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Mar. 15.

hydration water, perks, benefits

hydration water, perks, benefitshydration water, perks, benefits

First of all, as a Reminder, let me re-iterate 

One to six drops of Freemart Water added to one gallon of a quality base water, causes this 2 oz. bottle to go a long way, making up to 198 gallons of treated drinking water. Imagine that for starters which means you’re investment into your health and drinking our water => GOES A LONG WAY! 

There isn’t a specific feeling associated with drinking our water or with being hydrated, however,  people say that they crave Freemart Water, causing them to drink more water than they are normally accustomed to. This results in health benefits of hydration that may include increased metabolism and energy, a reduction in pain and many people are reporting a reduction in shedding some serious pounds and inches from their bodies.

Proper hydration increases the body’s ability to remove metabolic waste from the cells, drinking water that is treated with Freemart Miracle H2O+ could cause temporary symptoms that may be potentially uncomfortable. If this happens, simply reduce the amount of treated water you are drinking until these symptoms subside.

Freemart Miracle H2O+ does not add any minerals or chemicals to your water. In many cases, it makes drinking water taste sweeter and it definitely makes water more hydrating. I want to give you just a few of the perks, benefits of applying Freemart Miracle H20 topically.

Some of the Topical hydration water, perks, benefits

•    Spritz it on the skin after a shower or bath
•    Use the concentrate as eye drops to hydrate and bathe the eyes
•    Spritz on the skin in cases of itching
•    Spritz on minor to major burns (repeat every few minutes until burn is gone)
•    Spritz on skin in case of sunburn (burns dehydrate the cells)
•    Add it to other great products to get more use of them
•    Spritzing on moles may help diminish them
•    Some people spritz it in their eyes, ears, and nose daily
•    Some have experienced relief when applying it on hemorrhoids
•    Some like to soak their feet in it for therapeutic and purification benefits
•    Some use it on a bruises, scrapes, cuts or burns

These are just a few perks and there is much more.

Try some Free-mart Miracle H20 Today.



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