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Jul. 03.

trusting god to receive

trusting god to receivetrusting god to receive

ARE YOU READY,  WILLING, and ABLE to receive what God has promised you and has for you is the question? 

God can ONLY assume that responsibility of taking care of you when (you/we) seek his face FIRST! (No matter what), God will not compete with you if you decide not to seek him. You have to make the first step in believing god and yielding to god that he can move on your behalf. Other-words, YOU HAVE TO TRUST HIM “TOTALLY”. When you get to that place in god, God will then help to posture you in him to receive from him, and not until. If you show god you trust and will seek him, then he feels as though he has to care for you. The word of God says “TO CAST ALL YOUR CARES UPON HIM , FOR HE IS A GOD THAT CARETH’S. When you do this, he takes it personally to take care of you. He doesn’t have to prove to you to trust him, remember, he’s God, he already knows whether you trust him or not. One of the ways that is determined is by your giving. Do you believe in the “biblical principle of Giving and Receiving”? God knows whether you trust him by your giving. ARE YOU A GIVER? (ONLY YOU KNOW THAT & CERTAINLY GOD DOES), so who are you fooling besides yourself. You can fool me, but YOU CAN’T FOOL GOD.

Are you trusting god to receive , can you please take a moment to reflect upon that? Are you selfish or are you a giver, showing love, not only thinking about yourself. Please, Please, Please, think on this for a moment if your reading this post. This is nothing to play with. Are you serious about God and your spiritual life?

For now, I will Stop here so you can take in what was said, and to Make a Change, PLEASE!



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