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May. 22.

Spirituality, SuperNatural Power,

Spirituality, SuperNatural Power,Spirituality, SuperNatural Power,

My brother’s and sister’s,


I want to preface this post by first stipulating “By: the Grace of God, Everything we need has already been done for us, namely through Jesus”. Do you believe that, because YOU MUST! My brothers and sisters, you must agree with that because what I am about to talk about is predicated upon this proclamation!

We Christians take authority over demon forces through “releasing our authority over them”. It’s when we don’t release our authority over demon forces, they can destroy us. I mean that literally because we allow them to take control over us, rather than we taking control over them through the “Power of Thanksgiving”. You might be wondering, what is he talking about, “taking control over demons through the power of thanksgiving? What I am saying is “this supernatural power and process is always done with FAITH and THANKSGIVING! Having faith enables you to take possession of Finished works. It’s never about you, but always about Jesus. He is the one that has done everything. We christians need to learn how to TAKE POSSESSION of what he has done for us. Whatever we want or need is done, its finished, through Jesus. It happened some 2000+ yrs ago. What’s left is our taking possession of what’s been done by him. We need to tap into this Spirituality, SuperNatural Power, to receive the Blessings of what Grace has made available to us.

If it’s Prosperity, Deliverance, Healing, Peace, Joy, Wholeness, Soundness, etc., etc., we need to take possession of these finished works and blessings by Faith. How else can it be done? My brothers and sisters, this is the only way because these are spiritual blessings that grace has made available to help us live the abundant life. Now, I must tell you,  you have to do your part and have “faith with patience”. You can’t be double-minded, remember what it says in the book of James, ” a double-minded man is unstable in ALL his ways, let him expect NOTHING from God because he’s not going to get it”. This grace I’m talking about that enables us to take possession with Authority is something God gave us early on, even from the book of Genesis 1:26. God said “he gave us Authority over ALL the earth”. So my children of God, do not be surprised about us having the authority because we always have. Demon forces are here to try and take us out, but “Praise God” we have Authority over them by GRACE!

Tapping into this Spirituality, SuperNatural Power, is wonderful, but if we don’t exert or release our Authority over these demons, they can destroy us. Thanksgiving with Praise,  authorizes us to release “spiritual authority OVER the devil”. Satan can’t stand a Thanksgiving, Praising, Worshiping Christian. Thanksgiving with Praise causes Spiritual things to happen for you on your behalf. It causes spiritual things to align themselves up for you in a way they need to, to work in the Spiritual Realm to bring an Action To Pass. 1 Thessalonians 5:18  says “in Everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”. So thank God for everything, rather your Up, Down, Happy or Sad, do understand something, or don’t understand something, in every situation, THANK GOD!!

Satan has no defense when we do that. Thank God in the midst of whatever your going through realizing that he certainly will bring you out of it, Praise God. BE THANKFUL and GIVE THANKS, (No matter the circumstances) Spiritual Power is released on your behalf for that situation, IF YOU HAVE FAITH TO BELIEVE THAT! (Remember, its not about you, its about Jesus. God doesn’t move because of you, he moves because of his son JESUS)! So release your Authority, and Stick it Out. Get out of the way, Let Go and Let God!

Remember this about this Spirituality, SuperNatural Power, we Christians are Never Alone, nor ever stranded in any situation, God is with us. Do you believe that? Well ok. Jesus himself always used this key to bring about a solution AND SO SHOULD YOU. BE THANKFUL & GIVE THANKS! Go back into the bible and see how many times Jesus used this key to bring about a solution he was taking AUTHORITY over. Ex. WHEN HE WAS ABOUT TO FEED THE 5000 PEOPLE THE FISH and LOAVES of BREAD, HE RAISED THEM TOWARDS HEAVEN 1ST, and GAVE THANKS, (bringing about a “solution and action” to pass). When you do this, watch what happens. Things will start to fall in place for you as you exert your authority and power over that situation, Praise God!



p.s. sorry if I was a bit long-winded, but this was on my heart to post today. I pray you’ll be blessed by it as well.

p.p.s. I’ve put a lot in this to deliver. God bless you. =>  Spirituality, SuperNatural Power,


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