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Dec. 13.

Spirituality, and being Spiritual,…

Spirituality, and being Spiritual

Loving God, one that Never Changes, NEVER!

Spirituality, and being Spiritual,…









Entering into this “Relationship”, means

he will be the same to you, Yesterday, Today, and FOREVER, Wow!

Who do you know that has that type of relationship? While walking with God, take time and get to know him.

Take time to be Holy. This word doesn’t mean your a goody- goody; but it does mean that your set apart,

sanctified, for “Sacred use” by God.

Daily, spend quiet times with God and in his presence, I will assure you, something will be happening with you that is almost inexplicable. As you focus on God with all your heart and mind, you are being re-created, being transformed, into the image he designed you to be anyway. It’s ALL SPIRITUALLY HAPPENING!

You will find that as you spend time with God, as you soak yourself in the Light and presence of God, something begins to happen to you. Your emotional and physical healing takes place, your faith starts to be strengthened as a result of you allowing his presence to over-take you with Joy and Peace. Spiritually, as you Soak yourself in him, his presence, you inadvertently Open-up yourself to him and many, many, spiritual blessings start to flow from him to you.

Remember, Spirituality, and being Spiritual,…

you are the temple of God. You are where the Holy Spirit dwells. Spiritually, you will find yourself being able to do more than you can Imagine, or Think, and It’s ALL because of Jesus!



p.s. I will STOP right here for now. There are LOT’S I could speak to, and about, but for now I’ll stop here. Maybe next Sunday, I’ll say more as I experience my walk with our “Most High God”.

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