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Feb. 17.

Spirituality, trusting God

Spirituality, trusting God


Dear friends,

thank about the message in this image just for a moment before you proceed, PLEASE, will you do that? Now tell me, how could a person NOT have the Spirituality, trusting God that he or she would need, to make it through anything the devil sends your way. He (God), says ” I AM NEVER OUT OF YOUR SIGHT”, which means he is Always in your sight! Which means, How could you not trust God if he’s front and center. If we could only get to a place in God where we could forget about our circumstances, and look directly to Jesus who is Never out of our sight, we would NEVER have to endure the stresses of life we experience daily due to our own mistrust. I’m not saying this is easy because some would even say, “its scary”,  because of the unknown. But this type of scenario is “exactly” what God wants for us that he could prove himself to us, if we would only believe by faith. God wants us to trust him, so he could prove himself to us, isn’t that wonderful? So we might as well get out of the way, Let Go, and Let God be God. Stop being a hindrance to our own selves. Get to a place in him where your at the level of Spirituality, trusting God. Today, I wanted to give you a little food for thought and not be long-winded. Hopefully, someone will be blessed by this short post and realize, we never have to mistrust a God that’s always in your sight!



p.s. I thank you for reading my blog posts TODAY,

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