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Feb. 28.

Spirituality, what is Grace

Spirituality, what is GraceSpirituality, what is Grace , Do you believe that a word from God can come to you? Do you believe one word from God can change your whole life and life style? Well it can. God is God, ALL by himself and needs no other. He is AWESOME, OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT, and OMNIPRESENT. He doesn’t need anyone else if he wants to change your life and lifestyle. What we need to do is Seek him, seek his face, fall down before him in complete humility and Deify him. Lay Prostrate before this AWESOME GOD, and watch what can happen if you keep your mind stayed on him in your seeking! (Praise God!) He will make every crooked road before you STRAIGHT. He will lead guide and direct your paths my brothers and sisters. In so doing, its Important to keep your focus on God and no other. It’s important to not be moved by what you see. It’s important to not be moved by your circumstances, but be moved by Every word that comes from the Mouth of God. Afterall, God is moved by his word through Jesus, the Christ. It’s important to understand, you must yield yourself to his leading you.

Spirituality, what is Grace ,=> this thought is Powerful in and of itself. If we would only become Naked before God, become yielding before God, get out the way, Let Go and Let God, he will answer your situation. I believe that, because I have to do the same when I need his guidance, knowing that he loves me so much, “he has to answer me according to his will” with Yeah and Amen. Bless the name of Jesus. For now, I will Stop here because I could go on and on. You all know how I can become long-winded. So until next time (Next Sunday), may the Joy of the Lord be your strength in ALL you do and Go through!

blessings to ALL that read this,

I pray the blessings of God upon you,


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