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Aug. 07.

Creating Marketing Strategies that work

Creating Marketing Strategies that work
Creating Marketing Strategies that work

Isn’t that what you want?

In Creating Marketing Strategies that work, take into account how your business’ strengths and weaknesses will affect your marketing strategy/plan.

Start your marketing strategy document with an honest and rigorous analysis, looking at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Conduct some market research on your existing customers, and contrast that research analysis to see how it will help you in building a more honest picture of your reputation in the marketplace. Then you will have a more honest foundation for Creating Marketing Strategies that work. Here are just a few bullet points worth notating.

Strengths could include:

  • the special knowledge you have of your products
  • special features or benefits that your product offer
  • personal and flexible customer service
  • Conducting yourself with the utmost Integrity

Weaknesses could include:

  • lack of an established reputation
  • limited financial resources
  • accounting systems could not be efficient enough
  • not diverse enough competitively
  • not enough targeted customers yet

Opportunities could include:

  • increased demand from a particular market sector
  • using the Internet to reach new markets
  • new technologies that allow you to improve product quality
  • Becoming more competitive with the changing trends in the market

Threats could include:

  • the emergence of a new competitor
  • more sophisticated, attractive or cheaper versions of your product or service
  • new legislation increasing your costs
  • a downturn in the economy, reducing overall demand

Once you have done your analysis, you can then more effectively measure the potential effects each element may have on your marketing strategy, thus giving you a better edge with your customers.

For example, if new regulations cause you an increase in cost to compete in the marketplace where you’re already weak, you may want to look for other opportunities. On the other hand, if you have a good reputation and your key competitor is struggling, the regulations might present an opportunity for you to push more aggressively for new customers.

All ABOVE are key in Creating Marketing Strategies that work based on your Strengths and Weaknesses as a company. I believe in the basics of marketing because this is where you will be able to construct your strategies for your marketing plan.


Again I want to reiterate this notation because I believe it’s a necessary piece of information in the Marketing World to Stay ahead of ALL trends in the marketplace. Especially when you’re trying to become and stay profitable.

I Highly Suggest and Recommend getting this information because it’s easy to utilize, and is Newbie friendly even to those who may not be good with numbers or technically inclined. If you are more Advanced, this information is even more of an advantage because you can always see where you are “Instantaneously” when marketing your products, goods, and services. Staying ahead of the game in this way will keep you more profitable.

Schedule an appointment with David here.

I hope this posting will be a blessing to you and you were able to be reminded of something that you may have forgotten to do when it comes to the basics of doing anything. Sometimes we need to be reminded about the basics. That’s why sometimes go back to the basics because generally, that’s our foundation to success.



As alluded to previously, we are all about,

Marketing and Advertising, with Goulds Marketing Services LLC

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We are also Dun and Bradstreet Verified”, and recognized as a “Gold Standard Company“.

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Aug. 02.

Marketing and Advertising, with

Marketing and Advertising, withMarketing and Advertising, with 


Welcome to our World of Marketing and Advertising, with Goulds Marketing Services LLC.

As a reminder,

There isn’t a Chronological order or sequence in the way I express myself here

with my presentation of info, tips, or news.

I simply conduct myself with Integrity and Honesty, and I am moved by my heart to

speak about various things I experience when putting it on the WWW. So if you’re looking for a consistent, continuity in my presentation of marketing and subject matter, concerning Marketing and Advertising, with Goulds Marketing Services LLC

you will not get that here. I am very spontaneous here and moved by my everyday experiences in my marketing world.

I write about other marketing experiences I’m involved in as well,  such as Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Building National and International Business Relationships (Globally), etc., etc., etc.

So if you see something of interest I am promoting that you would like to JOIN with me, by all means, DO SO!

Here at Marketing and Advertising, with Goulds Marketing Services LLC

I will then GET IN TOUCH with you myself for further discussion One on One.

Also, I promote various software technology’s I use that helps me to strategize and accomplish my goals in my “world of marketing and leveraging on the internet”.

Here is another arm of my business here if you’d like to Join. => Take a L@@K HERE.

It’s still a work in progress and will be so for awhile. Its membership is Over 1,000+ and growing.

As alluded to, we are all about,

Marketing and Advertising, with Goulds Marketing Services LLC

So I would be re-missed if I at-least didn’t mention this HERE!

Marketing and Advertising, with


Get in touch with Dave personally if you want to meet him or talk with him


Blessings to ALL,


p.s. please JOIN my NEWSLETTER, let’s STAY IN TOUCH and develop a much needed, wonderful, relationship.

p.p.s. I look forward to TALKING with you SOON, let’s start Today and we can exchange phone number’s and be as Reciprocal to each other as we can.

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I encourage you to “please check me out BELOW”. I’m Real, and a Man of Integrity you can trust.

Google+,  Linkedin ,  Twitter , FB, Referral Key, etc., etc., etc.

We are also Dun and Bradstreet Verified”, and recognized as a “Gold Standard Company“.

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Jul. 17.

E Book, Read & Understand Financial Statements


E Book, Read & Understand Financial Statements

E Book, Read & Understand Financial Statements

Note the logo.=> Profitability and Cash Flow are the results to Business Planning.

In order to achieve the two, one must be able to read and understand the P&L Statement and the Balance Sheet. The cash flow statement is the tool that makes P&L and Balance Sheet work together.

Profitability or loss is the final entry on the P&L statement. The key to achieving profitability is controlling expenses, not increasing sales. One must have an in depth understanding of the cost structure. Many will focus on sales being the key to achieving officiality, but if you do not control expenses, then all the sales in the world will not result in profits.

Get the foundation about how all this works.

A positive cash flow is the result of profits on the P&L and the control of uses and sources of cash items, which are found on the balance sheet. It is possible to have a profit on the P&L and not have any cash, because of the lack of management of accounts receivable or inventory, balance sheet items.

So, for cash flow actions we look at items on the Balance Sheet. The purchase of new equipment accounts receivable and inventory at the end of a time are major users of cash.

Current and long-term liabilities (bank debt/bond debt) are a source of cash. Paid in capital (equity is a source of cash) and is net income is a source of cash, if positive, and a use of cash if there is a loss.

So, we can generalize and state that profitability is related to the P&L statement and cash flow refers to the balance sheet.

Having this E Book, Read & Understand Financial Statements

  • enables you to have an e-book written in easy to understand sentences, and not typical phrases used by accountants. get it here


In a manufacturing establishment, Cost of Goods Sold represents all the costs incurred in the factory in producing the products that were sold during a time period.

  • The introduction discusses the three types of financial statements.

To recap, the three financial statements defined are:

  • The P&L Statement: A historical document that shows the revenue and associated costs generated in the business over a month, quarter, or year, usually ending on the last day of the period.
  • The Balance Sheet: A snapshot of the financial condition of a company at the end of the month, quarter or year.
  • The Cash Flow Statement: The blending document that takes the results from the P&L Statement and the Balance Sheet and creates the ending cash balance for the time period.

So once again this E Book, Read & Understand Financial Statements is the foundation for better understanding how all this works when you see it in The Balance Sheet that Always balances.

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Jul. 01.

The Balance Sheet That ALWAYS Balances

The Balance Sheet that ALWAYS BalancesThe Balance Sheet that ALWAYS Balances

This is a UNIQUE BUSINESS PRODUCT, developed by David Stevens. It has been seen by some well known CPA’s in the area. They have said, “It’s Unique” how David has it setup AND “always balances” regardless of the numbers that are changed and integrated into it. Make any change and it always Balances ALL the time.

Here is an example of what I mean:

    BALANCE SHEET 2016 2015
    Current Assets
    Cash $8,835,305 $987,055
    Accounts receivable @ 30 days $2,054,795 $2,147,945
    Inventory $3,000,000 $2,842,000
    Total Current Assets $13,890,100 $5,977,000
    Fixed assets $2,000,000 $2,000,000
    Accumulated depreciation @ 10 years $400,000 $200,000
    Intangible assets $300,000 $300,000
    Accumulated amortization $200,000 $100,000
    Total Assets $15,590,100 $7,977,000
    Accounts payable $164,300 $145,000
    Short term loans $      – $      –
    Accrued Expenses $      – $      –
      Dividends Common Stock @ $.25/Share $300,000 $      –
      Dividends on Preferred Stock @ $5/Share $30,000 $      –
    Taxes payable $1,454,250 $991,200
    Total Current Liabilities $1,948,550 $1,136,200
    Bank Loan $2,000,000 $2,000,000
     Bonds 1,500 @ $1,000 par value $1,500,000 $      –
    Total Liabilities $5,448,550 $3,136,200
    Common Stock 1,000 shares @ $1 par value $1,000,000 $1,000,000
    Common Stock 200,000 shares @ $7 par value $2,000,000 $      –
    Preferred Stock 6,000 shares, 5%, $100 par value $600,000 $      –
    Net Income $2,700,750 $1,840,800
    Accumulated prior retained earnings $3,840,800 $2,000,000
    Total Equity $10,141,550 $4,840,800
    Total Liability & Equity $15,590,100 $7,977,000
    Net Working Capital $11,941,550 $4,840,800


  • The Balance Sheet That ALWAYS Balances
  • Any set of numbers can be integrated into this type of balance sheet and it will ALWAYS BALANCE, Bar None.
  • This is “The Stevens Method” and it is “Unique” and every CPA that has seen this Balance Sheet has agreed.
  • Get in touch with David for a 1 on 1,
  • We will even come to your college/university or corporation if you meet the pre-requisites for a Seminar.
  • That will be determined by David, Owner of the “Stevens Method”.

Brought to you by

Goulds Marketing Services LLC,

The Balance Sheet That ALWAYS Balances

A (Verifiable) Dun and Bradstreet Corporation 



p.s. “UP-COMING SOON”, An Interactive Video that illustrates “The Balance Sheet that Always Balances with the change of a click with any entry into the P & L or Balance Sheet.

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Jun. 26.

The Stevens Method

The Stevens MethodThe Stevens Method,

having problems understanding how to read and understand financial statements, “let David help you”. Over his 45 yr career, he has set at the TOP of 12 different corporations and brought them ALL back from the brink of “bankruptcy”, and I mean literally. It earned him the name/title, “The Turnaround CEO”. At this point of his life, he wants to make someone else’s life running corporations a little bit easier when it comes to financial statements, profit and loss statements, gross margins, etc., etc.

Featuring: The Stevens Method

  • E-Book, “How to Read and Understand Financial Statements
  • Class Room 101- Hitting the Ground Running, (An AWESOME 1ST CLASS)
  • And Several more Class Room Opportunities subsequent to Class Room 101 following w/David
  • A 90mn-2hr Face to Face Appointment with David, himself (Ask any questions)
  • Will come to YOU and put on Seminars at Colleges, Universities, and Corporate Offices
  • Something for Everyone, the College Student & Graduate Students considering owning your own business one day, and also about to enter the Business & Corporate world
  • Veterans, & Military Personnel, about to transition into the business world and needs that Jump-Start in understanding this complex financial report
  • Minority Owned Corporations, etc., etc. 
  • Any friend or family member that you feel could Benefit from a thorough understanding from such a man as David. It’s Very Easy for him after 45 yrs of reading these reports

So if you know of anyone that needs this type program, AND could ELEVATE them much Higher in their understanding of operating a PROFITABLE BUSINESS, tell them about The Stevens Method.

Give them this GIFT.

Lastly, I want to give you just a brief mentioning of David’s career. When you meet him, you can find out so much more about this “consummate professional”. Here is something about his early beginnings and how he took the hard hat off for the coat and tie.

Trading a Hard Hat for a Coat & Tie

David was a full-time time student at Wharton and graduated within the specified two years. While at Wharton he worked 30+ hours a week at Link-Belt Company, where his father worked for 49 years, in the engineering department. The engineering department strengthened his resolve never to practice engineering, but to be in manufacturing/operations. David felt that in manufacturing you have the shortest path to managing people, which leads to climbing the corporate ladder to profit & loss (P&L) responsibility.

Within three years of experience in underground coal mining, Dave was responsible for 13 men on the hoot-owl shift, miles from the drift mouth. Now that he had to find a position in industry he had to set his sights on a goal. He felt he could no longer strive to be a general superintendent of a number of mines since MJ, his wife, would not return to the coal fields. Not in Kentucky, West Virginia or anywhere near coal dust. So he set his goal as obtaining P&L responsibility. He was not interested in sales or marketing— although many graduates chose this path since there was a company car, travel, golf and other business entertainment.

Dave was interested in how to advance in his career????

He felt that in his experience, the shortest way to P&L responsibility is to take a position where you have to deal with people. Manufacturing often leads to line management—more quickly than other paths. So he set out to develop the skills. The Stevens Method develops skills in financial management, with less time and $$$$. So Dave would offer this advice to grandchildren who are entering the corporate world.

He was offered P&L responsibility after three years as the managing director of a joint venture company that Leeds & Northrup was going to establish with the Tata Group in India. The joint venture would operate under a manufacturing license from Leeds & Northrup for process controls and instrumentation and be established in Bombay. David journeyed to Bombay with the Vice President International to negotiate the license agreement, but the restrictions on the transfer of foreign currency from India to fund the agreement was not allowed by the New Delhi Bureaucrats, … Well enough about the man, for now, I only wanted to touch on David’s career that brought him to where he is today. When you meet him, he will gladly tell you more.



The Stevens Method

Goulds Marketing Services LLC

Get to meet David for a Face to Face Meeting

p.s. be on the Look-Out for more Class Room Opportunities/Courses,


Courses designed for business professionals in any industry and in any country

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Jun. 09.

The Stevens Method has launched

The Stevens Method has launched

The Stevens Method has launched

David, & Shannan, are extremely excited about this launching. It’s been a while in coming but we are here. Currently, David teaches “Graduate Students” at my old Alma Mata, The University of Md. and will become available as needed.

The Stevens Method has launched and has become a well-known title for David who has helped 12 different Corp’s. from the brink of Bankruptcy, World-Wide over his past 45 yrs. when he was named and called “The Turnaround CEO.

He has started this endeavor by first of all putting his E-book out there called “How to Read and Understand Financial Statements”. There is so much practical information in this book that it’s an easy read for even the lay person to understand, even a neophyte will understand the application of what David teaches you.

After successfully turning around 12 failing companies, David Stevens created this comprehensive e-book based on over four decades of international, executive-level management experience to help business professionals like you take the guesswork out of financial decision-making to increase your profitability and cash flow.

Grab your copy today, and have the confidence to make key financial decisions by tonight.

The Stevens Method has launched

Anyone that gets the E-Book will then be able to have access to David as part of the Up-sell package in which this is where “you” can schedule a 2hr face to face meeting & coaching with David himself and ask any questions. David is not only known worldwide as The Turnaround CEO but his product is also called, “The Balance Sheet that Always Balances”, (imagine that my friends in your business). This is another reason The Stevens Method has launched. Dave teaches you his BEST about,

  • Profitability
  • Cash Flow
  • Business Plans

and much more

  • about Gross Margins
  • about Financial Management Control
  • David has his own unique approach to helping your business increase profitability and cash flow
  • always having a Balance Sheet that Always Balances

At the bottom of the page ABOVE, listen to what Donna, an Interior Designer says about Dave when she went through his course. Also, listen to what Jeremy says, a Operations Analyst for Citigroup when he went through dave’s course. He gained a better edge in his financial decision-making.

Once you have gotten Dave’s book and scheduled your 2hr face to face with Dave, as an incentive he will give you for FREE, his First Course, => Classroom 101: Hitting the Ground Running, (The Foundation course). He’s giving this away as an incentive because The Stevens Method has launched.

I want to give you just a little more background about David when he was starting out early on in his career. You will be able to get a better idea what Dave went through to become who he is today. Dave has always believed that

Management is Getting Things Done Through People.

When he transferred to Virginia Polytechnic Institute (now Virginia Tech) as a junior, he changed from Civil Engineering to Mining Engineering, mainly due to the persuasion of Charles T. Holland, Head of the Mining Engineering Department.  But, not entirely due to persuasion.

At the time, Mining Engineering only had five students in his class, so his Professor Holland was anxious for a new student. Especially one that grew up in Southern West Virginia and had actually graduated from high school. Professor Holland obtained approval from the Dean of the Engineering School that he would not have to take statistics.  It was a great experience for Dave being at the best engineering school in the US. He was granted a full fellowship to obtain a Masters in Mining Engineering, but Professor Holland finally got revenge and placed him in a graduate class in statistics. He still has bad dreams about Dr. Hurst and game theory.

He worked in and around the mines during vacations, and was a United Mine Works union laborer in the mines at Plum Creek, WV, before starting his graduate year. He had always seen engineering as the path to management—realizing the apple does not fall far from the tree.  No idea of how to get there—he just wanted to be a manager, and when he took his first position at Imperial Colliery Company, Burnwell, WV, he had his eyes set on a general superintendent’s job. But! his eyes were often diverted on the trips up the hollow to the mine, with a nude woman standing on a front porch. He told me just a few days ago himself that the woman would always “pull her dress up every morning” when they went by her house. Another obstacle to work where the rattlesnakes hanging around the mine entrance—warm air!!

Now everything I’m telling you is David’s career leading up to why The Stevens Method has launched.

After marrying his wife, MJ. He took the Philadelphia debutante to Jenkins, KY, as a loop course trainee with Bethlehem Steel. They lived in Mud Bottom, with a pot belly stove for heat and a newly added indoor bathroom, which really helped with our newly born Wendy. Fuel cost–$24– company discount.

Two years of underground surveying, being a fire boss and helping develop a preventative maintenance program—let him divert here. Preventative maintenance was a new phrase, especially around the mines, and when the program was introduced it was met with skepticism by the old-timers. They installed the program during a two-week miner’s vacation. To make it easier for the miners who could not read (which was most of them at that time). They developed pocket-sized cards, a picture of the machine and different colors for the daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance to be performed. It worked like magic—tons mined increased. Preventative maintenance became a major part of my management career. Saves $$$.

Still not a manager yet, but then he was made a section foreman with thirteen men to supervise. On the hoot-owl shift and several miles from the drift mouth to the working section—with a new continuous miner, a Jeffery Coal Mole. The first continuous miner at Bethlehem Steel with a new foreman. The general foreman visited each section a couple of times a week, so the roof falls, equipment failure and methane gas had to be handled by the section foreman without a conference with the boss. A youngster responsible for experienced miners learns quickly the role of a manager—getting things done through people. Without the ability to get things done through people, I would have been asked to test a section of roof that had not yet been roof-bolted and would have had a kettle bottom landing on my head. Like a 2nd Lieutenant leading the platoon. Both dead.

Now a bit about the functions of management—planning, organizing, directing (motivating), controlling and staffing. This article is getting a bit long, so let’s talk about the organization and save the rest for later.



Brought to you by:

Goulds Marketing Services LLC

Becoming “An Online Marketing Paradise” The Stevens Method has launched

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May. 23.

Marketing Profile, View,

Marketing Profile, View,Marketing Profile, View, of the “Turnaround CEO”

The picture ABOVE is an ACTUAL  picture of David working in the mines prior to becoming a successful mgr.

David earned this reputation because of what he had accomplished setting at the TOP of 12 different Corporations spanning a 45yr career. He successfully brought companies back from the brink of “Bankruptcy to Profitability” again, earning him the title of “the Turnaround CEO”.

It wasn’t easy for David initially because he started in the coal mining industry and worked as a mining engineer and within a few years, rose to the ranks of a foreman having 13+ men reporting to him. He had realized he didn’t want to be only a foreman in the mining industry, so he worked hard to acquire a Management Position in the Manufacturing Industry. David realized this was the shortest path to not only manage people, but also the shortest path to climbing the corporate ladder to learning all about Profits and Loss responsibilities. Again, another Marketing Profile, View, of why David worked so hard. He knew what he wanted and he went after it.

I don’t want to tell all of David’s intimate story because this posting is not what I am trying to fulfill. I am only trying to introduce David with enough information about him as he pursued his educational career and to give you guys some snippets about him in this Marketing Profile, View, endeavor such as the bit of info. (next couple of paragraphs), ok?

(This is the continuation of David’s story about how he became a manager. If you didn’t read the first article in the series, Go here. The story will make more sense if you read them in order.)

David was a full-time student at Wharton and graduated within the specified two years. While at Wharton he worked 30+ hours a week at Link-Belt Company in the engineering department. The engineering department strengthened his resolve never to practice engineering, but to be in manufacturing/operations. David knew that to be in manufacturing, he would have the shortest path to managing people, which ultimately would enable him to climb the corporate ladder to Profit & Loss (P&L) responsibilities. Truly David went on to become who he is today.

He worked in and around the mines during vacations and was a member of the United Mine Workers Union. Before starting the graduate year, he worked underground in the mine at Plum Creek, WV. He operated roof bolting machines, was a brakeman on the underground train, set explosive charges at the coal face and set timbers for roof support. He had always seen engineering as the path to management, so he needed experience in operations.  He had no idea of how to get there—he just wanted to be a manager, and when he took his first position a year later at Imperial Colliery Company, Burnwell, WV, he had his eyes set on a general superintendent’s job. His eyes were often diverted on the trips up the hollow to the mine, with a nude woman standing on a front porch. Another obstacle to work where the rattlesnakes hanging around the mine entrance—cool air in the summer. More info. from David himself coming about this Marketing Profile, View.



Marketing Profile, View


p.s. Join David, the “Turnaround CEO Here” TODAY.

P.P.S. Join my website, an Online Marketing Paradise Here.


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May. 19.

Marketing The Stevens Method, SOON!

Marketing The Stevens Method, SOON!Marketing The Stevens Method, SOON!

Get Ready for “THE (TURNAROUND CEO)” himself, “David Stevens” at Goulds Marketing Services LLC. He brought 12 Corporations from the “Brink of Bankruptcy” over the last 45 years, (Imagine picking his brain)!

Hi everyone, George here from Goulds Marketing Services LLC.

I am so pleased to have a small part to play in introducing my dear friend “David Stevens” of The Stevens Method. Dave, in my opinion, is a renowned International, Executive-Level, CEO of unequivocal experience. His reputation has earned him the nickname of “The Turnaround CEO” because he literally turned around a total of 12 different corporations that were on the brink of “bankruptcy”.

Dave’s method, The Stevens Method, will help you manage any business and increase PROFITABILITY and CASH FLOW. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to minimize the excitement you will inadvertently receive and acquire as you go through this “unique and great opportunity” with Dave at the helm.

Once you register, and signup for the course you will get a (free peek/demo) of the course and classroom that is specifically set-up and works in conjunction with classroom 101. It’s called “Hitting the Ground Running” which is the foundation for the Stevens Method. Once completed, your off and running with the course. Marketing The Stevens Method, SOON!Marketing The Stevens Method, SOON!

Imagine having the opportunity of meeting someone of his stature and being able to one on one pick his brain and solicit from him the valuable information and experiences from such a CEO Magnate as Dave truly is. Well, I am not going to say much more because I want David to be the one guiding you through his 45 years of “Wisdom” as the CEO of Major Corporations.


I believe you’ll be as impressed as I was when I first met David after becoming aware of his personal achievements as a CEO. I’m excited to be working with him and Shannan as they diligently work to launch this “in demand” product to the World.



Goulds Marketing Services LLC

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May. 02.

Marketing Services, uniquely different,

Marketing Services, uniquely different,Marketing Services, uniquely different,

First of all, we are “God Inspired” meaning we believe we are led under the auspices of the Holy Spirit and not of ourselves. That’s FIRST and we don’t push our beliefs on others nor do we move as a corporation unless we have prayerfully approached god for direction. We believe whatever path we take or pursue, God will give us the grace to accomplish whatever the end result will be. This undertaking doesn’t mean that there will not be any tribulation because there will be that from time to time. But there is NOTHING too hard for god, therefore there is nothing too hard for us as a company Goulds Marketing Services LLC.

Marketing Services, uniquely different, We realize any obstacle we encounter is only that, “an obstacle” because no matter what, we will be delivered from that eventually because our faith/beliefs are indicative of that.

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers us from them ALL”. So we know afflictions are temporal, not eternal. So when I say we are “uniquely different” I only mean in that respect.

Marketing Services, uniquely different, because we believe in a Higher Power leading us. Now let me talk from the standpoint of what we are doing currently. I believe God has led me to make some improvements on our business blog that eventually will take me to a higher level of financial prosperity as a company/corporation while simultaneously directing people to me that will inadvertently affect that outcome in a positive way futuristically. An example of one such person and a good friend of mine is my “professor friend” David Stevens with “The Stevens Method”.Marketing Services, uniquely different,

David is an Expert in understanding P/L statements. He has brought 12 different corporations back from the brink of bankruptcy over the years and is considered an EXPERT in this industry. I would HIGHLY Recommend David for any type of Mgmt. Consulting Services specifically geared towards => “Profits and Loss Statements”.


Above is a Menu “specifically dedicated to David” for his Expert advice in “Understanding P&L Statements” called “The Stevens Method”. He will be introduced by his partner Shannan, take a look.

Then if you feel that you want to know more or learn more about Profit & Loss Statements, then why not do so by “Hitting the Ground Running” w/ David and the “Stevenson Method”. This first course is FREE to let you experience the quality and type of course room work you will engage in. Then if you want to go further with the course, click the “purchase button and sign up”. But! Hitting the ground running for classroom 101 is absolutely FREE as indicated on the website.

Another reason I said that we are a Marketing Services, uniquely different, is because eventually, my vision for this company is that we will eventually become a 1-Stop Shop for all applicable marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, internet marketing, etc. as well as offer a smorgasbord of services directly attributable to being online. These will be services such as B2B services and leads, Bulk emailing services, and the like. A majority of the services we will provide I am already involved with and personally know the owners, CEO’s etc. We will eventually be monetized to where everything will become synchronized and working congruently to where all monies will be passively accumulative monthly. We also have an

We also have an E-commerce site that we will be simultaneously promoting and marketing as well. I haven’t been putting much effort at all in that endeavor but I do plan to soon. I already have it up and running but have not been driving traffic to it yet. I have a lot on my plate and need to become the BEST at this endeavor before taking on more responsibility. Stay tuned futuristically for more posts, offers, newsletters, online news, coupon offers, and the like.

Thank you and God bless you,


Goulds Marketing Services LLC

(A Dun & Bradstreet Corp.)

p.s. If you don’t mind please JOIN US, or leave a comment that you were here. Signup on one of the signup forms like the “Scrolling Signup Form” that comes up on the “right side of my blog”. We also have one that comes up in the middle of the page. We are a company that’s on the move upward and would love for you to come along for the ride. We’re a Marketing Services, uniquely different, so please join us by filling out the form that you see here on our website.

p.p.s. while your at it, you might as well learn creating a WP blog website

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