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Jun. 30.

Addressing water Hydration, subscribe here

Addressing water Hydration, subscribe hereAddressing water Hydration, subscribe here


FREE-MART Water hydrates the body at the cellular level within 10 seconds after consuming eight ounces. Drinking FREE-MART Water at a certain time maximizes its effectiveness on the body, and purifies the blood cells. Avoid chlorinated water – one of the chief causes of arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

(One bottle of FREE-MART Water makes 34 gallons).


FREE-MART Water MUST be mixed with

pure water… distilled, spring water, or filtered


STORED in a Glass Container. DO NOT microwave” FREE-MART Water.

The Best Time To Drink FREE-MART Water INITIALLY, is in the morning as soon as your getting out of bed. It helps your active internal organs. (Drinking Free-Mart water starts your body off in the right direction)
I don’t know whether your aware of it, but our body’s lose fluids and electrolytes daily due to urinating, sweating, and saliva, and also other bodily fluids. Find out more HERE . Now we have a product you can take we call: FREE-MART WATER , it addresses these very issues and concerns within 10 seconds of consumption.  
So if your having the problem of Addressing water Hydration, subscribe here , and we can take care of that problem for you.
(One bottle of FREE-MART Water makes 34 gallons). Get it Here!!
Imagine being able to purchase one bottle, yet have it from 4-6mos+ depending upon your consumption. That’s a Great Value as a customer.
I’ll give you one more issue that happens as a result of the lack of proper fluids and electrolytes, its called fatigue. When the body suffers from chronic dehydration,  our blood flow and blood pressure drops due to a lack of water and oxygen in the blood.
Basically, dehydration results when our body loses more water than it takes in. And this naturally causes the muscles and nerve functions to literally burn out due to constant sweating, after much exertion.


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