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Nov. 19.

The Take Action & Just Do it Group 2

The Take Action & Just Do it Group 2The Take Action & Just Do it Group 2

Relaxing at 62 yrs. old


is a group  I founded back in 2008. Along with “Gould’s Marketing Services LLC”, and my Group called: “The Take-Action & Just Do it Group” , they are both inter-related in my world of network marketing . They both explain my mission and each of these organizations is tied together in my world, and in the pursuit of my Destiny.  I am building Local & Int’l business relationships (1-step at a time) with Networkers, Internet Marketers, Marketing Professionals, “Globally” , all operating under the umbrella of Gould’s Marketing Services LLC, -via- The Power of Leveraging on the Net. My Mission is to offer Profitable business opportunities. to all who endeavor, becoming a part of the team, learning, working, & growing simultaneously with the group. Then as we are blessed financially, prayerfully we can become a Blessing to others who are in need (unselfishly), as well.

Joining The Take Action & Just Do it Group 2

Simply click the link ABOVE or BELOW, fill in your information and you will get a website as well. You can set it up as you please with ALL the bells and whistles such as  video’s, pictures, blogs, meetings, etc., etc., etc. All I ask is that you keep it clean, and profanity FREE please, because since its open to the public, I wouldn’t want children coming to the website and the topics we discuss are unworthy to be heard by children.

I want the content to primarily be about Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business relationship building, Friendship building, and anything that’s positive, and uplifting and “Godly” Please.

So if you would like to join the team, and become one of us and have something to share with our Marketing world, by ALL means, Join. We would love to have you. We are still a work in progress.

Go to: The Take-Action & Just Do it Group

Blessings to ALL,

Welcome aboard!

George Gould Jr

Goulds Marketing Services LLC

p.s. By the way Get the Best of both worlds. => Join our LifeTime FREE Membership & Be Happy and Healthy 


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