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Oct. 02.

Being spiritual, Grace and Faith,

being spiritual,Being spiritual,

Today my brothers and sisters,

I want to come to you from this perspective: Receiving Grace through Faith, so you MUST be Spiritual and have Faith in order to achieve what you’re believing god for. It’s no other way to put it but to say that. When believing for the things of god, you must approach him with “singleness of mind“. Ex. (understand or say to yourself, “this is what the word says, so that’s what  I am going to believe). So believe or have nothing else in your mind but that thought, => (singleness of mind). We must have “precision” with and in believing the word.

Faith; Hebrews 11:1, is the substance of things Hoped for, the Evidence of things not seen. So when we are executing our faith, we need to do it with “Earnest Expectation”, its the evidence of what you can’t see that has to come to pass. So you need that level of faith to allow Jesus to see you through. Its having the earnest expectation, coupled with boldness and confidence in what you’re believing for that will work for you. (singleness of mind, having precision in and with the word) that’s going to work every-time. Faith is like our confirmation, it’s like the title deed, of the things (we) hoped for that came to pass as a result of us believing with faith. Faith is the “proof” or “evidence” of what we couldn’t see that came to pass. It’s not based on our 5 senses, it’s based soley on our 6th sense called: FAITH! This is why it’s Important in Being spiritual,

Romans 10:17,

faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of god. This literally means that we need to be able to hear or comprehend the word by whatever means necessary for us. (seek out, and search the word).

Ex., if your blind, you can comprehend the word by the use of brail. If your death and can’t hear, you can comprehend  the word by sign language for example. Faith cometh by our comprehension of the word.

Other-words, what I am saying is “without any word” (hearing the word), faith can’t come. If you are a person that doesn’t go to church, or haven’t any bible to read, or if your not being taught the word,=> Faith Can’t Come, because you’re Not Hearing the Word. If you’re Not listening at CD’S, faith can’t come. YOU MUST BE HEARING THE WORD!

Other-words, I’m also saying “Faith and the Word” go hand in hand when it comes to Being spiritual,



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