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Apr. 23.

Value Of Email Marketing, Affiliates

Value Of Email Marketing, AffiliatesValue Of Email Marketing, Affiliates ,

If you are a frequent visitor on internet marketing forums,  then you probably heard the term “Money is in the List”.

This means that if you have a list of subscribers then you are bound to make money from it.

That’s why many affiliates either super or just intermediate level,  focus greatly on building their list to sell their affiliate products to.

The Idea behind Email Marketing for Affiliates

Building your list is valuable because simply if you have emails in your list, you can build relationship with those subscribers and gain their trust.

Building relationship with your list means more sales, because people are more likely to buy from someone they trust than from some review they read on a blog that they are visiting for the 1st time.

That’s because affiliate marketing is more successful when you combine it with relationship building.


Email Marketing Conversion Rate

It is not easy to determine what your conversion rate is going to be, that’s because there are many factors that affect this:

  • Open Rate
  • Product Quality
  • Product Price
  • List Type

Open Rate: This rate is calculated by finding out how many of your subscribers read your email, so the more people that read,  the higher your potential conversion rate can be. Though the average open rate could easily reach 30%

Product Quality: If the product you are promoting as an affiliate is proven to have sold well previously, then that’s an indication of its quality. This can be determined in the early stages of your affiliate marketing efforts, as you are the one who is responsible for choosing a winning product.

Product Price: There is no rule here, your product can be high priced $900 or a more affordable $20 but that doesn’t dedicate how well you are going to convert into sales.

You have to know who the people on your list are (demographics), as people from developed nations tend to afford high prices.

Also if the competitors of your affiliate product sell for higher price than yours, then you will have the price advantage no matter how high it is.

List Type: A list that was collected from buyers like on a product’s thank you page or buyers of previous product is much more valuable than a list you collect from your blog subscribers.

That’s doesn’t mean that blog subscribers are useless, it just mean you will have higher conversion rates from previous buyers.

But If  you do everything right, you can expect an average conversion rate of 10% from your list.

Value Of Email Marketing, Affiliates,  Knowing

How to Build your List

That’s a million dollar question, but you have to keep in mind that building your list is a long term strategy that can take years to reach say 40,000 subscribers. And with that amount of leads in your list you can expect a minimum of 5 figures income.

It all comes down to traffic; the better you are with getting traffic the faster you will build your list.

And some of your choices for attracting leads to your list are as follow:

  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Deals

Social Media: It might be hard to get direct sales from social media websites like Twitter; it is much easier to capture emails.

Twitter for example, if you constantly tweet and gain followers then you will get steady flow of leads if you direct them to your squeeze page.

Some affiliate marketers will resort to using automated tools to speed up this process, my advice to you is to be careful on which tool you give your trust to. As this practice of automation is frowned upon and can backfire by getting you banned and affect your reputation.

Although, some tools can handle this automation more moderately and in a relatively safe manner. Again knowing,  the Value Of Email Marketing, Affiliates,

SEO: nothing beats SEO as the best way to generate a massive and consistent flow of traffic and thus consistent flow of opt-ins.

You just have to focus your SEO campaign in trying to rank for multiple long tail keywords that are between 50-300 searches a month.

Deals: List Swap is a great example of the kind of deals that boost your subscriber’s rate dramatically.

List Swap works by finding someone in your niche with a good list size (usually same as yours), and offer them to do an email blast to your list. In this email blast you will most likely promote his squeeze page so that some of your list subscribers also subscribe to his list. Then he will do the same for you and therefore you will gain an extra number of leads to your list.

Just try to find a good partner with a good reputation so that you don’t lose the trust you worked for with your list.


Value Of Email Marketing, Affiliates,

How to Deal with your List

There are 2 points I want to point out to you here:

  1. How frequently to promote your affiliate product
  2. How to nurture your list


You need to be careful on how often you send promotional email blasts vs. informational blasts (newsletter).

In 3 months span, it is better to send out just 1 affiliate offer and the rest of the time focus on increasing your authority and showing your list that you give more than you take.

And in the time that your newsletter is getting sent out, you use that time to further increase the size of your list.

So for example if you have 5,000 subscribers and send 1 affiliate offer every 3 month with net profit of $30 and at a  5% conversion rate then that means you get 250 sales every 3 month, or $7500 ($30×250) which earns you $2500 on monthly basis. Not bad huh?


You have to try to send as much quality things to your subscribers as possible, and sending out PDF guides, mini ebooks are great way to show your depth and show them why they should trust you when you start promoting your affiliate products to them.

Sending out videos of yourself solving a problem in the niche is an amazing way to connect with your subscribers.

Because when you put a face (you) on your newsletters, then you will connect with them on a personal level.

They will then come to you for advice and questions (more engagement) and that is going to have a major impact on your sales conversion.



As an affiliate you have many weapons in your arsenal, even more than what the product owner has in his disposal.

As you probably learned from many affiliate marketing courses out there,  my affiliate course included. They will all tell you that email marketing is a must do strategy if you are planning to become a successful affiliate.


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