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Sep. 15.

natural products, life-time membership,

natural products, life-time membership,natural products, life-time membership,

Today I want to talk about our Freemart water and the Pure Gold Concentrated products.

If you like your water, you’ll Love our Freemart Water. One 190z bottle makes up to 33 gallons of water. Imagine being able to have 33 gallons of water from a 19 oz. bottle of concentrated water such as ours. Our water resolves the problem of hydration because it actually gets into your cells and addresses the hydration problems. When we are born as babies, cell hydration is at 100%. There are no cell hydration problems, but  as we grow to the ripe old age of retirement we tend to have cell hydration problems with cells becoming hydrated as low as 15%. Having cell hydration as low as 15% causes us to wrinkle in our skin, this  is one of the many problems we face. I’m not going to elaborate any further about our water because I want to talk a little about our pure gold product. But to learn so much more about our water and the perks you receive from it, go HERE, FREEMART WATER .

Now I want to talk a little about our Pure Gold Concentrate and what perks you can receive from it when taken.natural products, life-time membership,

Gold started in medicine way back in the 1890’s, that’s how important it has been in our lives as far as keeping us healthy. It has been a blessing as far as patching damaged blood vessels, nerves, bones and membranes, just to name a few benefits of using our gold products. It’s also been used in the treatment of several forms of cancers. Our  body naturally eliminates toxins through the liver, kidneys, lungs, etc., etc. And Gold plays a major role in turning on the body’s function of detoxification, it’s an aid to this process and helps our organs in eliminating toxins.

Read and learn more;  Get Detoxed Here!



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