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Aug. 14.

Spirituality, Righteousness, God,

Spirituality, Righteousness, God,Spirituality, Righteousness, God,


How sweet is that Praise God. Think about that my brothers and sister’s. Think about the price he paid in order to cover you from head to toe, with => HIS OWN PRECIOUS BLOOD! Aren’t you grateful, eternally thankful and grateful for Jesus? You or I could Never purchase such a Royal Garment as this Robe of Righteousness. Sometimes we should ALL be reminded and stop taking for granted that our righteousness was and is a “Gift”, a gift from god. I believe we sometime causes god to weep because our inability’s to Keep him First in ALL things, and constantly giving him thanksgiving and praise to the most high god. Remember: 2 Thessalonians 5:18 says “in all things give thanks, for this is the will of god concerning us in Christ Jesus“. So we need to always be giving THANKS in EVERYTHING we do! To stay connected with Spirituality, Righteousness, God, constantly seek him. He created us all to totally depend on him and not of our own self-efforts. People unfortunately seem to think that things happen in life because of their efforts. Nothing is farther from the truth than that. It’s never about us in this world because God controls it all. What happens in your life, and what doesn’t happen in your life  is totally left to god, (the author and finisher of your life). Think about this, when you came into this world no matter how old your are, did you bring anything here or was IT ALREADY HERE? When you honestly answer that question, there in lies the answer that you do not own anything, nor are you righteous enough to make things happen in your life. Only God can do that.

God wants you to only Trust Him Totally as a righteous man or woman of god. He wants you to relax in him with the peace of god, that  passes all understanding that will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus as it says in the book of Philippians. My brothers and sisters, as you go through your daily lives clothed in his righteousness, keep you eyes focused upon god as you walk in his garment of salvation. Try and listen to his every beckoning call with “spiritual discernment” so it will be easy to follow in the path he has already put before you. If you find yourself from time to time as we all do getting off the path he wants you to follow because of unfitting behavior, do not try to throw off you righteous garment he has clothed you in because you might feel convicted of wrong doing. Instead, “ridden yourself of  the unrighteous behavior”. Then you will again be able to feel at ease walking in his glorious garment again, enjoying the gift he has given you and fashioned for you before the foundation of the world.

Loving Spirituality, Righteousness, God, is such a wonderful aspiration to achieve. It makes your life so peaceful because of the intimacy your life is entrenched in with the peace of God. When you get to this level, truly we can say we are moving with POWER, LOVE, AND A SOUND MIND, because we have the mind of Christ,  and not confusion which is the mind of satan.

blessings, my friends,



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