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May. 05.

Natural Products,

Natural Products,
Natural Products,


Our Natural Products,

The wild Shiaqga is considered one of the most powerful weapons in fighting against illness and disease. It modulates or attempts to modify, regulate, or control the immune system by as much as 4000% within 20 hours after taking Shiaqga.  It contains 3-beta-D-glucans that are known to be anti-aging. Shiaqga is an ancient Native American Medicine. It’s considered by many Native American Practitioners to be their most powerful weapon in the fight against illness and disease. These 3-beta-D-glucans, which make up a large part of the cellular structure of this herb, causes a pan-systemic modulation of T-Cells, Macrophages and Neutrophil White Blood Cells when ingested. The number of T-Cells has been shown to increase in number and viability by as much as 4000% within 20 hours after taking Shiaqga! Macrophages and Neutrophils are the two cells upon which all other Immune Cells depend. 

Shiaqga, is a very powerful natural product that addresses many ills and sicknesses. Once consumed and you stay on this product, you will began to feel significantly better as well as other sicknesses being improved drastically. There are other products we have that can work in conjunction with Shiaqga that will truly make a difference in the way you will feel daily. But for now, I will not attempt to talk about those today, however they are available once you join our organization HERE . You can then click onto any of the pictures and they will give you a descriptive breakdown about each product and what they are used for. Also take a look at what people are saying about Shiaqga here byway of Testimony’s or Customer Reviews . You will TRULY be IMPRESSED!


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