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Jul. 31.

trusting god spiritually

trusting god spirituallytrusting god spiritually

So, So, Important! 

NOTE: To those that believe, and even if you don’t believe, “Please Read Anyway”. You just don’t know where this posting , trusting god spiritually might take you. It could be the start of a “Great Relationship” with God in today’s life of continuous trying times.

Often times when people go to god in prayer, we ask over and over again, petitioning god for answers to our prayers. Some might say this act could be looked upon as a “lack of trust” in god. We need to always take our prayers to God in earnest, candid, sincere, ways. Then get out of the way. “let god and let god”. We need to do this because in so doing,  our actions recognize he is god. An Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent God. A Sovereign God! This is his world, he made it and controls it. Our part  is to be responsive to him in the litany of love. Be receptive to him, and nurture that love in the light of his presence. We need to be still and know that he is god and god alone, all by himself. Psalms 46: 10

If we are trusting god spiritually , we will learn how to “rest in him” with the assurity and confidence in Jesus that what we have asked for will come to past if we fret not.

When we approach the throne of grace, due so with “thanksgiving”. Enter his gates with thanksgiving, this gets god’s attention. Act like you know that what you have prayed for is done. Act like you already have it because if its in gods will, You Will Have it! Lay out your concerns, and prayer requests candidly before the presence of god From Your Heart. Then thank him for the answer’s that he has set in motion for you long before you can discern results. If your request comes to mind again, continue to thank him for the answer’s that’s on the way, Praise God. Colossians 4:2



We need to do this with “earnest expectation”, Why not? He is God and you need to know that whatever you ask  god, by way of prayer, he has to do it if its in his will. He can Only say “Yea and Amen”! If you continue to state your concerns to god, you will live in a state of tension. On the other-hand, if you Thank Him for answering your prayers, your mind-set becomes much, more positive.

Thankful prayers keeps your focus on god, his presence and his promises.

I hope and pray this posting blesses someone’s heart today in a mighty way. To God be ALL Glory!


blessings,  George,   p.s. JOIN HERE





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