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Mar. 27.

Spiritually, He’s Risen

Spiritually, He's RisenSpiritually, He’s Risen , aren’t you glad?

He’s setting on the right-hand side of God right now,  interceding for ALL of us, whether we believe it,  or not. An advocate to the Father for ALL of us. Isn’t that a wonderful blessing?

On this beloved day, we acknowledge Easter and all it means to us because of what happen to Jesus. I know the world has commercialized this Important day a bit more than we would like, but nonetheless, those of us that love Christ will still hold-on to the real reason for this celebration. Its never about us, but it’s ALL ABOUT JESUS, PRAISE GOD ON THIS EASTER HOLIDAY! Spiritually, He’s Risen , he defeated satan because he died Once and Only Once, then he Rose/Ascended into Heaven to be with God, “The Father” as an advocate for us. And this is where Jesus has been since that time. Satan was swallowed-up because of what Jesus did to him, he (defeated) satan. Satan has no power, He’s powerless when it comes to the Son of God. Jesus proved that by this experience. Thank God for Jesus, “The Hope of Glory”!

He gave up his life for us, went down into the grave, and on that 3rd day, he ROSE , ascended into Heaven, and the rest is History. ALL done for us, his children, that where he is, we will be also,  at that appointed time. Praise God!

This is all I want to post today about this Important, Important, Event of life. Please enjoy this Easter Celebration and Holiday as God would want you to, full of Peace, Love, Joy, and Abundance, in Jesus Name I pray.

Blessed be the man that Trusteth in the Lord!

blessings to ALL that read this,

I pray the blessings of God upon you,


p.s. I thank you for reading my blog posts TODAY,

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