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Jul. 24.

spirituality forgiveness, Are you

spirituality forgiveness, Are youspirituality forgiveness, Are you


When we move with zealousness, we can move with power in the holy spirit. Some might say we are then moving too strongly, trying to hard. I don’t feel that way. God’s spirit when we walk accordingly gives us not only power, but we tend to move with “boldness, confidence” and I see nothing wrong with that. The word even references being moved with boldness. We can become “infectious” spreading the word of God because our “presence over-flows” with his love through the holy-spirit. And whenever this move in the holy-spirit is hindered, we need to STOP and find out WHY! Generally it’s some kind of sin. There is an easy resolution to this hindrance, simply REPENT and turn from our wicked ways back to Jesus for help, (the author and finisher of our faith). If your serious he will cleanse you of all unrighteousness and restore you back to being connected in him.

Unforgiveness is another big hindrance in becoming spiritual,

we, you, and myself, can easily feel justified in holding grudges against someone because they may have done wrong doing or something painful to us. Hurt us, betrayed us, stole from us, or even mocked us, in return, we don’t want to forgive that person or persons. Children of God, THAT’S A NO! NO! YOU MUST FORGIVE, YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE!

Mark 11:25 says:” if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your father in heaven may also forgive you.

Child of God, it’s “IMPERATIVE that you FORGIVE” or God can’t forgive you and be a blessing to you unless you forgive first!

I know that may sound strange to some but “God is not a man that can lie, he is true to his word”. When you hold onto any type offense against someone, god can’t work through you. Love is the Only way that God works through anyone. Holding onto a negative creates bitterness, even a deeper pain for you in your spiritual walk with god. Come on, you guys ALL know how it feels when we carry bitterness, anger, and anything like that. It makes us unhappy, lacking joy to go forth, sometimes even wishing bad things to happen to other human beings. It even effects what we say or do, we can’t be effective in our ministering to others when we are unforgiving.

Where are you with this spirituality forgiveness, Are you

where you should be?

PLEASE don’t let this sin of unforgiveness be a stumbling block in your personal walk with God.


be blessed,

George Gould Jr

p.s. I hope and pray this post will be a blessing to the one that needs to hear this, because you may be entangled in Unforgiveness!

p.p.s. please come HERE, click Category, =>”select category”, => then “Spirituality”, see ALL my spirituality posts there, including spirituality forgiveness, Are you

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