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Aug. 08.

natural products, silver

natural products, silvernatural products, silver

Positive and Negative Polarity

Positive and poison come from the same root word. Anything that has a positive charge is poisonous to the human body. Any substance with a positive polarity is repelled from the cell opening and because Free-Mart Silver is negatively charged, it will be attracted inside of the cell where it can kill pathogens in the remotest parts of the body. Understanding this fact, many scientists have attempted to create a silver solution that is negatively charged and only one so far has been successful. That is the inventor of the Free-Mart Crystalline Silver.

Each Crystalline Silver particle found in our silver solution is bound to a Hydrogen Ion, which has a negative electrical charge. Therefore when it is presented at the cell opening it is virtually sucked inside of the cell similar to the opposite poles of a magnet. This fact alone sets Free-Mart Crystalline Silver apart from all other silver solutions and puts it in a class by itself.

Metal vs. Salt

The silver particles in Free-Mart Crystalline Silver solution are in a crystalline form. These are sometimes referred to as mineral salts. Mineral salts are the purest form of minerals and they are the safest form for human consumption. They also assimilate faster than any other form of mineral. You can therefore expect the fastest possible results when taking a mineral in this isoform as opposed to a metallic mineral.

Crystalline silver particles are also non-toxic, making Free-Mart the safe alternative to other silver solutions.

Concentration of Silver Particles

Silver solutions are typically measured in parts per million (PPM) using a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Meter. What only a few people understand is the fact that a TDS Meter obtains its reading based upon the impurities in the silver.

Free-Mart Crystalline Silver is so pure (99.999999+) that it does not test accurately with a cheap TDS meter. You need an expensive Spectrograph that costs $1,000 plus in order to get an accurate reading. This expensive machine actually reads conductivity and converts the reading to TDS or PPM.

Perhaps the most popular concentration for silver solutions is 10 PPM. Even at this extremely low dilution (10 PPM), you may see benefits, …. between the silver particles in this weakened dilution.

The kill-rate of disease-causing microbes with Free-Mart Crystalline Silver could easily be 200 times greater against bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold, fungus and some parasites, including the parasite that causes Malaria.

Bottom-line, would you rather see results almost immediately or have to wait for 2-3 days? Get your natural products, silver .

The decision is yours, …



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