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Oct. 08.

George Gould Jr

George Gould JrGeorge Gould Jr

Welcome dear friends to my Business Blog. 

Whatever you need to find out about me, It’s Here ! Let’s talk about how to get around on my blog. Basically it’s 3 columns.

First Column:

Left side: ALL my postings, =>  past, and  present.

At the very TOP, my most current posting, and just ABOVE that (Top Left corner), you can click onto some (Older postings) if you like. Or scroll down and enjoy yourself if you see a posting of interest to you. Then at the bottom of last posts, is a “Share Button” where you can share my postings with your friends and colleagues if you like. Then at the VERY BOTTOM  of the last posting is a smorgasbord of different postings on different topics and opportunities I am involved in and talk about on my blog. All is needed is for you to click onto whatever you want to read, or click the => “Older posts” tab (Bottom Left) which takes you to more archived postings.

Second Column:

  1. Are my  various landing page forms you can JOIN in reference to my opportunities I am a part of and be on my teams.
  2. Below those forms are my Social platforms you can click to see what I am doing on those platforms such as : Twitter, (Follow me on twitter), and other “Social Media platforms”; FB, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube, Google+, etc., etc. (simply mouse over the icons and click them). They will take you to my websites and again you can find out more about me as well as join.
  3. Continue to scroll DOWN and there are: => My Personal Links, take a L@@K. I have many links there for you to review if you like, one is about Freemart LLC , a Natural Products Corp. I have partnered with in the promotion of Natural Products via a LifeTime FREE Membership . Another is my Electronic Processing Opp. with the MatchRate Plus Company. Another corporation I have partnered with and a great company also. This is the ONLY COMPANY with a MERCHANT “CASH-BACK” PROGRAM.  An industry that’s Not Going Anywhere, (As long as credit cards are around, so will be P.O.S. electronic processing).
  4. This is why I want you to get to know George Gould Jr . and my company:  “Goulds Marketing Services LLC” , a =>”Dun and BradStreet listed Corporation” ! I am a marketing Corp. on the move, a “work in progress Definitely”! There are many more business opportunities under “My Personal Links”, just scroll down and mouse-over what you want and CLICK onto it and L@@K!

Third Column:

  1. I have my Linkedin Profile , click it, and you will be taken DIRECTLY  to my Linkedin Profile where I have close to “5000 people” following me as: 1st-level contacts, composed of many, many, Professionals, CEO’s, VP’s, Executives from different industries, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Real Estate Professionals, Ministers, etc., etc.
  2. Click on Category, get an archived listing of ALL MY POSTINGS & TOPICS
  3. Then there’s a few YouTube Videos I like since I am a “Spiritual Being loving God”
  4. Then my “monthly Posts” and at bottom left, you can click the month to see previous months
  5. Then my Recent Posts, 10 at a time revealed, (mouse-over) them and click to see them
  6. Monthly Archives: listing of ALL postings in that month
  7. Recent comments from people that have visited my Business Blog, (recently I took measures to control that by limiting the comments)

And lastly, I have Banners from my Ecommerce site where people can be re-directed to my other site to buy products from Walmart, Amazon, AliExpress, and Ebay. Click on the BANNERS.  (3RD Column)

I want to Thank You So Much for learning a little about me, the person => George Gould Jr



p.s. please JOIN my NEWSLETTER, let’s STAY IN TOUCH and develop a wonderful, relationship. Please fill out the form HERE on my Business Blog and become a member, and also become a customer on my StoreFront website, and  Shop Online from home with us  , thanks.

p.p.s. I truly Hope this posting will and has Helped ALL of you that I have talked to on “How to move around on my Business Blog”. I’ve tried my “BEST” TO BREAK IT DOWN &  EXPLAIN HOW TO GET AROUND on this blog, God Bless you!

I encourage you to “please continue to check me out BELOW”. I’m Real, and a Man of Integrity you can trust. George Gould Jr

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