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Jan. 17.

Spirituality, God inspired,

Spirituality, God Inspired,



If you do, then consider yourself to be,


The devil certainly will not give you Hope,

if so, its for ALL the wrong reasons.

God is L.O.V.E., and having that Blessing

will produce LOVE!

In fact, it will Inspire you to do the Right thing

by your fellow-man. And, because of your obedience,

Spirituality, God inspired, self,

you may not realize it, but you’ll acquire so much confidence in God, “you’ll be Resting in God”. My brothers and sisters, I would encourage you to reach a place of intimacy to where your resting in God. And I don’t mean “do nothing”, that’s silly. I mean when you rest in God, you get to a place in him where you have so much Confidence in what your believing for (because of the word of God in You), you will seem Invinciple, Immovable, Steadfast in God.

Circumstances will mean Nothing, because at that point, your not moved by your circumstances, or what you see going on in your life. The ONLY thing that can MOVE you, is “every word that comes from the mouth of God”. So getting to this point in life is Imperative. Nothing will phase you, you will  have inadvertently built up a wall that’s inpenetrable. Every firey dart satan throws at you will do nothing but repel, and go back to where it originated from, which is him. When you Resist, he has to flee, believe me. The word of God says in the book of James: “Resist the devil and he will flee”, so once you get to that point of Intimacy with God, you have arrived. Only you know where you are in God, not me. I’m only encouraging you to “get there”, because Truly,  you’ll be “God Inspired” at that point, moving with Power, Love and a Sound-mind. Don’t you let anyone persuade or influence you otherwise. When you find people like that, chuckle inside to yourself, and “pray for them” quietly within, because the bible tells us to pray for them. Man, that’s tuff, but you will be Super Blessed if you can pull that off, lol!

You have to be,

Spirituality, God inspired, to pull that off I tell you. lol

I Hope and Pray this blesses someone’s Heart Today. To God be the Glory!

well for now,

blessings to ALL that read this,

I pray the blessings of God upon you,


p.s. I thank you for reading my blog posts TODAY,

Spirituality, God inspired,

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