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Jan. 31.

Spirituality, the Importance, my perspective,

Spirituality, the Importance, my perspective

Spirituality, the Importance, my perspective ,

as you guys see and realize, I use my Business blog not only as my business blog, but I use it as a platform when moved by God to speak to whatever he leads me to say.

I never know when someone might need whatever  he leads me to speak about. I don’t question it, I JUST DO IT! And, I will never STOP from doing it because in my life, there isn’t a power greater than God. And if God be for me, WHO CAN BE AGAINST ME? NO-ONE, NOTHING, there isn’t anyone greater than God. I don’t author my life, God does. He is the AUTHOR & FINISHER of my life, the word tells me. He will continue to perfect me and make me into what he wants until he comes back. And I TOTALLY accept that.

Another way of expressing the aforementioned is in this way;

“IF GOD BE FOR ME”, (THEN WHO CAN BE AGAINST ME?)  Absolutely No One! This is why I fear NOTHING, its not about me, its about God/Jesus. So as long as he, (God), tells me or leads me in the way he wants, I will be obedient and FOLLOW! No questions asked.

Spirituality, the Importance, my perspective ,

my friends, there was a time in my life not so long ago,  I didn’t have a relationship with God the way I do now. I basically did whatever my little heart desired, and didn’t consider how God felt. Although my own brother and sister where BOTH Preacher’s/Minister’s of the gospel. I was brought up in the church, but decided to pleasure myself doing everything I was bigger enough to do.

In my immediate family at the time, there where at-least 5-6  minister’s in my family, one with even a “Mega Church” as they call them today with THOUSANDS going and coming to his church and still does today. I didn’t stretch my hands before God and ask him to change me until recently. Now THANK GOD, I can’t do nothing without his presence in leading me daily. This is why I speak about him so much and so freely. God has changed me and I don’t care who likes it or not. Because for me and my house, I will serve the Lord. There are plenty of people out there that knew the type of person I was. I’m so glad God changed me and I can unequivocally say “To God be the Glory”!

Well for now my friends, I will STOP here, but Stay Tuned for the subsequent posts coming in continuation of this subject matter.

blessings to ALL that read this,

I pray the blessings of God upon you,


p.s. I thank you for reading my blog posts TODAY,

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I really hope these posts blesses someone in a special way and they can be encouraged  spiritually to reach from within, because the BEST of them, is within them.

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