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Jan. 25.

Natural Products Freemart

Natural Products FreemartNatural Products Freemart

We pride ourselves on being 2nd to none. We truly believe that or I wouldn’t say it. In the next few postings, I want to talk about our products and their significance to your health. When you come HERE, 

find out for yourself, it’s FREE to join. That way, you can visit and tour the site. Don’t take my word for it, it cost you nothing but a little time. It’s been some time since I’ve talked about our natural products so I wanted to spend a little time in these next few weeks giving insight on how well they have been appreciated by others, rather than giving myself a pat on the back about them. Since I’ve joined over 2 yrs ago, like anything else, there are growing pains experienced, but that’s the nature of the beast. Shop Freemart isn’t going anywhere, in fact, it’s gotten BIGGER & BETTER, to the tune of about 30,000+ members STRONGER. 


 Get Your Free Membership Here, Above & Enjoy.

I want to share with you in the coming days our Natural Products Freemart one at a time. I will picture them and give you information about them that you can be informed and knowledgeable about them. I don’t want to give you information OVERLOAD, but only enough that will enable you to become more informed in case you might want to try these Natural Products Freemart for yourselves. I’m certain you will become like the many others that have joined.

I don’t want to sell you on anything, but I do want to share these wonderful products with you. Because I feel that maybe you aren’t aware of their successes in what they are doing for many others around the globe. BECOME INFORMED OF WHAT THEY INDIVIDUALLY ARE ADDRESSING WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S HEALTH ISSUES & AILMENTS.

Natural Products Freemart

I truly, truly, only want to share these products with

you because I feel you guys really aren’t aware of

their greatness and what they are doing for some

people’s health issues. Listen to some of the

testimonials of the member’s of our club. Then you

can be the judge, ok?



Goulds Marketing Services LLC: A Dun and Bradstreet Verified Company




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Sep. 23.

online shopping store at

online shopping store atonline shopping store at


Praise God Everyone, here is our,

Online Shopping Store at, Walmart,

I am now OPEN for business publicly with my newest and latest endeavor and opportunity. I’ve been licensed and approved to be an Affiliate Marketer via my company GOULDS MARKETING SERVICES LLC by The Walmart Store Corporation. When you checkout FROM MY COMPANY, you’ll actually be checking out through an actual WALMART CART LIKE THIS. So don’t worry yourself about the process. It takes care of itself, all you have to do is SHOP and enjoy your experience from home.

I’m still a work in progress, constantly having to upload their many prod’s. and category’s. I have my work cut out for me, and I’ll be uploading stuff pretty much ALL DAY, and EVERYDAY, for a long time, nonetheless, go ahead and Shop with what you see,  if you see something you like.

Online Shopping Store at, Walmart,

Join my “Customer Newsletter” and stay up to date with ALL that’s happening. Shopping at its best, => ALL from Home! I believe everything is up and running correctly. I believe my shopping cart is set-up right and fully functional. Its a lot to all this madness but I’m up for the task and challenge. God is GOOD!

Check-out  my new Online Walmart Store for yourself. If you don’t see a product, bear with me and continue to come back, eventually it will be there.

p.s. SIGN-UP to Get all the Weekly info. home. Home Tab TOP LEFT. I’ll be looking for you as a customer. Thank you so much.



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Mar. 15.

hydration water, perks, benefits

hydration water, perks, benefitshydration water, perks, benefits

First of all, as a Reminder, let me re-iterate 

One to six drops of Freemart Water added to one gallon of a quality base water, causes this 2 oz. bottle to go a long way, making up to 198 gallons of treated drinking water. Imagine that for starters which means you’re investment into your health and drinking our water => GOES A LONG WAY! 

There isn’t a specific feeling associated with drinking our water or with being hydrated, however,  people say that they crave Freemart Water, causing them to drink more water than they are normally accustomed to. This results in health benefits of hydration that may include increased metabolism and energy, a reduction in pain and many people are reporting a reduction in shedding some serious pounds and inches from their bodies.

Proper hydration increases the body’s ability to remove metabolic waste from the cells, drinking water that is treated with Freemart Miracle H2O+ could cause temporary symptoms that may be potentially uncomfortable. If this happens, simply reduce the amount of treated water you are drinking until these symptoms subside.

Freemart Miracle H2O+ does not add any minerals or chemicals to your water. In many cases, it makes drinking water taste sweeter and it definitely makes water more hydrating. I want to give you just a few of the perks, benefits of applying Freemart Miracle H20 topically.

Some of the Topical hydration water, perks, benefits

•    Spritz it on the skin after a shower or bath
•    Use the concentrate as eye drops to hydrate and bathe the eyes
•    Spritz on the skin in cases of itching
•    Spritz on minor to major burns (repeat every few minutes until burn is gone)
•    Spritz on skin in case of sunburn (burns dehydrate the cells)
•    Add it to other great products to get more use of them
•    Spritzing on moles may help diminish them
•    Some people spritz it in their eyes, ears, and nose daily
•    Some have experienced relief when applying it on hemorrhoids
•    Some like to soak their feet in it for therapeutic and purification benefits
•    Some use it on a bruises, scrapes, cuts or burns

These are just a few perks and there is much more.

Try some Free-mart Miracle H20 Today.



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Mar. 13.

free-mart water benefits, subscribe here

free-mart water benefits, subscribe herefree-mart water benefits, subscribe here

For those who don’t know, see why

This water shown under the microscope will hydrate cells instantaneously once it is consumed,

and goes into the body and finds bad cells, then removes them, creating a cleaner environment where good cells can flourish.

The nature of water has changed over the millennia of time, reaching a point where mankind has polluted virtually all of the water of the earth. This has changed water’s ability to hydrate the human system.

Good health begins with hydration! Ex. When a baby is born, cell hydration is at 100%, that causes it to be plump, like a freshly picked grape. As you live daily your cells lose a little bit of water until death finally resulting from dehydration.

Dehydration often happens so slowly that it is sometimes imperceptible, causing your cells to shrink like a dried up prune, and causing your skin to wrinkle with age.

By retirement age, it is common for cell hydration to be as low as 15%. Death is certain at 9% cell hydration and many people reach that level before age sixty-five.

A reduction in cell hydration causes a reduction in nutrients, oxygen, and hydrogen from getting into your cells. This translates to reducing your metabolism, less energy, premature aging, an accumulation of toxins in the body and increased body fat.

These symptoms will then lead to other undesirable symptoms including cancer, diabetes and circulatory problems, including elevated blood pressure and heart disease. (It’s imperative to keep a watch on these type symptoms).

The primary benefit of Freemart Miracle H2O+ water enhancer is its ability to promote an exceptional level of intracellular hydration. The water’s smaller particle size allows it to more freely and readily enter and exit the cells, hydrating the system in an optimal way! In doing so, it does a superior job of transporting nutrients into the cells and expelling metabolic waste and harmful materials out of the cells.

So if there is a need, Get it here,

 free-mart water benefits, subscribe here



p.s. this is one of our Most popular natural products. Try it Today!

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Mar. 09.

natural products, freemart water, subscribe here,

natural products, freemart water, subscribe herenatural products, freemart water, subscribe here

FREE-MART Water hydrates the body at the cellular level within 10 seconds after consuming eight ounces. Drinking FREE-MART Water at a certain time maximizes its effectiveness on the body, and purifies the blood cells. Avoid chlorinated water – one of the chief causes of arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

One to six drops of Freemart Water is added to one gallon of a quality base water, so one 2 oz. bottle goes a long way, making up to 198 gallons of treated drinking water.


FREE-MART Water MUST be mixed with

pure water… distilled, spring water, or filtered


STORED in a Glass Container. DO NOT microwave” FREE-MART Water.

The Best Times To Drink FREE-MART Water,
natural products, freemart water, subscribe here,


1. One 8oz glass of FREE-MART Water after waking uphelps active internal organs

2. One 8oz glass of FREE-MART Water 30 minutes before a large meal – helps digestion and weight control
3. One 8oz glass of FREE-MART Water before taking a bath – helps lower blood pressure
4. One 8oz glass of FREE-MART Water before going to bed – helps avoid stroke or heart attack,
also helps

prevent night time legs cramps. Your leg muscles are seeking hydration when they cramp.


It is not the amount of water you drink that matters most. Replacing your electrolytes at the cellular level is the important thing in keeping your body hydrated.


Gatorade and Powerade are not recommended because of their sugar content and other harmful ingredients. Also avoid soft drinks, especially ‘diet’ drinks that contain artificial sweeteners, as they cause loss of bone calcium and are known neuro-toxins which lead to obesity and dementia.
A Word of Caution: because our water is so “Concentrated” naturally,
DO NOT take any prescription or over the counter medication with FREE-MART Water. It intensifies the effect of the medication (i.e. blood pressure meds may lower your blood pressure too quickly). Wait 2 hours to consume FREE-MART Water after taking medication.
One to six drops of Freemart Water is added to one gallon of a quality base water.
  (Always store in a glass container).
**Try this experiment**,
=> one bowl of regular water and one bowl of FREE-MART water for your dog or cat.
**See which one they drink**.
“Scroll down and Read about this wonderful water”.
God bless you ALL,
p.s. Health, Wealth, and Prosperity be unto you ALL.



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Feb. 27.

weight loss goals

weight loss goals

Weight Loss Goals

A Simple Way to “Hack” Your UNWANTED Fat Away!

As you know, the human body is highly adaptable.
If you cut your finger, the body heals itself in a matter of days –
regenerating new cells as soon as the change is noticed.

Did you know if you make a big enough change to your diet,
the body can adapt right away too
by hacking fat in your body at a rapid speed?

But what do you need to do to kick-start this change?

Is it exercise?  Cutting certain foods out of your diet?
Drinking a special tea?  Eating certain berries?
No, it’s none of those things.
In fact, it is much more simple than you’d think.

Check out the Simple Way to “Hack” Your Fat Away at:


George Gould Jr
P.S. Funny enough, easy results end up being
more a matter of timing
than of denying yourself or suffering.

So why suffer when you don’t have to?


p.p.s. to get the FULL IMPACT of what I’m alluding to,

Go Here, submit your info. to Get your info. from Start-Finish,

it’s Jammed Full of content, videos, gifts, and Much, Much, More.

Be Honest with yourself PLEASE!! weight loss goals

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Feb. 23.

shopping online with us

shopping online with us



We are now authorized (Praise God) and licensed to sell ALL “Walmart Store Products “, (100’s of Thousands of Products),  representing the “Largest Retailer in the World”, right from the comfort of your own home, (Anytime/Anywhere). Now you can shop online here, because we represent Walmart  (Praise God), & Pay Here, with your Credit Card. Be L@@king for some exciting things forthcoming as you shop here with us.  We are a fully 100% Secured Shopping Site. “God is Good”. We are moving on in our Destiny, with Vision, and Dreams, with Passion, and Purpose Praise God! I am one Excited “God Inspired Man of God”. Moving not by my power, nor by my might, but by his Spirit sayeth the Lord. As I’ve always said, we are a “God Inspired Company”, as my Company Logo is indicative of Below!

My friends and Colleagues, I had NO IDEA this was going to be part of my Destiny, BUT PRAISE GOD, it’s part of my company and I’m Excited. We are moving under the Power & Grace of God right now, and Trusting God (Totally). He is the source of All our Supply because there is No Other. I am very proud to offer shopping online with us, Goulds Marketing Services LLC .

Blessings to ALL,


p.s. please JOIN my NEWSLETTER, let’s STAY IN TOUCH and develop a much needed, wonderful, relationship.

I encourage you to “please check me out BELOW”. I’m Real, and a Man of Integrity you can trust.

Google+ ,  Linkedin ,  Twitter , ,  etc., etc.,    shopping online with us

shopping online with us

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Feb. 17.

Natural products online subscribe here

Natural products online subscribe here

The subject matter is so important because of the type of shopping your looking for, specifically “natural products”. I want you to know you have come to the right place. Please don’t think you haven’t because you have. Our products are exceptional, to say the least. You will also have the opportunity to see and purchase them if you like. So don’t think you’re in the wrong place your not, it’s just that I am coming to you from somewhat of a different perspective and not only from the perspective of wanting these types of products. Your shopping online, coupled with our natural products will be mixed with an offer in a way you didn’t think of. We have such a wonderful opportunity here, I would be re-missed not to inform you about it. Then, the decision is yours to decide. Here’s another product you need to try and get the benefits of using it, Pure Cooper. Go to the site, click on the product under the “products (Tab) to read all about its purpose. Then check out the Silver product also.

Here’s A Business Proposal and Offer; … Just for YOU! I know you didn’t see this coming, so what do you think? Is there a need for such an offer in your life? Especially this;

Become a FOUNDER, while the positions are still available.
Share in 1% of the company’s “TOTAL GLOBAL PROFITS” (For Life) ea. month, HERE . 
Your wanting Natural products online subscribe here, then you’re with the best.
Don’t put Your Success on hold any longer.

p.s. Please JOIN our NEWSLETTER,  STAY IN TOUCH and develop a wonderful, relationship. Please fill out the form HERE on our Business Blog and become a member. Also become a customer on our Store-Front website, and  Shop Online from home with us, thanks.

I encourage you to “find out more info; BELOW”. I’m Real, and a Man of Integrity you can trust.

Google+ ,  Linkedin ,  Twitter , ,  etc., etc.,

p.p.s. We have Many more wonderful products, these are Only a few.

Natural products online subscribe here

Natural products online subscribe hereNatural products online subscribe here

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Feb. 10.

natural healthy living

natural healthy living








natural healthy living

Your eyes are not deceiving you so L@@K  on, and while your L@@KING, let me introduce you to the BEST.=> FREEMART and our very own Natural Healing Products.

Imagine growing a tomato “that size”, naturally from the ground? Now imagine what other fruits and vegetables in a home-grown garden would look like? To look at that picture and see a tomato that size has got to be almost unimaginable. Think about how many times you and family could enjoy that tomato at the dinner table?

Now that’s what I call natural healthy living at it’s best.

Enough talk at this point, Access our “Natural Products Here”,…

FreeMart precious minerals bring sterile farms and garden soil back to life as you can “truly see” by this tomato. That’s Amazing wouldn’t you say? Imagine having access to these types of natural products all the time, well now you can. Easily grow fruits and vegetables organically. FreeMART precious minerals eliminate the need for harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Fruits and vegetables grown using our minerals taste better because they are grown with vitamins and minerals. So why not Join us for Free. There isn’t an auto ship of any kind nor are you ever required to make a purchase. Simply refer others to FreeMart, and in so doing, make a commission from other people’s purchases even if you Never make a purchase yourself.

However, by being a member you have access to the same products as the people that are purchasing. And if you ever are sickened by something that is causing you a problem, more than likely we will have a resolution to that problem.

Remember, we have Natural Healing Prod’s, the Best

and we are proud of that heritage.

Finally, take another look at our “other” wonderful, natural products,  that will heal your body and ridden you of ALL kinds of Toxins.

Scroll down Here, see our other products  or click on “Store” or “Products” (Tab) at the TOP



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Feb. 03.

Natural Health Products benefits

Natural Health Products benefits, Dear friends, it was God’s desire that we prosper and be in good health from the beginning, as our souls prosper. Not having medicines and prescriptions that did more harm to us than good. But! since our Health system is money motivated and driven that medical corporations and professionals prosper from our health system, we will never, in my opinion, reach God’s intended desire, “that we prosper and be in health as our souls prosper”. Just ain’t going to happen. Our products aren’t All Natural in most cases and have FAR too many side-effects and crazy things happening to you if you over consume something by mistake.

First of all, God has already provided a natural remedy to everything our body lacks on earth if we would only LOOK for them. How do you think people in the rain forest’s of the world live such long lives if they weren’t already involved in utilizing Natural Health Products benefits. They don’t live in a modernized lifestyle such as ours, yet they survive and live wonderfully according to their standard of living. I bet you could never tell them they aren’t living wonderful lives according to their way of living.

There is a wonderful company that recognizes this desire from God,  HERE  that has Health Products, that are All Natural. We know there isn’t a better way to address your body’s deficiency’s unless they are all natural. Our products have a 2-fold function. Get this,

I’m about to show you what fruits/vegetables look like that are grown from our products, this is UNBELIEVABLE!

Folks, it doesn’t get any better than this. Imagine your watermelons, cantaloupes, strawberry’s, lettuces, sweet potatoes, etc., etc. Just IMAGINE for a moment what they ALL would look like having been grown from our All Natural Products as you look at the tomato, etc.

As I alluded to, our All Natural products serve a 2-fold purpose. Many can’t say that I don’t believe. They can be used to grow a wonderful “Home Grown Garden with All Natural Fruits & Vegetables” while simultaneously addressing many of our body’s inefficiencies and ailments as we progress through life. Another example of what vegetables can look like that grow from our products.

Finally, go  HERE  to get a closer look at what our products will do for your body when it comes to ailments such as High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Diabetes, Kidney Problems, Detoxing, Arthritis, etc., etc., We do So Much More than most.  JOIN TODAY, WE WELCOME YOU, ITS FREE!  Here are a couple different natural products for you to see. Natural Health Products benefits Natural Health Products benefits  blessings, George Natural Health Products benefitsNatural Health Products benefits

Natural Health Products benefits

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