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Apr. 12.

Mother’s day, Is she still here

Mother's day, Is she still hereMother’s day, Is she still here

Hi everyone, today I wanted to post about Mother’s Day. Although its not until May 8th, I still wanted to post about it. After  pondering and meditating a bit , I decided to place this image front and center because of the message that came to my heart. I wanted to send a message to ALL that still has a mother around, HOW BLESSED YOU ARE to be able to say, => “I LOVE YOU MOM”, to your Mom (Wow!). If you haven’t said that to your Mom in awhile, you need to say it, even now,  because lot’s of us can’t. I being one that can’t. I only have memory’s that again I’m Grateful to God for the type of mom I had, and therefore I thank God that I have “wonderful memory’s” to hold on to.

I am Grateful to God,  he allowed me along with my sister, the “privilege” to go through with my mom,  her bout with cancer. We where there, the experience was real. In that experience, I went through various emotions although I’ve never talked or shared them to this day,  the impact her death still has upon me. My mom was a “wonderful, loving, beautiful, caring, patient, understanding”, WOG. Everyone in the community would call her mom-mom, because she was like an extended mom to ALL in the community. Honestly, I better stop expressing all the adjectives I could say about my mom even now, because it causes me to be filled-up when I think about her Loving Spirit that apparently I didn’t quite appreciate as I do now. Speaking from my heart, I can’t say it all in this one post, but I will attempt to convey with enthusiasm, if you have your mother today, DON’T WAIT, TELL HER EVEN NOW “I LOVE YOU MOM”! To my friends and even those I don’t know, I can honestly say, “I’m full with tears” now thinking about my MOM. I can’t tell her I LOVE YOU MOM, but you can tell yours. Mother’s day is still 26 days off, this is ONLY the 12th of APRIL. Tell your mother, “I love you Mom”! None of us can say with certainty, that she will be around even for Mother’s Day. If she’s there now, this is her Mother’s Day, love on her today because you can. No need to wait for what we consider a mother’s day holiday.

Mother’s day, Is she still here , I can remember the night my mom died. It was me and my sister, I had just come from my mother’s bedroom back out into the living room to continue looking at tv. My sister Shirley had just checked on her. I remember her telling me, Bud go and check on mom because I believe she has passed. That hit me like a ton of bricks, I got up, went back to her bedroom and sure enough, that quick she had left us. I put my hand upon her forehead and Kissed it, it was still kinda warm, but her feet where cold. I knew then she had passed. We called for family, I believe it was like 4am in the morning and they started to arrive, my aunt, uncle, etc., etc., All I could do after her body was removed was to stand back there IN HER ROOM thinking about my beloved Mom. I say to you ALL again, do as the Image/Pic suggest. Tell your Mom “I love you Mom” while she’s with you. Love on her that you don’t regret it later. This is why I wrote this post, Mother’s day, Is she still here , because everyday is mother’s day.

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