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Jan. 25.

Spirituality, trusting God 100%,

Spirituality, trusting God 100%,SPIRITUALITY, TRUSTING GOD 100%,


=> ,Think about that, this is something that

TRULY needs to be thought about.

The picture says it ALL!



It’s Faith and Trust that gets God’s


Do you want him to pay attention to you?

Or, are you one

that accepts anything, because of lack of Trust and Faith in him. The #1 deal with God is, “he wants to be Trusted”.


do you totally trust him  is the question of today? 

He wants to be your Supply House and take care of ALL your needs. Would you let him, by casting ALL your cares upon him? He tells us to do that, so why wouldn’t you? The problem I find with Spiritual believers of today is, they don’t follow through with EXACTLY what God asks of us. He isn’t a God that shall lie. His word is his word and as long as its in his will, he can ONLY say “Yeah and Amen” to his will. My brother’s and sister’s, THAT’S POWERFUL, WOW! This alone should be enough of an encouragement to “TRUST HIM”.

My brothers and sisters, don’t you know that trusting God 100%, brings him great Joy and Delight if you can get to a level of Intimacy in him, because he loves you SO MUCH!


Don’t try and trust God in a religious sense where you feel you have to “do something first” to get God’s attention. Or don’t feel that your doing something first, will prompt God to move in your life first. That’s not how it works. That type of thought processes is the type people had in the old testament where they thought they had to do this to get God to do that. We are no longer under the law, we are under the Grace Covenant.

Christ has DONE IT ALL FOR US. All we need to do is Believe it, Receive it, and Thank God for it, THAT’S IT!

This type of thinking can ONLY be done by a “renewing of the (Spirit) of our minds” totally. We have to transform our minds, (change our thought processes), where we totally, 100%, TRUST GOD thru JESUS CHRIST. 

If we only change our mindset, we are merely changing some thoughts, and eventually revert back to our old ways. When you change the Spirit of your mind, you Totally change your thinking in alignment to God’s perfect will for us which is the word of God. This type of mindset will sustain you forever.

Well for now my friends, I will STOP here, but Stay Tuned for the subsequent posts coming in continuation of this subject matter.

blessings to ALL that read this,

I pray the blessings of God upon you,


p.s. I thank you for reading my blog posts TODAY,

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