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Jul. 10.

Spiritually Trusting God,

Spiritually Trusting God,Spiritually Trusting God,Spiritually Trusting God,



There are many ways we all feel that we trust god, but I am going to make a statement right now that few hardly think about, which also tells how much we trust god. It’s in our “giving and receiving”. Do you realize God already knows how much you trust him by what you hold onto, (Money) lol. Most of us “humanoids”=> (smile),  place more value on money than we do most things in life because we feel that’s the only thing we have that can help us in our living, failing to realize that ALL money belongs to God anyway. And we can’t beat God’s giving if we would only look to him as our source, that includes money also. Your failure to trust god is also in your giving and receiving. If you can’t trust him, YOU WON’T GIVE!

God, who owns it ALL wants to be your supply house, he wants your dependency ONLY on HIM! Don’t you realize, he created us ALL to depend on him, not having you thinking its you that makes things happen in your life. It’s NEVER about you, what can you do to change (one cubit) as the bible says “in your life”. You can’t, so its should never be about you, ONLY ABOUT HIM, in your spiritual walk with God. In so doing, Spiritually Trusting God, becomes so much easier. If you don’t trust him, he can’t be your supply house and supply your every need.

The person that walks in the spirit trusting god, is a person that not only (renewed) his mind, but has renewed (the “SPIRIT” of his mind), BIG DIFFERENCE THERE, THINK ABOUT IT! A person that has only (renewed his mind), is a person that has (renewed SOME THOUGHTS) within his mind. But a person that has renewed the “spirit of his mind” is one that has gotten to a level of intimacy with God that his mind AUTOMATICALLY moves into that place his mind has been renewed to with the word of God. (does that make sense to you, meditate on that for a minute). Get the wisdom of what I just revealed. His spiritual mind is so deep in and with God that it automatically moves and connects at that place in god  where it’s easy to Give and Receive from God.

Can we derive at a place in God AUTOMATICALLY where we lean upon god, (remember dependency) without having to think about it? When we are Spiritually Trusting God, we can! This type of posture in living is truly a person that TOTALLY TRUST GOD SPIRITUALLY. He moves and flows in god’s presence so deeply that they automatically trust God for the outcome because of his RENEWED SPIRIT of his mind. If you can achieve this level of posture, My God Automatically assumes Full Responsibility to take care of you. You trust him so much, you automatically assume he will handle whatever you put before him. MY GOD, MY GOD, WHAT A LOVELY PLACE TO BE. MY FRIENDS, I DON’T ONLY MEAN MONEY, PLEASE LOOK AT GOD FOR SO MUCH MORE! HE IS THE ABUNDANT LIFE, THIS MEANS “FULLNESS, IN EVERYTHING”. PLEASE DON’T MISCONSTRUE GOD, HE’S MORE THAN JUST MONEY! 

When you get to this level of Spiritually Trusting God, your moving into the Supernatural Caring at this point from God because of the level of trust you have with him. PERFECT LOVE HAS NO FEAR, THE WORD of GOD SAYS. CAST ALL YOUR CARES UPON HIM, WHY, BECAUSE HE CARES FOR YOU!

Well for now dear friends, I will STOP. I didn’t mean to be so long winded, but when you get to talking about God, sometime IT’S HARD FOR ME TO STOP!



p.s. stop by sometime. Please 

p.p.s. you know, the other day someone had the audacity to tell me to stop posting about spirituality. The old me wanted to respond in not so nice of a way. But! THANK GOD for his spirit I didn’t do what I felt like doing, instead I did what God told me to do, “pray for your enemy’s”. So I did, that’s why I know Emmanuel is with me, and some day I’ll be with him forever. As long as I have a right to talk and not abusing anyone, NO DEMON OR DEVIL IN “HELL” CAN STOP ME! NOW THAT’S BOLD. I get things all the time, but NEVER DIS-RESPECTFULL TOWARDS ANYONE. I’m mature enough to know, I control what I want to read simply with my mouse. I can delete or whatever w/o ever having to resort to that level of ignorance!!!!!

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