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Aug. 01.

natural products, healthy living

natural products, healthy livingnatural products, healthy living

Are you living a healthy and natural life, full of energy, and vitality? 

Today I want to expand on what our gold product line will do for you in reference to its concentration intensity levels. FreeMart is taking gold to an entirely new level. We have concentrated the amount of gold that we formerly put into a bottle to the point that we now have 25x as much gold in a two (2) oz. bottle as we used to put in an eight (8) oz. bottle previously. We did this for convenience to our customers and also to increase value and reduce the cost of shipping. After all, what is the point in shipping extra water if you don’t have to? Anyone wanting a reduced concentration can simply mix some of our PureGold Concentrate with pure distilled water to make a less concentrated solution.
We have also reduced the size of our nano particles by 20x, which gives our new formulation a much broader distribution throughout the body. This simply means that a greater number of your cells are going to have access to this mineral and potentially benefit by its ability to turn on the body’s own mechanisms for getting toxins out of the body. For this reason it may also be helpful in reducing addictions to substances, from simple sugars to alcohol, to tobacco, to the toughest and most addictive drugs.

This intensification is a better offer to =>You, the customer,  and we hope you will be grateful for that while desiring to have natural products, healthy living. Find out more HERE .

For maintenance,

add 2 oz. FreeMart PureGold Concentrate to 1 gallon distilled water (MUST BE DISTILLED) and drink 4-12 oz. 1-2 times weekly; first thing in the morning. Or simply use drops under the tongue as recommended on the bottle. This amount could possibly help with ongoing repair of codons in your DNA.
For therapeutic dose, add 2 oz. of PureGold Concentrate plus one Tbs. of FreeMart Water Concentrate to one (1) gallon of distilled water (MUST BE DISTILLED). Drink 4-12 oz. per day first thing in the morning for 10 days or until the gallon is empty. This is the recommended dosage for jump starting the body’s own detoxification functions.


If possible, buy your distilled water from a water store that distills it in house. If you must buy distilled water in a plastic jug okay, but do not mix the gold in a plastic jug, as it will quickly pull toxins out of the plastic. If you do not have a gallon glass jar for mixing, then pour 1/2 oz. (1/4 of a bottle) of gold into a glass quart jar and finish filling it with distilled water. When doing this, it is best then to store inside a cupboard or dark place out of the direct sunlight.

Well for now, that’s all today in this posting about natural products, healthy living. I wanted to expand on my previous posting about our gold product that you may have a fuller understanding about this “concentrated gold” product.



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