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Dec. 22.

Holiday marketing, common sense tips

Holiday marketing, common sense Tips


First of all, this post is All about

Holiday marketing, common sense tips , so

Start early  and

Plan ahead — maybe even consider the setting up of an “automated email series” to help plan for the holiday season. Do this in the slow summer months, the (set-up) and then execute and launch it during the busy holiday season.” This way, you can stay ahead the game with your marketing and your customers will be better served and So will you.

Put your customer FIRST

Consider this; “ How do you want your customer to feel during the holidays and make that happen through your offers”. If you make them happy then I believe their more inclined to Buy!

Offer something valuable

and simultaneously  “Give your customers a discount on something you know they really value, and the product itself is Valuable. It could be your “best-selling item”, for example.  I’m almost certain your customer will tell others. By giving preference to existing customers, you show them how much you value them. And they can spread the love, if they wish, by telling others.”

Whatever you do,

Keep it simple

The reality is: “You may Not even need as much content that I am mentioning,  so just write something up anyway, But!  keep it short, sweet, and simple.”

The other thing I would suggest, is


Be sentimental,

because “For the most part, the vast majority of people, during the holiday season is all about family. So stand-out and differentiate yourself from your competitors, take this chance to let your customers know YOU CARE,  and that they are more than just  dollar signs to you,

— they are like your extended family that helps to provide a life for you, a roof over your head, clothes to wear, and meals to eat. You’ll find this type of sentiment will = subsequent sales, that will exist long after the holidays are over.”



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I Pray that someone will be “Blessed by this Post”.

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