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Dec. 27.

Spirituality, Walking with God

Spirituality, Walking with God



Walking with God









 Spirituality, Walking with God , why is this so important? In my opinion and the revelation I have gotten from this in meditation, is First, how can a person be led or walk with God unless you Truly Repent! YOU CAN’T!

Lot’s of people base repentance on some “behavioral change”, How So, is what I want to know?

If you try and base your being led by the Spirit on some behavior change, it’s Not Going to Work! Unless you “truly repent” by a “Renewing of Your Mind”, your eventually going to revert back to the same old you that the flesh seems to be obedient to because of your flesh. If you haven’t renewed your mind first, how can your body become subjected under the Spirit of God in you? How can you ever bring down those “High Thoughts”  into captivity unless it be done by a Renewing your mind, DAILY, resulting  in Right Belief=Right Living Daily! (Think about that for a moment please.)

As the image clearly states “I am never out of your sight”, this is TRUE, God is always with you and because he is, doesn’t mean you are walking with him, led by him, under the Auspices of the Holy-Spirit,  if your Mind isn’t renewed in the Righteousness of God. Remember, you are a FREE MORAL AGENT, God isn’t going to Force anything upon you. You need to make that decision, Yet God is with you, ALWAYS and NEVER out of your Sight!

Spirituality, Walking with God,

are you really?

Have you TRULY renewed your mind? Is it your utmost desire to become what you behold? (if your reading the Bible Daily), Are you believing with the right mindset? Right believing=right living?

Only you know those answer’s, and of course, God knows ALL, because we can’t fool him.

blessings to ALL that reads this,

I pray the blessings of God upon you,


p.s. for all that need to know more about me, by ALL means do so. I thank you for reading my blog posts.


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