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Jul. 01.

The Balance Sheet That ALWAYS Balances

The Balance Sheet that ALWAYS BalancesThe Balance Sheet that ALWAYS Balances

This is a UNIQUE BUSINESS PRODUCT, developed by David Stevens. It has been seen by some well known CPA’s in the area. They have said, “It’s Unique” how David has it setup AND “always balances” regardless of the numbers that are changed and integrated into it. Make any change and it always Balances ALL the time.

Here is an example of what I mean:

    BALANCE SHEET 2016 2015
    Current Assets
    Cash $8,835,305 $987,055
    Accounts receivable @ 30 days $2,054,795 $2,147,945
    Inventory $3,000,000 $2,842,000
    Total Current Assets $13,890,100 $5,977,000
    Fixed assets $2,000,000 $2,000,000
    Accumulated depreciation @ 10 years $400,000 $200,000
    Intangible assets $300,000 $300,000
    Accumulated amortization $200,000 $100,000
    Total Assets $15,590,100 $7,977,000
    Accounts payable $164,300 $145,000
    Short term loans $      – $      –
    Accrued Expenses $      – $      –
      Dividends Common Stock @ $.25/Share $300,000 $      –
      Dividends on Preferred Stock @ $5/Share $30,000 $      –
    Taxes payable $1,454,250 $991,200
    Total Current Liabilities $1,948,550 $1,136,200
    Bank Loan $2,000,000 $2,000,000
     Bonds 1,500 @ $1,000 par value $1,500,000 $      –
    Total Liabilities $5,448,550 $3,136,200
    Common Stock 1,000 shares @ $1 par value $1,000,000 $1,000,000
    Common Stock 200,000 shares @ $7 par value $2,000,000 $      –
    Preferred Stock 6,000 shares, 5%, $100 par value $600,000 $      –
    Net Income $2,700,750 $1,840,800
    Accumulated prior retained earnings $3,840,800 $2,000,000
    Total Equity $10,141,550 $4,840,800
    Total Liability & Equity $15,590,100 $7,977,000
    Net Working Capital $11,941,550 $4,840,800


  • The Balance Sheet That ALWAYS Balances
  • Any set of numbers can be integrated into this type of balance sheet and it will ALWAYS BALANCE, Bar None.
  • This is “The Stevens Method” and it is “Unique” and every CPA that has seen this Balance Sheet has agreed.
  • Get in touch with David for a 1 on 1,
  • We will even come to your college/university or corporation if you meet the pre-requisites for a Seminar.
  • That will be determined by David, Owner of the “Stevens Method”.

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Goulds Marketing Services LLC,

The Balance Sheet That ALWAYS Balances

A (Verifiable) Dun and Bradstreet Corporation 



p.s. “UP-COMING SOON”, An Interactive Video that illustrates “The Balance Sheet that Always Balances with the change of a click with any entry into the P & L or Balance Sheet.

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Jun. 26.

The Stevens Method

The Stevens MethodThe Stevens Method,

having problems understanding how to read and understand financial statements, “let David help you”. Over his 45 yr career, he has set at the TOP of 12 different corporations and brought them ALL back from the brink of “bankruptcy”, and I mean literally. It earned him the name/title, “The Turnaround CEO”. At this point of his life, he wants to make someone else’s life running corporations a little bit easier when it comes to financial statements, profit and loss statements, gross margins, etc., etc.

Featuring: The Stevens Method

  • E-Book, “How to Read and Understand Financial Statements
  • Class Room 101- Hitting the Ground Running, (An AWESOME 1ST CLASS)
  • And Several more Class Room Opportunities subsequent to Class Room 101 following w/David
  • A 90mn-2hr Face to Face Appointment with David, himself (Ask any questions)
  • Will come to YOU and put on Seminars at Colleges, Universities, and Corporate Offices
  • Something for Everyone, the College Student & Graduate Students considering owning your own business one day, and also about to enter the Business & Corporate world
  • Veterans, & Military Personnel, about to transition into the business world and needs that Jump-Start in understanding this complex financial report
  • Minority Owned Corporations, etc., etc. 
  • Any friend or family member that you feel could Benefit from a thorough understanding from such a man as David. It’s Very Easy for him after 45 yrs of reading these reports

So if you know of anyone that needs this type program, AND could ELEVATE them much Higher in their understanding of operating a PROFITABLE BUSINESS, tell them about The Stevens Method.

Give them this GIFT.

Lastly, I want to give you just a brief mentioning of David’s career. When you meet him, you can find out so much more about this “consummate professional”. Here is something about his early beginnings and how he took the hard hat off for the coat and tie.

Trading a Hard Hat for a Coat & Tie

David was a full-time time student at Wharton and graduated within the specified two years. While at Wharton he worked 30+ hours a week at Link-Belt Company, where his father worked for 49 years, in the engineering department. The engineering department strengthened his resolve never to practice engineering, but to be in manufacturing/operations. David felt that in manufacturing you have the shortest path to managing people, which leads to climbing the corporate ladder to profit & loss (P&L) responsibility.

Within three years of experience in underground coal mining, Dave was responsible for 13 men on the hoot-owl shift, miles from the drift mouth. Now that he had to find a position in industry he had to set his sights on a goal. He felt he could no longer strive to be a general superintendent of a number of mines since MJ, his wife, would not return to the coal fields. Not in Kentucky, West Virginia or anywhere near coal dust. So he set his goal as obtaining P&L responsibility. He was not interested in sales or marketing— although many graduates chose this path since there was a company car, travel, golf and other business entertainment.

Dave was interested in how to advance in his career????

He felt that in his experience, the shortest way to P&L responsibility is to take a position where you have to deal with people. Manufacturing often leads to line management—more quickly than other paths. So he set out to develop the skills. The Stevens Method develops skills in financial management, with less time and $$$$. So Dave would offer this advice to grandchildren who are entering the corporate world.

He was offered P&L responsibility after three years as the managing director of a joint venture company that Leeds & Northrup was going to establish with the Tata Group in India. The joint venture would operate under a manufacturing license from Leeds & Northrup for process controls and instrumentation and be established in Bombay. David journeyed to Bombay with the Vice President International to negotiate the license agreement, but the restrictions on the transfer of foreign currency from India to fund the agreement was not allowed by the New Delhi Bureaucrats, … Well enough about the man, for now, I only wanted to touch on David’s career that brought him to where he is today. When you meet him, he will gladly tell you more.



The Stevens Method

Goulds Marketing Services LLC

Get to meet David for a Face to Face Meeting

p.s. be on the Look-Out for more Class Room Opportunities/Courses,


Courses designed for business professionals in any industry and in any country

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