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Mar. 20.

Walking in the Spirit

Walking in the SpiritWalking in the Spirit in my opinion, can not be achieved, unless you know and love Jesus. Once we achieve that level of intimacy with Jesus/God, were’re at a place in him where we want nothing more than to please him. At this level, I feel is when we receive what I call perks from God. Things happen in your life that is irrefutable and you know that you know it was No one but God that did it. I’ll share with you just a few examples of what has happened in my life.

I have a storage bin where I keep additional personal items in over-flow. I was visiting one day. I thought I had left my keys there stuck in the locks. I was out on the main highway running about 60-65 miles/hour heading home when another driver approached me. At first, I looked at the guy weird because he came up very fast. I started not to roll down my window because we have heard reports of people who would pull up beside another person very fast on major highways and then shoot them point blank. So I let my window down anyway to see what he wanted. To get my attention, he was pointing upwards at the top of my car, only to tell me I had keys on top of my car, I thanked him. Simultaneously, I was filled with so much thanksgiving, love, excitement, and joy, to where my eyes where filled with water because of what I KNOW, ONLY could have come from “God”. How else could my keys which had hardly any weight to them, stay on top of my car w/o blowing off at 65 miles per hour,  had it not been for God?

Walking in the Spirit , being in touch w/God, loving God. Here’s another example or perk I got from God, I went out to one of the colleges I graduated from to work on some projects on my computer, because they treat me so good as an alumni. I had loss my glasses because once settled in the library, I couldn’t find them after looking everywhere. I told Jenny (the librarian), I guess I’d have to drive back home and get another set of glasses. I couldn’t work w/o them because my eyes would be too blurry. As I continued to talk to her, God put in my spirit to go back to my car to start the looking process again. My God, as I started walking back towards the car, Walking in the Spirit even before I had gotten near the car I could see something black lying in the middle of a very busy road. I felt as though my glasses where going to get crushed and run over before I could get to them. I saw a tractor trailer run over them not hitting them. A car ran over them not hitting them and a UPS van and NONE of those vehicles crushed them. They ALL must have straddled the glasses enabling me to reach them and pick them up out of harms way. Again, I got teary-eyed because again, I felt the presence and goodness of God. No other way could that have happened had it not been for God. I’ll give you guys one more example of what I call a perk from God when you walk in the Spirit of God and how he shows up to love on you.

Walking in the Spirit , I was in a store at the cashier’s booth (Recently), placing my products on the conveyor and about to pay for them when a lady 3 persons behind me out of nowhere yelled to the cashier that “she would pay for my purchases”. As God is my witness, I had never seen the woman, didn’t know the woman, and had never talked to the woman before. I was so overwhelmed with that blessing, and as a Man of God, I turned around to tell her, “I don’t know you, but I can assure you that you will be Blessed”, so LOOK FOR YOUR BLESSING! GOD IS GOING TO BLESS YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID FOR ME!

blessings to ALL that read this,

I pray the blessings of God upon you,


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