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Apr. 26.

Creating a WP blog website

creating a WP blog websiteCreating a WP blog website

Today I want to reiterate this posting about creating a WP blog website. We have been asked by Bluehost to do so again.  And I am excited to do so for them.

About a couple weeks ago I posted a complete “step by step tutorial” about how to “exactly” create a blog from start to finish “showing screenshots” of that process. So I am going to utilize that posting as the guideline for creating and completing that process here today. It wouldn’t make sense to try and explain the process all over again when I have such a detailed posting here on my blog. What people need to do is “Take Action Here” It is not enough to skim over the process and read a little here and there. You MUST be willing to ingest what you are reading followed by “taking action, taking action, taking action” or nothing will happen. It will be meaningless to you.

Ask yourself this question, am I serious about reading and learning about creating a WP blog? If the answer is yes, then go to the TOP of my blog, TAKE ACTION TODAY &  click the “How to Start Your Own Blog Today with a WP site” AND get started now > Today will begin the first day of the rest of your life as you take “full control” over your online professional experience and start to make money for yourself with your OWN WP Blog/Website. See why Bluehost is the company I recommend among the many other fine companies out there offering hosting products. See how they Rate among the rest Here.  Then pick and go WP. Remember you are Creating a WP blog website. Creating a WP blog website
After you make your decision to go with WP, select a Domain name and Get hosting for that name BELOW.Creating a WP blog website


Creating a WP blog website

Then follow “Step by Step” the rest of this process from HERE EXACTLY as you see it!



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