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May. 02.

Marketing Services, uniquely different,

Marketing Services, uniquely different,Marketing Services, uniquely different,

First of all, we are “God Inspired” meaning we believe we are led under the auspices of the Holy Spirit and not of ourselves. That’s FIRST and we don’t push our beliefs on others nor do we move as a corporation unless we have prayerfully approached god for direction. We believe whatever path we take or pursue, God will give us the grace to accomplish whatever the end result will be. This undertaking doesn’t mean that there will not be any tribulation because there will be that from time to time. But there is NOTHING too hard for god, therefore there is nothing too hard for us as a company Goulds Marketing Services LLC.

Marketing Services, uniquely different, We realize any obstacle we encounter is only that, “an obstacle” because no matter what, we will be delivered from that eventually because our faith/beliefs are indicative of that.

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers us from them ALL”. So we know afflictions are temporal, not eternal. So when I say we are “uniquely different” I only mean in that respect.

Marketing Services, uniquely different, because we believe in a Higher Power leading us. Now let me talk from the standpoint of what we are doing currently. I believe God has led me to make some improvements on our business blog that eventually will take me to a higher level of financial prosperity as a company/corporation while simultaneously directing people to me that will inadvertently affect that outcome in a positive way futuristically. An example of one such person and a good friend of mine is my “professor friend” David Stevens with “The Stevens Method”.Marketing Services, uniquely different,

David is an Expert in understanding P/L statements. He has brought 12 different corporations back from the brink of bankruptcy over the years and is considered an EXPERT in this industry. I would HIGHLY Recommend David for any type of Mgmt. Consulting Services specifically geared towards => “Profits and Loss Statements”.


Above is a Menu “specifically dedicated to David” for his Expert advice in “Understanding P&L Statements” called “The Stevens Method”. He will be introduced by his partner Shannan, take a look.

Then if you feel that you want to know more or learn more about Profit & Loss Statements, then why not do so by “Hitting the Ground Running” w/ David and the “Stevenson Method”. This first course is FREE to let you experience the quality and type of course room work you will engage in. Then if you want to go further with the course, click the “purchase button and sign up”. But! Hitting the ground running for classroom 101 is absolutely FREE as indicated on the website.

Another reason I said that we are a Marketing Services, uniquely different, is because eventually, my vision for this company is that we will eventually become a 1-Stop Shop for all applicable marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, internet marketing, etc. as well as offer a smorgasbord of services directly attributable to being online. These will be services such as B2B services and leads, Bulk emailing services, and the like. A majority of the services we will provide I am already involved with and personally know the owners, CEO’s etc. We will eventually be monetized to where everything will become synchronized and working congruently to where all monies will be passively accumulative monthly. We also have an

We also have an E-commerce site that we will be simultaneously promoting and marketing as well. I haven’t been putting much effort at all in that endeavor but I do plan to soon. I already have it up and running but have not been driving traffic to it yet. I have a lot on my plate and need to become the BEST at this endeavor before taking on more responsibility. Stay tuned futuristically for more posts, offers, newsletters, online news, coupon offers, and the like.

Thank you and God bless you,


Goulds Marketing Services LLC

(A Dun & Bradstreet Corp.)

p.s. If you don’t mind please JOIN US, or leave a comment that you were here. Signup on one of the signup forms like the “Scrolling Signup Form” that comes up on the “right side of my blog”. We also have one that comes up in the middle of the page. We are a company that’s on the move upward and would love for you to come along for the ride. We’re a Marketing Services, uniquely different, so please join us by filling out the form that you see here on our website.

p.p.s. while your at it, you might as well learn creating a WP blog website

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