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Jun. 26.

spirituality and trusting god

spirituality and trusting godspirituality and trusting god

Do YOU believe in the SUPERNATURAL, to where the POWER of GOD can manifest himself to you?

Did you know that trusting God produces prosperity? The key to it happening requires you “totally trusting God”. You can not, let me repeat, “CAN NOT” doubt God regardless of what happens in your life negative. You can’t be moved by your circumstances, ¬†ever. God is not concerned with that, he is only concerned with knowing whether you trust him. If you do, then he can go to work for you bringing things to pass in your life. Its ONLY when you REST, that God WORKS for you. Its never about you, but its ALL about God. You can’t change not one Iota of your life, so learn to live with it until God does what he does best.


  • How much are you being used of God to be a blessing to someone else (other than for yourself)
  • Are you being used to where the favor of God can flow through you to someone else
  • Are you blessing others to where God’s love flows thru to someone else daily and they can feel loved

Remember, in a world of darkness, spirituality and trusting god is a Must.

we are the Only Image of Christ that the world can see, so we need to position ourselves to where our light and the radience of God working through us can be seen. God evaluates us by how much of a blessing we are to other’s (by the giving of our substance). WHERE ARE YOU IN THIS SCENARIO? Do you trust God? Do you love him enough to Give, we are Christ-like, made in the image of Jesus. Christ gave, and gave, and gave, what about you? (EVEN HIS LIFE HE GAVE, REMEMBER!) MY GOD!

Then he promises that our barns will be filled with Plenty and our presses bursting out with new wine. Don’t you want to be prosperous, FULL OF PROSPERITY? It will happen to you if you “Trust Him”, it produces itself automatically, I believe according to the word of God, (PROSPERITY and being made WHOLE)! This¬†spirituality and trusting god produces prosperity without a doubt. This is why the word of God tells us to seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things will be added unto you. God wants us to prosper, he has said that many times throughout the bible.



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