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Feb. 03.

Electronic Processing, POS Hardware,

Electronic Processing, POS Hardware,Friends and Colleagues,

what I’m about to post today is about

the Electronic Processing Industry”. You

know its a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry.

And here’s the GREAT THING ABOUT THIS INDUSTRY. No one has what we have.


That’s unheard of wouldn’t you say? And we are looking for Professionals like =>YOU<= to join our “Winning Team”.

In today’s post;

Electronic Processing, POS Hardware, 

I will be more general with information,

more like an “introduction” about the caliber of people we want on our team. We have people making a wonderful living in this industry with Great Monthly Residual Incomes, (remember, these are businesses of ALL types that pay YOU MONTHLY, and for A LONG TIME). Once you acquire them, you’ll be paid for life, as long as they are in business. What makes this income opportunity so wonderful is you only have to get the customers to agree to a FREE Analysis, which our company does for FREE on your behalf. Most of the time, it’s done in about 5-20 minutes INITIALLY to see if they qualify, AND YOU AS A REPRESENTATIVE doesn’t do that. We take-over from there for you. Small businesses are great because most of them are stuck into long contracts and with NO CASH-BACK (EVER!), from their customers for using their cards.  Imagine how refreshed they are when we walk in talking about CASH-BACK for them, just from their customers using their cards.

Electronic Processing, POS Hardware, 

The industry recently changed because EVERYONE has to step up to the plate and change their cards and POS systems to that of the new chip cards and businesses are required to change as well. They will be fined if they don’t comply initially, then it gets worst as they continue if they DON’T have the new system. If they aren’t utilizing us, THEY ARE PAYING FOR THEIR POS SYSTEMS, AND IN LENGTHY CONTRACTS, AS WELL,  And  NOT RECEIVING ANY CASH-BACK FROM THEIR CUSTOMERS! Imagine them hearing that kind of talk for the First Time, with no contractual agreement?

Well for now,

Blessings to ALL,


p.s. please JOIN my NEWSLETTER, let’s STAY IN TOUCH and develope a much needed, wonderful, relationship.

p.p.s. I look forward in TALKING with you SOON, let’s start Today and we can exchange phone number’s and be as Reciprocal to each other as we can.

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Electronic Processing, POS Hardware, 


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