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Feb. 02.

shop light bulbs, pure light

shop light bulbs, pure lightshop light bulbs, pure light


Hi, friends and everyone else also. The image ABOVE says it ALL. Ponder that NASA based, light bulb technology for yourself. I can only imagine you saying to yourself “How So“? This is only a light bulb. Well, we will explore this light bulb technology just a little in this posting, because it’s so much more to talk about, I can’t do it ALL now.

The one thing I don’t want to do is “trivialize this light bulb” or the technology that has gone into this bulb. But stay tuned for future postings because this NASA technology is revolutionary like no other light bulb on the market. So shop light bulbs, pure light and promise me you’ll ask questions if need be, and simultaneously take all this good information to heart. This is Cutting Edge Light Bulb Technology. 2nd to None and I mean that.

The NASA BASED technology behind the PureLight Super Oxygen Light™ bulbs (ABOVE) has been proven to Breakdown 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, & mold AMONG OTHER THINGS. Doesn’t that excite you? We are talking about the next generation “Light Bulb Technology” coming to a home or business near you, except if you haven’t experienced what this technology is all about, you may be left behind.

Please don’t do that! 

So shop light bulbs, pure light with us and stay on the cutting edge of Future Light Bulb Technology. (NASA Based)

shop light bulbs, pure light

shop light bulbs, pure lightshop light bulbs, pure light


I will stop here for now but there’s so much more forthcoming. I am truly excited about these light bulbs because once you get them there will be substantial savings for you both energy and financial. All backed with a 10 yr warranty on the product. Imagine that!

This is Only for those people who would like to know more.



Goulds Marketing Services LLC: A Dun and Bradstreet Verified Company




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Jan. 25.

Natural Products Freemart

Natural Products FreemartNatural Products Freemart

We pride ourselves on being 2nd to none. We truly believe that or I wouldn’t say it. In the next few postings, I want to talk about our products and their significance to your health. When you come HERE, 

find out for yourself, it’s FREE to join. That way, you can visit and tour the site. Don’t take my word for it, it cost you nothing but a little time. It’s been some time since I’ve talked about our natural products so I wanted to spend a little time in these next few weeks giving insight on how well they have been appreciated by others, rather than giving myself a pat on the back about them. Since I’ve joined over 2 yrs ago, like anything else, there are growing pains experienced, but that’s the nature of the beast. Shop Freemart isn’t going anywhere, in fact, it’s gotten BIGGER & BETTER, to the tune of about 30,000+ members STRONGER. 


 Get Your Free Membership Here, Above & Enjoy.

I want to share with you in the coming days our Natural Products Freemart one at a time. I will picture them and give you information about them that you can be informed and knowledgeable about them. I don’t want to give you information OVERLOAD, but only enough that will enable you to become more informed in case you might want to try these Natural Products Freemart for yourselves. I’m certain you will become like the many others that have joined.

I don’t want to sell you on anything, but I do want to share these wonderful products with you. Because I feel that maybe you aren’t aware of their successes in what they are doing for many others around the globe. BECOME INFORMED OF WHAT THEY INDIVIDUALLY ARE ADDRESSING WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S HEALTH ISSUES & AILMENTS.

Natural Products Freemart

I truly, truly, only want to share these products with

you because I feel you guys really aren’t aware of

their greatness and what they are doing for some

people’s health issues. Listen to some of the

testimonials of the member’s of our club. Then you

can be the judge, ok?



Goulds Marketing Services LLC: A Dun and Bradstreet Verified Company




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Nov. 29.

The Stevens Method: what is this about?

The Stevens Method: what is this about?

The Stevens Method: what is this about?

Your answer => HERE. 

  • in a nutshell, learn what this is about in 3:33 from David himself. 
  • David says “This is an introductory video explaining what The Stevens Method’s format and focus are for prospective students”. It’s a useful video that explains the Feedback Control Loop.

But! initially, he starts off with

The Stevens Method: Lesson 101

A basic walk through of the Stevens Method. Here you will find a sample of the E-Book. Also, an index photo showing more lessons to come. The Stevens Method has over 12 videos and almost 7 hours of content. Then he moves onto,

Hitting the Ground Running

  • in this video, he talks about a few key things you need to remember as you progress through the courses.
  • gives some final advice to you
  • talks about managing an international company
  • then some of the ways you can tell a troubled company
  • then the feedback control loop
  • later he presents a case study for you to see and analyze with him
  • then he gets into the very interesting part of the video, an Interactive SpreadSheet
  • showing numbers and The Balance Sheet that Always Balances, =>(Dave’s Signature Product)

Then David gets into the


The Stevens Method: what is this about?

This is a quick overview of what you can expect from The Stevens Method Classroom 101. Classroom 101 has 12 videos totaling almost 7 hours. David walks you through all those video’s formally in the learning modules. He talks about

  • The Financial Statement
  • The numbers in the Financial Statement
  • Management & Control
  • Report Writing
  • the FeedBack control loop again, etc., etc.

Now, you’re ready to go through with David Classroom 101.

Lesson 1

This is the first lesson in Classroom 101 of The Stevens Method, where we’ll walk you through the Balance Sheet That Always Balances (BSTAB) and explain what each cell means and how to use it as an analysis and decision-making tool. This spreadsheet is set up so that you can enter information into the three main financial documents that every profit & loss manager needs to understand- the Profit & Loss Statement, the Balance Sheet, and the Cash Flow Statement, and make changes or do future planning (Pro-forma) to see how your changes will affect the bottom line of your business.

Then he gives a great list of resources “below” in the form of a:

Lesson Guide

A complete list of available lessons for section 101.

Then Coming soon,

  • Lesson 102: Budgeting,
  • Lesson 103: Business Plans, and
  • Lesson 104: Mergers & Acquisitions.

Lesson Guide cont.

Section 101

Hitting The Ground Running
Lesson 1: Overview (with 5-course downloads)
Lesson 2: Basic Company Formation
Lesson 3: Applying Numbers to the Financial Statement
Lesson 4: Variance Analysis (Part 1)
Lesson 4: Variance Analysis (Part 2)
Lesson 5: The Vega Written Case Study (with 2 downloads)
Lesson 6: The Vega Turnaround
Lesson 7: P&L-Balance Sheet Analysis
Lesson 8: Management Control Applied to Vega
Lesson 9: The Estimate to Complete & Control
Lesson 10: Conclusion of the Vega Story
Lesson 11: Writing a Management Report
Lesson 12: Example Management Reports (with 7 report downloads)
Lesson 13: The Final Review
Lesson 14: Online Member Only Group

Then David would like for you to see his E-Book


or at least an example of his E-Book, which covers everything in lesson 101 giving you a Strong Foundation to be able to move forward. Again, The Stevens Method: what is this about? Everything mentioned thus far exemplifies what the Stevens Method is about.


The Stevens Method: what is this about?

A Presentation of some of the Core Products of the Stevens Method. Thank You if you Join us and Purchase Dave’s Products and become a member of the Classroom Webinars taught “personally by David” and papers graded as you go through the courses.

Stevens Method

To sign up and purchase The Stevens Method, please see below.

The Stevens Method: what is this about?

E Book


Comprehensive e-book based on over four decades of international, executive-level management experience to help business professionals like you take the guesswork out of financial decision-making to increase your profitability and cash flow.

Buy Now

Classroom 101


Classroom 101 starts with the basics of the financial statement, with no numbers, and then proceeds to more detailed statements. When you understand how the financial statements work together, then we move to the Vega Case study. We finish up with how to write a business report.

Buy Now

Classroom 101 With Webinar Group 5-8


Lesson 101 taught BY a webinar class. A 10-12 week class with 3 graded papers and 20 hours of face-to-face with David Stevens. This classroom is the optimal way to learn the Stevens Method because you will be in a structured classroom for 10-12 weeks.

Buy Now

Contact Information

The Stevens Method
218 Holly Ln
Grasonville MD USA
410-703 -4011



Goulds Marketing Services LLC

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Sep. 23.

online shopping store at

online shopping store atonline shopping store at


Praise God Everyone, here is our,

Online Shopping Store at, Walmart,

I am now OPEN for business publicly with my newest and latest endeavor and opportunity. I’ve been licensed and approved to be an Affiliate Marketer via my company GOULDS MARKETING SERVICES LLC by The Walmart Store Corporation. When you checkout FROM MY COMPANY, you’ll actually be checking out through an actual WALMART CART LIKE THIS. So don’t worry yourself about the process. It takes care of itself, all you have to do is SHOP and enjoy your experience from home.

I’m still a work in progress, constantly having to upload their many prod’s. and category’s. I have my work cut out for me, and I’ll be uploading stuff pretty much ALL DAY, and EVERYDAY, for a long time, nonetheless, go ahead and Shop with what you see,  if you see something you like.

Online Shopping Store at, Walmart,

Join my “Customer Newsletter” and stay up to date with ALL that’s happening. Shopping at its best, => ALL from Home! I believe everything is up and running correctly. I believe my shopping cart is set-up right and fully functional. Its a lot to all this madness but I’m up for the task and challenge. God is GOOD!

Check-out  my new Online Walmart Store for yourself. If you don’t see a product, bear with me and continue to come back, eventually it will be there.

p.s. SIGN-UP to Get all the Weekly info. home. Home Tab TOP LEFT. I’ll be looking for you as a customer. Thank you so much.



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Mar. 09.

natural products, freemart water, subscribe here,

natural products, freemart water, subscribe herenatural products, freemart water, subscribe here

FREE-MART Water hydrates the body at the cellular level within 10 seconds after consuming eight ounces. Drinking FREE-MART Water at a certain time maximizes its effectiveness on the body, and purifies the blood cells. Avoid chlorinated water – one of the chief causes of arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

One to six drops of Freemart Water is added to one gallon of a quality base water, so one 2 oz. bottle goes a long way, making up to 198 gallons of treated drinking water.


FREE-MART Water MUST be mixed with

pure water… distilled, spring water, or filtered


STORED in a Glass Container. DO NOT microwave” FREE-MART Water.

The Best Times To Drink FREE-MART Water,
natural products, freemart water, subscribe here,


1. One 8oz glass of FREE-MART Water after waking uphelps active internal organs

2. One 8oz glass of FREE-MART Water 30 minutes before a large meal – helps digestion and weight control
3. One 8oz glass of FREE-MART Water before taking a bath – helps lower blood pressure
4. One 8oz glass of FREE-MART Water before going to bed – helps avoid stroke or heart attack,
also helps

prevent night time legs cramps. Your leg muscles are seeking hydration when they cramp.


It is not the amount of water you drink that matters most. Replacing your electrolytes at the cellular level is the important thing in keeping your body hydrated.


Gatorade and Powerade are not recommended because of their sugar content and other harmful ingredients. Also avoid soft drinks, especially ‘diet’ drinks that contain artificial sweeteners, as they cause loss of bone calcium and are known neuro-toxins which lead to obesity and dementia.
A Word of Caution: because our water is so “Concentrated” naturally,
DO NOT take any prescription or over the counter medication with FREE-MART Water. It intensifies the effect of the medication (i.e. blood pressure meds may lower your blood pressure too quickly). Wait 2 hours to consume FREE-MART Water after taking medication.
One to six drops of Freemart Water is added to one gallon of a quality base water.
  (Always store in a glass container).
**Try this experiment**,
=> one bowl of regular water and one bowl of FREE-MART water for your dog or cat.
**See which one they drink**.
“Scroll down and Read about this wonderful water”.
God bless you ALL,
p.s. Health, Wealth, and Prosperity be unto you ALL.



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Feb. 01.

online shopping store



online shopping storeonline shopping store

“WELCOME TO OUR WORLD” of Online Shopping, here at Goulds Marketing Services LLC.

We are authorized (Praise God) and licensed to sell ALL “Walmart Store Products “, (100’s of Thousands of Products), the “Largest Retailer in the World”, while you shop right from the comfort of your own home, (Anytime/Anywhere). Now you can shop online here, we represent Walmart  (Praise God), & Pay Here, with your Credit Card. Be L@@king for some exciting things forthcoming as you shop here with us.  We are a fully 100% Secured Shopping Site. “God is Good”. I’m moving on in my Destiny, with Vision, and Dreams, with Passion, Praise God! I am one Excited “God Inspired Man of God”. Moving not by my power, nor by my might, but by his Spirit sayeth the Lord. As I’ve always said, we are a “God Inspired Company”, as my Company Logo is indicative of.


At this online shopping store

We also have negotiated to represent Amazon, Ali Express, and E-bay also. They to are integrated into this one E-commerce Integration and ready for shopping as well. Come one, come All.


My friends and Colleagues, I had NO IDEA this was going to be a part of my Destiny, BUT PRAISE GOD, it’s to be a part of my company and I’m Excited. I tell the world, that as we move under the Power & Grace of God right now, and Trust God (Totally), he is going to show up in our life like there’s No tomorrow if we Believe, Receive, and Thank Him. He is the source of All our Supply because there is No Other. He will show up and show out who he is in us. I am very proud to offer this Online Shopping, Goulds Marketing Services LLC .

Blessings to ALL,


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Jan. 26.

natural health healthy living

natural health healthy livingnatural health healthy living

Seeing is Believing! Introducing to the world, “the wonderful world of FREEMART”! This pumpkin was actually grown from FreeMarts own “precious minerals” that we market and sell to the world along with our Natural Products for our bodies. natural health healthy living

Join NOW, timing is everything, position your self.  This is 100% Totally FREE, no one will ever ask you to purchase anything. That will be totally up to you as you progress daily in life according to your own bodily needs. Just remember, everything here is ALL NATURAL if the picture of the pumpkin is indicative of what our natural products can do for foods and vegetables that we eat, imagine the blessings our body will experience and receive utilizing our natural products. What’s so exciting is you can Join Now for Free, there is completely NOTHING that is a cost to you,  other than your time. With so many chemicals going into our bodies from what we consume and place on the dinner table for us and our beloved children to eat, I would encourage you for the love of your family, and the concerns that come with chemicals in everything we are exposed to, causing Toxins in our bodies, to take a look at this. Natural Health healthy living is what FREEMART Offers to the world. These products are blessings for you, your family, friends, and the world to see, consume, and experience in the name of Great and Wonderful Natural Health for our body’s.

Take a minute, See our Story Here and what we offer you, it’s FREE. So Join Today,

You have Absolutely “nothing to lose but The Toxins in your body starting Today“!

Isn’t that a Blessing?  Stay tuned for Much, Much, More in future daily-weekly blog posts about this exciting opportunity for your Health.

I’m Excited, Excited, Excited now, and the days forthcoming, being ridden of these harmful toxins the Freemart Way.

Checkout why and how you can also, for the love of family, Join Today, remember its FREE.



p.s. thanks my friends, subscribers, and future subscribers, God bless you ALL!

p.p.s. I thank you for reading my blog posts TODAY,

p.p.p.s. here is an Extra Surprise for you BELOW.  

To find more info. Go Here=>Google+ ,  Linkedin ,  Twitter , Join my group I founded HERE

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Dec. 21.

Online shopping dos donts tips

Online shopping dos donts tipsOnline shopping dos donts tips

(a GMSA1 perspective) from: My customer’s online shopping experience 

I hope you enjoy.

Obviously, online shopping has been around for many, many, years. I can’t speak for all, only from my experiences with my own customer base do I speak. Many companies nowadays are offering great deals to customers, some are quite good. Some are very cheap due to the lack of overhead, nor rent. In this post, I will briefly state a few as I can’t speak about all online shopping dos donts tips in this post. Hopefully, I can reserve the right for a later continuation of do’s & don’ts. If you want more posts, let me know.


  • always buy from the well-established company’s/websites you trust, any doubts, don’t shop there
  • compare prices, read reviews, and feedback from other customers before ordering.
  • make a list of other trusted company’s websites you like as well, to compare prices before ordering
  • WE ARE A 1-STOP SHOP ( 4 in one shopping experience ), WALMART, E-BAY, AMAZON, & ALI-EXPRESS
  • research and do your due diligence before buying and spending your hard earned money
  • pay attention to your shipping policy and what that entails along with any applicable taxes and shipping time frame


  • Do not purchase from spam or email marketing web links
  • Don’t react quickly to buy 1, get 2 free types of purchasing until you truly see what’s involved
  • Don’t trust every lucrative deal at online shopping sites, w/o comparing those deals to other sites product authenticity.
  • Don’t share your credit card details with others. Frequently review your credit card accounts.
  • Don’t be connected to public Wi-Fi settings if absolutely possible. There are considerable risks involved.
  • Don’t share your password info with absolutely anyone

I am very proud to offer this Online Shopping dos donts tips

by Goulds Marketing Services LLC.

Blessings to ALL,


p.s. please JOIN my NEWSLETTER, let’s STAY IN TOUCH and develop a much needed, wonderful, relationship.

I encourage you to “please check me out BELOW”. I’m Real, and a Man of Integrity you can trust.

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p.p.s. I hope this posting will be a blessing to you and ALL that reads it. If you like it please tell someone else so they can be informed as well. Kindly join me here also that you can stay HEALTHY & HAPPY DAILY. Also please Get The Facts here at our Noon-Day Daily “Live Webinars”.

Meet excited people who enjoy the fruits and benefits of our Highly Concentrated Products when it comes to their lives being Happy and Healthy.

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Dec. 08.

More Credit Card shopping mistakes

More Credit Card shopping mistakes


More Credit Card shopping mistakes

A follow-up from the previous page.

Please read and take this info. in because if not, you might fall for some of these bad mistakes that can be very costly to you. Now, and also, holidays of any kind can be inclusive in this post also, whenever there’s a holiday. You can make some bad mistakes in credit card purchases.


More Credit Card shopping mistakes, Getting Costly Cash Advances

Cash advance fees can run 3 percent or more. Normally they have high-interest charges and can make these types of  “deals” far less than attractive. Banks and credit card issuers love to send tons of cash-advance offers in the mail and during holiday seasons. But! Don’t take the bait. Stay away from ATM’s also, for cash advances.

Purchasing Expensive Gifts for Reward Points

Don’t go out of your way buying pricey gifts,  just to rack up reward points. That’s kind of foolish because the perks you’ll get rarely justify the cost of such expensive goods.

Credit card companies and retailers have figured out that consumers love to get freebies or bonuses to “reward” themselves for their spending.  Again, don’t go out of your way for reward points, miles for travel or other discounts based on spending you were going to do anyway.

Make Minimum Payments

Making minimum payments on your credit cards is almost never a good idea, because you’ll spend a lot longer time in debt, and you’ll pay a lot more in finance charges over time. After doing your shopping, I would suggest paying your credit card  balances in full at the time payment is due. If that’s not possible, plan to charge no more than what you can pay off in three or four months.

An Invitation Just for => You.  A Lifetime FREE Membership



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Nov. 21.

Leading Edge Nutrition

Leading Edge NutritionLeading Edge Nutrition

The products you see ABOVE are exceptional 2nd to NONE!

I really mean that because they are Highly Concentrated Products where a little goes a long way. I would highly recommend you or anyone considering the purchase of these products do so but Get the Facts also.

We have webinars Daily at Noon, they are not mandatory but anyone serious about these products or wants to build a home business from this business needs to be serious and learn everything you can about the products and how they will affect the person in need. People come to these webinars and sometimes their testimonies are so passionately told that the testimonies can reduce you to tears especially when the people become so thankful and grateful for being healed of something they thought would NEVER HAPPEN to them. It makes my heart glad.

After hearing so many of these wonderful testimonies, I realized later, what a great opportunity. To be part of something that was doing so much GOOD for people when it came to healing their bodies. I felt that I wanted to become connected to this company from that point on. So my company decided to


I have worked my way from a  FREE member to a “Double Diamond” STATUS and I also am a FOUNDER of the company. Therefore, I get 1% of the companies Total Gross Receipts GLOBALLY. That happens each month as well as weekly payments from my membership/customer base that buys the products daily-weekly whether I buy or not. I still get paid down to 9-levels deep. Eventually, I plan to be making OVER $100,000/mo in the near future from my downline. People definitely buy these products. So  why not consider Joining this Winning Team.

You can call us the Leading Edge Nutrition Team because this team will live up to every word of the expression in the near Future.

Blessings to all,

George Gould Jr

Goulds Marketing Services LLC



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