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Dec. 09.

Motivation, why it’s so Important…

Motivation, why it's so Important










Motivation, why it’s so Important…, I believe without it,

one can never lead, one can never motivate others

to be the best they can be.

Motivation is critical for the work-place as well as for our everyday life.

Any leader knows that leading by example is a effective way to motivate. A leader that does this is normally treated with respect and fairness.

One part of the importance of motivation involves,  being self motivated.  Leaders that are self motivated and disciplined often can lead by example with ease. They understand what their goals are, what needs to be accomplished and how to get there.

Being self motivated doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. Even the best, self motivated leaders need a jump start from time to time, due to the stresses of life.

A good friend of mine told me sometime ago,

“we are like diamonds, the more pressure that’s applied, the more brilliant we become, the more brilliant we will shine”.

Working on goal setting skills in conjunction with positive thinking, equals improved self motivation.

Simultaneously, we must visualize that success which also gives us the self confidence to move forward until we accomplish what we set out to do.  Again, Motivation, why it’s so Important….

Finally, I want to say “when it comes to the work-place”, it wouldn’t hurt if the company would do little things like,

Give your employees small things like pencils, pens, or even coffee mugs. All with your companies logo on them. Included in that could be polo shirts, hats and jackets.  Your employees and the company would standout. Your employee’s would have a greater appreciation for themselves and the company, (the work-place).


George Gould Jr

p.s. I would be re-missed if I didn’t mention a piece of Software that I use daily to accomplish my goals and Stay Motivated in my Marketing world. It’s HERE, enjoy it !


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