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Dec. 08.

More Credit Card shopping mistakes

More Credit Card shopping mistakes


More Credit Card shopping mistakes

A follow-up from the previous page.

Please read and take this info. in because if not, you might fall for some of these bad mistakes that can be very costly to you. Now, and also, holidays of any kind can be inclusive in this post also, whenever there’s a holiday. You can make some bad mistakes in credit card purchases.


More Credit Card shopping mistakes, Getting Costly Cash Advances

Cash advance fees can run 3 percent or more. Normally they have high-interest charges and can make these types of  “deals” far less than attractive. Banks and credit card issuers love to send tons of cash-advance offers in the mail and during holiday seasons. But! Don’t take the bait. Stay away from ATM’s also, for cash advances.

Purchasing Expensive Gifts for Reward Points

Don’t go out of your way buying pricey gifts,  just to rack up reward points. That’s kind of foolish because the perks you’ll get rarely justify the cost of such expensive goods.

Credit card companies and retailers have figured out that consumers love to get freebies or bonuses to “reward” themselves for their spending.  Again, don’t go out of your way for reward points, miles for travel or other discounts based on spending you were going to do anyway.

Make Minimum Payments

Making minimum payments on your credit cards is almost never a good idea, because you’ll spend a lot longer time in debt, and you’ll pay a lot more in finance charges over time. After doing your shopping, I would suggest paying your credit card  balances in full at the time payment is due. If that’s not possible, plan to charge no more than what you can pay off in three or four months.

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