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Jul. 18.

more benefits free-mart water

more benefits free-mart watermore benefits free-mart water

Today’s post is about :

Specific Directions for Using Free-Mart Water

Add 1 Tablespoon (1/2 oz) of Free-Mart Water to one glass gallon jug of the base water you are using. The base water should be your best purified or filtered water. The pH of the mixture will be determined by the pH of the base water you use. Wait 5 minutes before consuming. Use your intuition, but here is a suggested “Ramp Up Schedule” to acclimate your body to the energy in the water:

Weeks 1 & 2: 2 oz twice daily = 4 oz Weeks 3 & 4: 4 oz twice daily = 8 oz
Weeks 5 & 6: 6 oz twice daily =12 oz Weeks 7 & 8: 8 oz twice daily = 16 oz
Weeks 9 & 10:10 oz twice daily= 20 oz Weeks 11 & 12 : 12 oz twice daily= 24 oz

24 oz to 32+ oz is recommended for daily maintenance following the ramp-up; more if you are working outside in a hot region of the country. You Decide. While you are ramping up, you may drink more if you feel that your body is handling the ramp-up without any reactions. If your body starts a cleansing reaction and you feel somewhat run down, just reduce the number of ounces taken to what it was before the reaction.

After Ramp Up: upon rising, drink 12 oz of the Free-Mart Water to hydrate your colon & brain. Later in the day drink another 12 oz (or schedule 6 oz & 6 oz later in the day). The body can handle 12 oz of water at a time. More than that is just eliminated through the kidneys.

It is fine to boil the Free-Mart Water to make an herb tea or coffee. It can also be frozen into ice cubes for herbal teas or specialty beverages. These would be in addition to your daily water maintenance. Once you add something else to water, it is no longer water – it is an extra beverage.

What You Need to get started

  • One gallon glass bottle
  • Good quality water as the base water

And your On your Way for drinking to better health with more benefits free-mart water



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