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Mar. 28.

Online shopping do’s, don’ts

Online shopping do's, don'tsOnline shopping Do’s, Don’ts , => (a GMSA1 perspective) from : My customers online shopping experience 

I hope you enjoy.

Obviously online shopping has been around for many, many, years. I can’t speak for all, only from my experiences with my own customer base do I speak. Many  companies nowadays, are offering great deals to customers, some are quite good. Some are very cheap due to the lack of overhead, nor rent. In this post I will briefly state a few as I can’t speak about all do’s and don’ts in this post. Hopefully, I can reserve the right for a later continuation of do’s & don’ts. If you want more posts, let me know.

Online shopping Do’s, Don’ts ,


  • always buy from well established company’s/websites you trust, any doubts, don’t shop there
  • compare prices, read reviews, and feed-back from other customers before ordering.
  • make a list of other trusted company’s websites you like as well, to compare prices before ordering
  • WE ARE A 1-STOP SHOP ( 4 in one shopping experience ), WALMART, E-BAY, AMAZON, & ALI-EXPRESS
  • research and do your due diligence before buying and spending your hard earned money
  • pay attention to your shipping policy and what that entails along with any applicable taxes and shipping time frame


  • Do not purchase from spam or email marketing web links
  • Don’t react quickly to buy 1, get 2 free types of purchasing until you truly see whats involved
  • Don’t trust every lucrative deal at online shopping sites, w/o comparing those deals to other sites product authenticity.
  • Don’t share your credit card details with others. Frequently review your credit card accounts.
  • Don’t be connected to public Wi-Fi settings if absolutely possible. There’s considerable risks involved.
  • Don’t share your password info with absolutely anyone

I am very proud to offer this Online Shopping do’s, don’ts;

by Goulds Marketing Services LLC .

Blessings to ALL,


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