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Feb. 07.

Spirituality, Purpose, Need,


Spirituality, Purpose, Need,

Spirituality, Purpose, Need, We live in a world baracaded by sin and sometimes we feel there’s No way out. I’m here to tell you,”there is away out” if you believe in Spirituality. It’s our Only way out. Without some type of Spiritual foundation we find ourselves feeling hopeless in times of afflictions. We need to have some type of Spiritual foundation to draw upon, to rest upon, hence the purpose, the need. In order to draw and rest in the state of spirituality, you need to know God or atleast have some idea of who God is. Does that make sense to you? You need not a natural experience, but I would say you would have needed an experience with God in your life in such away, that you Know, that you Know, had it been not for God, something bad would have happened to you that could have turned out BAD, maybe even death.

Do you know that when those times come that can cause us to become confused, which by the way is an act of the devil, not God, because the word clearly tells us, God is not a spirit of confusion, but of Power, Love and a Sound mind. Anything short of that is the devil not wanting you have whatever good God has for you. So he clutters your mind to confuse you. He knows a cluttered mind will prohibit you from hearing from God. The devil doesn’t want you to be what my post talks about today: Spirituality, Purpose, Need,

he would rather you not hear from God, than To hear from God. Do you realize and believe that a “Word from God” can come to You and “set you Free”? God speaks to us quietly all the time, but with our cluttered minds, WE DON’T HEAR HIM! And this is the way the devil wants you to be anyway.

Well for now my friends, I will STOP here, but Stay Tuned for the subsequent posts coming in continuation of this subject matter.

Spirituality, Purpose, Need,

blessings to ALL that read this,

I pray the blessings of God upon you,


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