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Dec. 28.

Working from home, How to


Working from home, How to













Working from home, How to

This Post is designed to be General in substance, because it takes a certain type of person to work from home. So I’m speaking to that person in general terms.  Some attributes are as follows; You must be willing to be focused, motivated, Goal driven, have the ability to work at home, good speaking skills, because you will ultimately have to speak to prospective clients/customers about what type of business you have and explain what services that you provide, etc., etc.

In my opinion, there isn’t an exact science to fulfilling this wonderful opportunity. You must be driven with desire to make it happen and realize that if it is to be, it must be, and will be up to you, with the help of God to make it happen. Most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP! Realize, its not going to happen overnight, but with the help of God, it will happen.

Find something you love to do, because when you do find that passion, you phsycologically  will inadvertently realize, “its not work”, but its a labor of love and your getting paid to do it. I would say “shame on anyone in this business”, that doesn’t with consistency, do what I call “Income producing activity EVERYDAY”! THAT’S A MUST in my opinion.

Working from home, How to

This doesn’t mean there won’t be times where other family responsibility’s won’t come up, because they will. Be willing and mindful that once you have fulfilled those obligations, you should try and engage your work at home business if you can, after-all, its you that has to be persistent in achieving whatever goals you have set for yourself.

If you are a person that can’t work alone, and can become lonely because you don’t have other colleagues in your presence to help encourage you as you work, I would probably encourage you to maybe think twice about working from home. You need to be motivated with an Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Well for now, I’ll stop here, but will post more working from home tips and info. futuristically in the coming days.



p.s. I pray someone will be blessed by this post.


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