among the rest Here.  Then pick and go WP. Remember you are Creating a WP blog website. Creating a WP blog website
After you make your decision to go with WP, select a Domain name and Get hosting for that name BELOW.Creating a WP blog website


Creating a WP blog website

Then follow “Step by Step” the rest of this process from HERE EXACTLY as you see it!



Goulds Marketing Services LLC, 

p.s. I don’t know whether or not you need any type of “Bulk Emailing Services” to help expedite your emailing to your various lists. jMailerPro is a service I’ve been using for about 8yrs I believe, and I know Marc and his son. They are very personable and will return calls when needed to ALL their members who need them. They can send out to lists of 26,000+ and more if need be. Very reputable in the industry.

Stop by sometime, we “Welcome You” today and every day.

p.p.s. Stay tuned for future opportunities.

p.p.p.s. marketing firms subscribe here,


Please JOIN our NEWSLETTER,  STAY IN TOUCH and develop a wonderful, relationship. Please fill out the form HERE on our Business Blog and become a member. Also become a customer on our Store-Front website, and  Shop Online from home with us, thanks.

I encourage you to “find out more info; BELOW”. I’m Real, and a Man of Integrity you can trust.

Google+ ,  Linkedin ,  Twitter , , Referral Key Network


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Apr. 06.

marketing firms subscribe here,

marketing firms subscribe here, marketing firms subscribe here,

marketing firms subscribe here,

FIRST, please let me acknowledge Linkedin for acknowledging my profile as an “All-Star profile”. 

Thank you so much because I wasn’t expecting that award for my profile.

Today I want to talk about my firm and its mission. I am very grateful for how things are going currently although I will always be a work in progress with futuristic goals that are lofty and accomplishable. I am always learning which is good because therein lies the drive that is needed to succeed.

At first,

I thought I was moving too quick with the Dun and Bradstreet endeavors to get my Duns Number, then applying for the “Paydex” Score which would give me a stronger opportunity for “loan acquisitions” if needed, but glory to God it worked out much sooner than what I thought it would. I am glad that I have my legal documents for the Corporation. I am registered with the State of Delaware, Secretary of States office and have employed Legal Zoom as my “Registrar” keeping me informed of any State, Federal, and local regulations and laws that are applicable to me and my company.  


I may even consider “selling or partnering” with other investors since I have a “Strong Infrastructure” based on what Dun and Bradstreet has told me. I had to input in my account with DandB, what they call “peer groups”, 8 other companies that my company needed to be compared to locally here in Md. In this way, they could compare my strengths with that of other companies. Thank God, they have told me excitedly, that my company stands ABOVE the crowd in comparison to its infrastructure with my peer group companies. And some of these companies in comparison to my company has upwards of 500+ employees as compared to mine, yet they say I am a much “stronger company” in relationship to them. So that excites me in case I do decide to partner with another investor. My company currently is “Debt Free” with a Paydex Score of 80 which is GREAT and I pay my bills better that the 30-day expectations, in fact, I pay before they’re do, month in and month out.

This will make it easier if we as a corporation would need to do a “Loan Acquisition ” of some sort. I am ALWAYS getting those offers but Never act upon them as of yet.

I do someday plan to possibly expand but for now, I am building my blog to drive traffic to offers I have on the homepage with the consideration of becoming more optimized to sell and handle more traffic.

Well, that’s it for now, this posting serves as a memo of what my company stands for now and futuristically.



p.s. Stop by sometime, we “Welcome You” today and every day.

p.p.s. Stay tuned for future opportunities.

p.p.p.s. marketing firms subscribe here,


Please JOIN our NEWSLETTER,  STAY IN TOUCH and develop a wonderful, relationship. Please fill out the form HERE on our Business Blog and become a member. Also become a customer on our Store-Front website, and  Shop Online from home with us, thanks.

I encourage you to “find out more info; BELOW”. I’m Real, and a Man of Integrity you can trust.

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Mar. 28.

WordPress install Bluehost, MOJO Marketplace

WordPress install Bluehost, MOJO MarketplaceWordPress install Bluehost, MOJO Marketplace

“ONE CLICK” INSTALL USING MOJO Market Place with BlueHost!

When I think about “WordPress”, it also makes me think of the word “blog”. It’s like they are “Synonymous” of each other.  You can just as well build a “Great”  website as you can a blog. What I will show you is “How easy it is” to do both.

Before building your WordPress site, you have to make the decision of where you are going to host it. Having a “self-hosted WordPress” site gives you “complete control” over how you manage your site. A web host is where you are going to install the WordPress software; in other words, the server where your site/blog is stored or housed. That said, choosing a web host is an important decision. There are many hosting companies out there, but

Bluehost is the best choice, especially for a WordPress site. Even WordPress itself recommends Bluehost as the “number one” recommended hosting service, and they don’t officially recommend many hosting companies.

There are many reasons why Bluehost is so highly recommended, here are a few:

  • Their service, reliability, and usability.
  • Their Control Panel is Much easier to use.
  • Bluehost has partnered with MOJO Marketplace to make installing WordPress a breeze.
  • They also offer courteous and professional 24-hour in-house technical support for your hosting account 7 days per week “all year long”. That means a call placed 1 in the morning is a call to the same place your hosting account is and someone will be able to help you.
  • For $4.95/month (the cost changes time to time) you can host unlimited websites, email accounts,  and domains; all on one account.
  • Bluehost uses custom built servers, and this provides the most stable and reliable hosting environment.
  • So signup and Get Bluehost starting Today, “The Best” Ever in the
  • Top Ten Company’s Globally! => FIND OUT WHY RIGHT HERE! => “See what I mean”.



Goulds Marketing Services LLC

p.s. First, Go HERE! get started now > take action > signup > get your domain name

p.p.s. and as promised here is how easy it is to install WP with a “1 Click install” using MOJO MarketPlace.

p.p.p.s. be blessed as you take action WordPress install Bluehost, MOJO Marketplace

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Mar. 27.

how to start blogging today Step by Step


how to start blogging today Step by Step

how to start blogging today Step by Step


I will try my best to be as simple as I can with this process so that people will not be so challenged and want to give up. This can be somewhat intimidating but iF you follow the process, you will be alright. WordPress is the software medium I am recommending. You have a site and you have a site. My recommendation to you is the site because of the flexibility and freedom to be in control of your website as you cautiously move forward in the setting up of the process. As indicative of the Image Above, clearly, you want the (the black image). You control how you want your blog to look like and become futuristically.


Clearly, my choice for your blog would be “you got it”, BlueHost.

how to start blogging today Step by Step



Once you have your domain selected and registered you don’t have to be concerned with it being stolen from you moving forward. Here is where you register your domain name. Register it in the “New Domain” box and click “next”.



how to start blogging today Step by Step4) INPUT ALL YOUR INFORMATION HERE FOR BLUEHOST TO HAVE ON FILE FOR YOU. how to start blogging today Step by Step

5) FILL IN YOUR PACKAGE INFORMATION, SELECT WHATEVER PACKAGE YOU WOULD LIKE. 36 MONTHS WOULD BE THE BEST RATE BECAUSE IT’S THE CHEAPEST PER MONTH. However, most people may not go that way because BlueHost charges “Up-Front” for the whole amount. So if needed, select one of the other packages.

how to start blogging today Step by Step



how to start blogging today Step by Step9) NOW THAT YOUR PASSWORD IS CREATED, LOGIN TO YOUR WP ACCOUNT.

Be sure you log into “Hosting” and not “Webmail” please.
how to start blogging today Step by Step10) HERE IS YOUR ACCOUNT DASHBOARD, BECOME VERY FAMILIAR WITH THIS “PLEASE”. At the bottom screen click “Install Word Press” button, please.

how to start blogging today Step by Step

11) On the WordPress Installation screen please click “install”.

how to start blogging today Step by Step

12) Then click “Show advanced options”

how to start blogging today Step by Step13) Then give your site a name, and create a username and password for the WP Install. Make sure to check the box to “Automatically create a new database for this installation”, and check that you have read the terms and conditions, … how to start blogging today Step by Step14) Finally, on the next page watch the little bar “Top Right” turn Green Fully, which confirms that you have installed WP correctly and successfully.

Great this will help you how to start blogging today Step by Step

how to start blogging today Step by Step

15) Oh one more thing to be aware of, check your email, you should have something from Mojo Marketplace. This email is important, so make sure to save it! It includes your website URL, your WordPress admin login URL, and your WordPress login username. THIS IS VITALLY OF IMPORTANCE! It should look like this.

 check your email, and you should have something from Mojo Marketplace. This email is important, so make sure you save it! It includes your website URL, your WordPress admin login URL, and your WordPress login username.

16) From this email, click the Admin URL above. It will take you to the site below. Enter your username and password.

how to start blogging today Step by Step

17) That will take you here to your WordPress Dashboard. Get to know it and you will enjoy it once it becomes “2nd nature” to you. how to start blogging today Step by Step


God bless you, in how to start blogging today Step by Step


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p.s. Hopefully and Prayerfully this has enlightened you to Take the First Step in this step by step process in building your blog Today!

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